Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Picture Post! NOT!

My mom is sick with the flu I had, so I'm having to take care of her right now.
That involves running into the other room whenever she calls to me, and answering phone calls.
Because of this, I don't have the patience to put up the pictures from yesterday's party right now, so that'll have to wait until tomorrow or the next day.
Plus I'm waiting for the pictures that other people took, too.

It was a fun party that really showed off Alex's crazy gene.
He had told me, Izzy, and Travis that he was dating a new girl.
Izzy told me that that girl was 15 years old.
Back on Thursday we called Alex and Izzy was talking to him, and he made a rude comment about her.
So I jumped in.

"Hey Alex!"
"Uh, hey."
"So I'm glad to hear you could move on from me so fast!"
"Yeah, well uh, you broke up with me. So I'm allowed."
"Oh, no no. I never said you weren't. I just said I'm happy for you! I hear she's younger than me."
"Yeah, and more fun too."
That comment right there opened him up for what happened next.
"Has she told you she loved you yet?"
"Uh, no."
"Have you told her?"
"Why do you sound so surprised by me asking?"
"Well, did I ever tell you that I loved you?"
"Not to my face, but I hear you told everyone else you did."
And then he hung up on me.

See, I never told all of you the extent of how far he went. I told you I broke up with him because we didn't connect.
What I DIDN'T tell you was that after our FIRST DATE, he told Izzy he wanted a double wedding.
And then planned the whole thing.
He told Izzy and Travis he HAD to tell me that he loved me, but not until I said it first.
Which I never did, because I never LOVED HIM. I KNEW HIM FOR A WEEK.

After that night we went bowling and he got completely trashed? (Remember the pics?)
When they dropped me off he started bawling in the back seat. "Do... do you think if I got muscles she would like me?"
He texted me asking if we ever had a chance again.
Izzy walked in on him looking at a screen of pictures of me.
The list goes on and on.

After the conversation Thursday, I hoped he would hate me so I wouldn't have to deal with him anymore.
Until Saturday when I get the creepy ass text message: "I'm on top of the mountain and I can see your house..."
Mmm, stalker much?

So I was NOT looking forward to seeing him yesterday.
We got to the park, and he automatically latched onto this blonde girl.
He spent the whole day fawning over her.
I wasn't jealous, I was disgusted.
What happened to his GIRLFRIEND?
I confronted him about it that night, and you know what he told me?
"I don't have a girlfriend and haven't since you."
Um, that's not what you told me THURSDAY.

What is wrong with him? Seriously?
He's not allowed to come to bowling on Thursdays anymore.

Oh, and the best part was when we soaked Alex and blonde girl with water balloons.
We were in the middle of the park during broad daylight.
So blonde girl STRIPS DOWN TO HER UNDERWEAR in the middle of the PARK.
With KIDS running around.
Whore much?

So that's just a taste of the crazy I've had.
More to come soon. For now I need to work on a design for my birthday cake, and make an invitation.
For my 4 friends.
Who all already know they're coming.
I'm a loser. :(


Erin said...

It sounds like the flu you had was contagious, since your mom now has it! How is your pinkeye doing?

When guys like you, they fawn all over you. When you break up with them, they probably try to do anything they can to make you feel jealous. Stick to your guns! If you're done with him, you're done!

Kristina P. said...

Alex sounds creepy. How old is he again?

lov said...

oh i don't like alex, he sounds like a creep...stay away from him!
but i'm sure you already knew that!!

Me said...

Being sick sucks! Especially when it gets passed around!

Sounds like its a good thing you broke things off with Alex when you did! I think I would avoid him all together! He sounds like he's got issues.

Jillene said...

Alex sounds CREEPY!! Stay away from him!!

I hope that you are feeling better and that your mom feels better soon!!

TeeTee said...

Wow... Alex sounds like he has some things to work through.

You are not a loser! You are so amazing... designing your own birthday cake... I could never do that.

I hope your mom gets better... I'm sick too!

SO said...

I hope you have an awesome birthday. You are not a loser. Sounds like Alex and the blonde girl are both losers though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he is creepy. eek.....

You're not a loser!

Sorry your mom is sick. :(

Anna Gray said...

Awwww, I'm sorry! That is so bad about the blonde girl. I hope your mom feels better. You're not a loser.

Bobby G said...

Alex needs to man up, his vagina is showing...

Sheri said...

The flu sucks. It is nice that you are helping your mom now though. That is how it usually goes with me and my mom too. :) We're good daughters huh?

Sounds like an interesting party there. Can't wait to see the pics and FYI - Alex seems a bit creepy stalkerish...

Izzy said...

Go Bobby G I agree one hundred and ninty percent ^_^

he was an ass and oh man no one wants to read my novel of a blog about it and it was my flippin party >_<

are you gonna invite Mr. Pat Pat to teh party?

Wendyburd1 said...

You are NOT a loser! You dumped that freaky stalker within a week didn't you?!! I can't wait to see the pics! Was it awesome?

Grand Pooba said...

Sorry about your mom, hope she gets feeling better!

Alex is the loser, not you.

Wait, your birthday's coming up? Mines this Friday!

Anonymous said...

Hope your mom got over the flu okay! And glad you're rid of that lunatic.

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