Friday, March 13, 2009


I've been so stressed out lately.
Today just made it worse, but I won't get into details about it.
I just know I need something to de-stress myself.
But everything that usually de-stresses me has just added to my stress.
I need advice on this.

Until I can de-stress, I'll need to just lay down and chill out.
So, any advice?

Tomorrow I'll try to do my daily-posts again. But I need your advice first.

I'll still be commenting everyone's blogs. :)


Anonymous said...

Sorry you are stressing. That's no fun.

Lay down in a bubble bath with cucumber slices on your eyes til you get pruney.

Do some yoga and meditation.

Go to acupuncture.

Get a massage.

Get a pedicure/manicure.

Go for a run.

Kick boxing.

Stare at pictures of George Clooney.

Okay, well those are some things I do when I'm stressed! Hope they help!

Kristina P. said...

I am a big believer in pampering, so massages and pedicures/manicures, stuff like that, if you can.

Erin said...

I'm sorry you are stressed today.

I just stopped by your blog to tell you that I bought your present today...woot woot! You can de-stress by wondering what I bought you :)

Kimmy said...

I'm sorry you are stressing. I can relate as I stress way too much. What I do when I stress is go for a walk. It usually helps. Hopefully one of these suggestions help you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are so stressed out. I try to nap when I am stressed out. It always helps me.

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