Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I hate my life.

I got a D on my spanish quiz.
Seriously? A D? After I spent at least 5 hours studying for it?
I was so disappointed in myself.

My uncle died yesterday of a heroin overdose.
My mom is upset, since she's the oldest and used to take care of all of her siblings.
She's more upset because she can't get to Tennessee for the funeral.

Kush said he didn't want to be my friend anymore because he doesn't like playing with me.
Then why did I spend so much time worrying about you you piece of shit?
I wouldn't have bothered if I'd known you'd turn into a complete pile of garbage once you got home.
I almost said to myself that I wish he'd get shot when he got deployed again.
But I even took it back in my head, because I'm not THAT mean.

And now my friend Haney is trying my patience by being an idiot.

Bear with me. This is a LONG convo. I'll cut out the unimportant parts.
The basis is us talking about Gardettos, and me saying they're better than chex mix.
He said he'd try Gardettos to taste the difference.
This followed.

Doll Face says:
i like the gardettos spices better
Heyknee says:
i'll have to try them sometime then and try to taste the difference
Doll Face says:
you don't have to "try" to taste the difference.
Doll Face says:
there is a clear difference.
Doll Face says:
the only similarity is that they're a snack mix.
Heyknee says:
so, if i dont "try" them, how am i going to tell the difference? because if i dont have to buy a bag to try the difference then i dont particularly want to
Doll Face says:
what? i didn't say don't try them.
Doll Face says:
I just said you don't have to try to tell the difference
Doll Face says:
not try them to tell the difference
Heyknee says:
yeah, thats what i'm saying
Doll Face says:
no, no. listen to the wording.
Heyknee says:
how do i tell the difference without trying them
Doll Face says:
Heyknee says:
Doll Face says:
you don't have to TRY to tell the difference. because there is a clear difference. so the difference is obvious. thus it takes no effort to tell the difference.
Doll Face says:
YOU THINK I'm saying you don't have to TRY THEM to tell the difference. As in you don't need to eat them.
Heyknee says:
you're doing this to confuse me arent you
Doll Face says:
no, it is so damn plain. oh my god.
Doll Face says:
i'll break it down farther.
Heyknee says:
Doll Face says:
you're thinking of me saying "you don't have to try them"
Doll Face says:
as in, you do not need to consume them.
Heyknee says:
... because that's what you said?
Doll Face says:
no, it's not. -_- f***** i'm going to punch you.
Heyknee says:
Okay... one question, just quick. What is the difference that you're talking about?
Doll Face says:
Okay. this is my last try.
Doll Face says:
"You don't have to try the gardettos" or "You don't have to try to taste the difference because the difference is clear and when you take the first bite the difference will be obvious"
Doll Face says:
Now, two different things right?
Heyknee says:
okay... sure, one's about taste and one's about crispy
Doll Face says:
Heyknee says:
what, you said the difference is clear when you "take the first bite" but you're trying to point out a difference between "take the first bite" and "dont have to taste" the only thing I can determine from a bite before a taste is how hard or easy it is to bite into w/e it is i'm eating
Heyknee says:
and you're saying i'm wrong...
Doll Face says:
holy s*** haney.
Doll Face says:
Heyknee says:
Heyknee says:
i thought the last try was one more try?
Doll Face says:
I was not telling y... shut up.
Doll Face says:
I was not telling you you didn't need to try the gardettos. I was telling you that it would take no effort to taste the difference between chex mix and gardettos because the difference is obvious. Thus you don't need to "try" to taste the difference.
Heyknee says:
as in i dont need to make a concious attempt to eat food? i usually never do
Doll Face says:
if i were with you right now, you would be dead and the cops would be at your door with me covered in your blood saying I didn't do it.

That last part was my favorite.
He did eventually figure out what I was saying.
Not before giving me an aneurysm of course.

Oh, and today in sociology we talked about drug use.
Worst possible timing for that curriculum EVER.

Plus Daniel ditched me for lunch today.
That pissed me off.
And I had to push Melora's car out of her spot because the battery died.
I had no tread on my shoes, cars are heavy, and I was standing in gravel.
That really sucked. I wanted to kill her.

All-in-all, crappy day. Crappy week. Probably a crappy month.


Jillene said...

Sorry about the D and your friends. But I am REALLY sorry about your Uncle.

Kitten said...


E-mail me if you need to talk.

SO said...

Heroine, any drug, is evil. I'm very sorry about your uncle. I'm sure it's killing your mom.

I hope your week gets better.

Sheri said...

I'm so sorry that your uncle died :(

Don't worry too hard about the Spanish test, there will be more grades in the class to make up for the bad test.

::big hug!::

Liz said...

I am so sorry to hear about your uncle. That is so sad!

I agree with Sheri. You'll bring that D up. Don't worry about it too much. You'll do better next time. :o)

Kristina P. said...

My thoughts are with you, Lee.

Kelsey said...

I'm sorry you had such a shitty day.
I'm so sorry about your uncle.

The day is officially over now (at least in Florida it is), so here's hoping that Thursday is a thousand times more better!


Wendyburd1 said...

I am so sorry about your Uncle, and that your friends suck right now! ((HUGS))

Bobby G said...

JESUS! Talk about an awful day! Hang in ther e"sport" LMAO, things will look up for you soon!
Sorry about your uncle, tell your mom to be strong, we are thinking of you girl!

Grand Pooba said...

First I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle! I pray everyday that I don't get a call from the police department telling me my brother overdosed, but the way he's going it may not be surprising. I hope you and your mom get through this.

One question. Does Heyknee have blond hair?

I'm just sayin.

Kimmy said...

Sorry things aren't going well right now. Big HUGS to you!

BTW...I knew what you meant about the Gardettos. Maybe women are just smarter that way. :o)

blueviolet said...

That's awful about your uncle. I'm so sorry about that. What a week. You're just getting hit from all angles.

Angela said...

I had a crappy week too. Let's go shopping. :D

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