Friday, March 20, 2009

Google, baby!

So I started using "Google Analytics".
It tracks who comes to your blog, where they're from, and other such things.
The reason I wanted it is because it tracks what people have searched that led them to your blog.
The first thing that came up after my very first report?
"Honka honka".

Now A.) Who the frick looks up "Honka Honka" on google?
B.) Where the frick did I say "Honka Honka"?

Well now. I decided to look into this whacktastic ordeal, and it turns out that yes, I did say "Honka Honka" somewhere.
And yes, infact, my blog is the 5th thing on google with "Honka Honka".
Which is actually pretty frickin' cool.

I just googled myself, and what did I find?
An article that my dad wrote back in 1999 where he came to my school and interviewed me and my classmates.

I'm sorry, but that's FUNNY.
He fabricated a lot of it. I never called anyone a poopie-head. I was immature, but I know I wasn't that immature.
But I do love how much of a smart-ass I've always been.
He thinks I have insight and I'm like "I heard you talking to the PTA."
I was a joy kill, huh?
After I get my posters up in my room, I'm going to take pics. It'll look pretty. I got my dresser and a new side-table. Everything is coming together.


Kristina P. said...

I love looking up how people come to my blog. It's always quite surreal.

SO said...

I don't have very many that come to my blog through Google searches, strangely enough.

And Honka! Honka!

That.Girl said...

Hmm. I'm gonna have to look into that.

I just googled myself out of curiosity, and more comes up with my married name than my maiden...


Anonymous said...

Honka Honka!

Sheri said...

It is working now? I know that when I re-did the layout on mine it stopped working and I had to re-add the html code.

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