Friday, June 19, 2009

Tennessee Trip Day Se7en

Today I decided to sleep in, which was quickly interrupted by a nice little ambush by Sean, Joey, and Michael.
We watched Grease, and then we went to town and got Joey a haircut.
I bought Izzy a present to wear with her birthday dress at her party on the 28th.
Hopefully she likes it. I showed it to Sean and he said that he thought it would match nicely.

Then we went to a Mexican restaurant. "La Cocina."
I pronounced it Co-cheena. Sean said "No no no no, it's Co-SEEna."
I said fine, whaaaatever.
I sure look enthused, right?
Greeeat, mexican food.
I've been trying to stay healthy as best I could on this trip.
I ordered a salad and one taco, and stuck to that.

And so Sean then forced me to eat a hot fudge sundae.
Thanks for ruining the happiness I felt for sticking to health.
Woo, I'm a fatty now.
You see, my eating disorder (which I freely admit to) is ridiculous.
If I eat one unhealthy meal in a day, I feel so riddled with guilt that I can barely think of anything else.
I had a burger and fries yesterday, and for dinner I had a HUGE salad with a few little pieces of fried onion.
I almost cried myself to sleep.

Of course, I have such a thin body that any amount of food that isn't the size of a pea makes me swell up huge.
And then I end up dropping it again.
I actually popped 5 vegetable laxatives tonight to try and help move that along.
(They're mild, so 5 is not actually that many. The suggested serving thing is 8. I'm like SCREW THAT.)
Anyway, so then we came back to the hotel and swam.
I also got the chance to hold little baby Wren. Isn't she the sweetest?She almost never cries. I held her up in the air and went "Booga booga" and she laughed and laughed.
All I really have to do is smile at her and she gets a huge grin on her face.Afterward I decided to redo my makeup, putting a crap-ton of emphasis on my eyes.
Buh-bam baby, blue!We went over to Lala and Sugar's (grandparents) house, ate pizza (yay guilt) and cake (I didn't have any BECAUSE OF the guilt).
Cody was there, and he seemed to find a way to be in any room I was in.
I walk in to talk to my bro and nephews?
He decides to bounce on in and talk about some bands he likes.
I go outside to play with my little niece Daisy and catch fireflies?
He comes outside to "chat" with Joey.
So anytime I want to go over to Joey, I have to be right there with Cody.
I hate him, the crafty little bastard.

My little 2 year old nephew Catcher did the cutest thing.
Cody knelt down and said "Come here Catch!"
Catcher went running at it and... right past him.
I was laughing so hard on the inside thinking "Go Catch, get away from the child molester!"

While we were catching fireflies, I also caught a little froggy.
Daisy and I named it Frederic.
Then we ran off to my Uncle Ricky's and let all the little kids (Like 10 of them) play with our fireworks.
We would let them hold them while we lit them, and then say throw them quick!
(They're the kind you're SUPPOSED to do that with.)
We got Roman Candles and bottle rockets.
It was a grand ol' time.

I would've taken pictures, except I was too busy yelling "GET AWAY FROM THE BOX WITH THE SPARKLERS" at all the kids.
They always wound up holding their sparklers over the box of fireworks.
It was a heart attack and a half.
Plus now my left ear is constantly ringing because I lit a bottle rocket, and right as it's about to go off, one of the kids, Oscar, goes running straight towards it.
I reach out, shove him out of the way, putting myself right next to it, and POW, the thing shoots off.
It didn't hit me, but the deafening screech from it did some damage.

The first freakin' sparkler we lit wound up getting smashed into little Fisher's face.
We were lucky that it was RIGHT before it started sparking, or else the fun would've stopped right there for the night.
Which would've sucked, because I spent 40 bucks on those fireworks.

That's been it for the day. Tomorrow is the big Anniversary party, so I'll have plenty to talk about.
It's also the scattering of Pat's ashes.
Once we get back from that, I'll blog.


Sarah said...

I love the bird theme for the names. Wren is such a pretty name. Sounds like you're holding your own there, not surprising at all.

Wendyburd1 said...

That baby is so cute!!! I'd be holding all I could, LOVE babies, they are the sweetest!!

I don't understand why your brothers and nephews and cousins aren't doing anything to stop this jerk from going anywhere near you!! Why is he even still there?? This was supposed to be fun for you, not something that will dredge bad things up!! I am furious, and maybe that is ridiculous but I am!!

TeeTee said...

sounds like sooooooooooooooooooooo much fun!

the baby is so cute:)

i loved your eye-makeup!

Kristina P. said...

You are a natural with babies! And you look gorgeous in that picture.

Anonymous said...

Please don't take laxatives. Not good.

That baby is adorable!

Funny about running right past him! Hahaha!

Kali said...

I miss fireworks. They made them illegal here so now all we're allowed are sparklers. For real!!

Also, HOW can you pass up cake? I want a hot body, but not as much as I want dessert...

Sheri said...

Sounds like fun! Glad you are having a good time despite of Cody. Maybe he will get hit by a car or a freakishly small meteor will hit him in the head from outer space... hey it could happen :)

Anonymous said...

Nice make up! It looks good. and don't be so hard on yourself!

Anonymous said...

That baby is so cute! Glad that you are still having a good time. The fireworks sound fun! Oh my.... I love Mexican food!

Izzy said...

Wow in the diet and yeah I can relate I got a mass quantity of diet pills and Have been working out counting calories the whole kit and ka bang i dont even feel lazy or anything any more lol

and to the frogs name that was scary becsaue thats my dads middle name O_o

Brandi said...

If only all babies could be such angels... She's adorable. :)
Be careful with those laxatives, hun. I know, I use them a lot, too. If you've gotta use them, drink lots of water, and don't use too many...

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