Monday, March 16, 2009

Bear with me for a little...

I'm not ignoring you guys.
I'm actually working on three separate assignments that are due next week.
I would just put them off until close to when they were do, but then I'd spend my entire spring break FREAKING OUT because I haven't gotten them done yet.
So far I've finished my 7 page Sociology project, my 1 1/2 page History homework, and next is my 5 page History paper.
God save me, I should've done the other History paper when I had the chance.
But NO, I just wanted to spend my time relaxing because I had time to do the other one!
Oi, someone needs to pop me in the mouth and remind me that sometimes, putting things off is the worst possible choice.
And on top of that I have to write a "personal ad" for Spanish. I have to explain my likes and dislikes, and what I look for in a guy.
"Single and not gay".
Wonder how you say that in spanish?
"Es soltero y no homosexuales."
Well, that works for me.

No offense to gay guys. I love gay people. I just can't date them, so that's kind of not helpful to my cause, catch my drift?

Soltera chica en busca de chico.
Me gusta bailar, cantar, y trabajar.
No me gusta matemáticas y deportes.
Chico es soltero y no homosexuales.

Single girl looking for boy.
I love to dance, sing, and work.
I do not like math and sports.
Boy is unmarried and not homosexual.

Works for me.


SO said...

Looks like it would be a great ad to me!! I'd date you. If I weren't married. And old enough to be your mother. And a girl.

Jillene said...

I love your ad. I think it's funny and creative!

Kristina P. said...

Such high standards! Won't date a gay guy?!?! ;)

Femin Susan said...

Your doing great!!

Sheri said...

lol nice spanish ad!

Grand Pooba said...

LOL! What? You can't date a homosexual? I don't understand!

Anonymous said...

You are too funny! I hope you get all of your assignments finished.

Anonymous said...

Love your Spanish ad, so funny. It could work too.

Anonymous said...

Argh! My comment didn't go through!

Love your spanish!

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