Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tennessee Trip Day I'M HOOOOME

So we made it home, thank god.
I actually cried a little when we went through our gate.
I was so tired of being on the road. Being home is such a relief.

Now, this post will be a picture post.
Sadly, I'm not in most of the pictures.
Thanks, MOM.

I only have pictures of the 60th anniversary party, my Uncle's ashes being spread, and a few others. But there's plenty among all of that.
So, enjoy the barrage of pictures.
(Which will take my FOREVER to post.)

60th Anniversary Party
Family Pictures:
My Sister Jacque (Middle) and her kids TJ and Sarah
My brother Thom (Left) Sister Jacque, my brother Doug (Plaid Shirt) and his son CatcherCutting the CakeRandom Family
My brother Thom
Doug and his wife Angie's daughter Wren wrapped in decorating confetti
My nephew Catcher (Doug's son) and my other nephew Joey (Thom's son)
My niece Daisy (Doug's daughter)
My brother Thom's wife Pam
My nephew Fisher (Doug's son) and Daisy
Me and JoeyOne of the only pics of meMy brother DougMy niece Sarah (Jacque's daughter)Fisher and DaisyMy nephew Sean (Thom's son)My brother Thom and his son Michael (Red shirt)My grandma Lala and my grandpa Sugar hugging PamMom eating a crepeMy grandparents eating, and my Uncle Ricky (flame shirt)FamilyMy cousin KeaganKeagan's mom BrittanyMy cousins Kim (left) Jana (yellow shirt) Deana and my Aunt Jane (far right)Thom and PamMichaelMy Aunt Janet (Ricky's wife) and her daughter PennyMy uncle TerryDeana and DougJanet and Uncle RickyDaisyBaby Wren and my Sister-in-Law AngieWhy we call Catcher "Bad Bear"My Uncle Terry, my Mom, and Terry's two sonsMy Grandparents Opening their Presents
My Uncle Pat's Ashes Being Scattered

The Diamond Ring my Sister-in-Law Gave Me
Isn't it SO PRETTY?!
I couldn't believe she gave it to me! They're all real diamonds!

Hope you all enjoyed my pictures


Kristina P. said...

Wow, that ring is gorgeous!

And all I can think about is having a piece of cake.

TeeTee said...

I love that ring... it is so pretty!

I loved the pictures.... 60 years is great!

Wendyburd1 said...

Those pictures are awesome Lee!! Great memories! You should do memory books so you have all your happy mementos and pics in a safe place!

I am so glad you are safely home and is your SIL rich?? What a ring to give away!Wow!:)

Bobby G said...

Did she ask you to marry you when you got that ring? lol Also what was up w/ the old dude and the Fire shirt? Keagans mom Brittany is pretty fly, HE WAS EATING WELL! LMAO I know it was awful, hope you had a blast girl!!!

Erin said...

Mmmm. Crepes.

What a cute family you have. How special to be together to scatter the ashes!

Jillene said...

WOW--what great pictures (and i bet that took you FOREVER)!! The ring is GORGEOUS!!

Anonymous said...

Holy shizam on the pictures. And that ring. Pow Pow!

LOVE the cake!

Grand Pooba said...

Yes, that ring is very pretty! Thanks for all the pictures! I love peeking into people's family lives! Your fam is cute!

Brandi said...

Glad you made it home safely. That cake is awesome!

Sheri said...

How fun, I'm glad you had a good time even though you got sick. That ring is beautiful!

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