Saturday, March 28, 2009

That's Frustrating!!!

I've spent so, so, so much money on textbooks over the past 5 semesters.
Hundreds of dollars for books that I'm never really going to read again.
That kind of crap just burns me, because it is such a waste of money.
So then what did I find that's completely amazing?

You can rent your textbooks for 10 dollars a semester.
And then you just send them back.

But I interrupt this informercial for one of Drew's hissy fits.
He wrote some poems, wanted me to comment on them on deviantart.
I told him that I haven't gone on deviantart in a while.
He pretty much tried to force me, and I told him I didn't want to.
So he said "F*ck you" and signed off.
Now he's telling me I'm just "jealous".

What am I supposed to be jealous of exactly?
I have my life together.
He doesn't.
He keeps saying he's lonely and that I'm the only one that cares about him.
And then I "don't care" because I won't comment on a poem.

I'm sick of him getting his panties twisted over the tiniest things.

I've been writing poems since I was 8. And yet I don't feel the need to be told they're great.
I write them for me.
Just because he wants approval, it doesn't mean I have to give it. And I shouldn't be verbally abused for it.
I sit here and tell him they're great, but since it's not in COMMENT FORM, I'm a horrible person.

So I'm just tired of it. I'm sick of it. From now on, I won't talk to him about his poems.
Nope. He can talk to himself about them.


Anonymous said...

Great picture! Haha! It popped up in my reader and made me chuckle! Drew is definitely trying to guilt you and verbally abuse you into thinking he is the only guy for you. Don't listen to him!

Halftime Lessons said...

You know, I have been reading you for a while now.

And I really like who you are.

But I have consistent contempt for the guys that you involve yourself with.

I hope you dont dismiss this as some weird guy commenting on your blog...Im just a normal married guy, with kids, and nothing weird about me to worry about.

And I am simply here to say tonight...that I hope you find someone less consumed with their own needs, and more about yours.

Im a big fan. And I hope big things for you. Dont settle for less.


Sheri said...

LMAO! OMG Lee, you are such a total bitch for like not commenting on asshole's poems. LOL I so hope he reads this blog post... lol too good.

Oh! Thanks also for sending me the link to the justin full length video hehehe it was great even if low quality.

If you still have your old textbooks, try putting them up for sale on either or I sold almost all of mine back for about the same price I bought them for on Good stuff.

Jess said...

I used to have this friend that wrote all this (awful) poetry. She used to print off pages and pages to show me becuase I refused to get some sort of poetry account on some poetry website to "officially" comment. It was infuriating! We no longer speak...
Good luck selling on the textbooks!
You could even become a sort of "good fairy" and hand them out in the street.

Anonymous said...

I always thought the whole textbook thing in college was a rip off too. Luckily we were able to sell ours back to the school's bookstore.

Bobby G said...

HA! He sounds like he has issues!

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