Friday, June 12, 2009

Why Do People Do These Things?

Why is it when someone does something wrong, and hurts your feelings, instead of apologizing and admitting they did something wrong, they end up yelling at you and telling you why it's your fault?

It's a ridiculous practice that happens on a daily basis. Whether it's a small problem or a huge blowout, more often than not the guilty party tries to pass the blame to you.
Why do people do stupid things like this?
Do they think that somehow it will work like reverse psychology?
"I promised to talk to you... went to a party instead... BUT YOU DIDN'T STAY UP UNTIL ONE IN THE MORNING TO TALK TO ME, SO IT'S YOUR FAULT!!!"
Sorry, that doesn't work.
Especially when you start throwing out insults like how "selfish" I am, or what a "bitch" I can be.
Mmm, yeah. That doesn't work either.
Unless it's opposite day, and by bitch you mean "the sweetest girl in the world" and by selfish you mean "someone that I'm so happy to have in my life."

Besides, we all know that in the end the guilty party ends up losing. They have nothing to work with to begin with, and trying to form a platform off of something they did wrong is not exactly stable.

Somehow I wish all of these people in the world would learn to just roll over and apologize to begin with, because the 3 hour argument to get to the apology that always gets spewed out of frustration anyway is really tiring.
Trust me, I don't have the energy for it. I don't think any amount of energy in the world would properly fuel me for it.

In other news, we're taking Tiffany on our trip to Tennessee. Since we're driving, this could be miserable. But we bought some sedating drugs for her.
We tested them on her today, and it was sad/funny to watch her.
She's cross-eyed now, and she keeps letting out weak meows.
The cross-eyed part is hilarious.
I would take a picture, but it seems too cruel.

We'll be leaving on Sunday, and I have internet for my computer, so I can still keep up with you guys.


Anonymous said...

ugh! i seriously hate it when people do that. like this girl olivia that i never really was great friends with but she was supposidly great friends with all of my friends did this to me one day. we were all walking so she takes julie with her and leaves. they hide in a park and i ask them where they were and they were trying to make me feel stupid. so i talked to her later and i was like "that really hurt my feelings" she was like "idc get over it." just APOLOGIZE it's not that hard! ugh i've never seen her apologize ever. never ever ever. so i'm not friends with her anymore. the end.

Me said...

A 'wasted cat'. So sad..yet so funny, I'm sure!

Sheri said...

I don't get why people are like that either. Maybe it is just hard for the majority of people to apologize. ><

Yay for having internet access for the PC while on vacation! I bet your cat is funny and quite cute on the meds. :) Hope she does okay for the long car trip.

Bobby G said...

Fights are stupid, someone needs to suck it up and move on! usually its me cause Im the guy lol. cats + cars= disaster, avoid it if you can!

Sarah said...

You are wise beyond your years...I'm sure you have been told that before. Sometimes I can't believe your age. When a-holes throw that crap at me, and thankfully it hasn't happened in awhile, I just let it go and say "okay, that's fine." Usually this elicits an apology but even if it doesn't I feel better knowing I didn't waste my breath. I should also mention that I have been labeled a pushover..hmmm.
Your comments on my post cracked me up. Thanks!

Kristina P. said...

I think that it's hard for people to say out loud to other people when they are wrong. I'm always the first to apologize when I have been a brat to my husband or I say something stupid. Which happens a lot.

TeeTee said...

Have an awesome weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I'm gonna guess Drew is the culprit?

I can't stand when people are so insecure that they can't ever take the blame.

Izzy said...

Argh I know right it was all a big piece of poop >_<
I hate when people do that its really uncalled for and it seems like they are to the quick difense to cover their asses or something stupid instead of saying sorry I forgot to call or whatever.
~_~ I'm highly disapointed in humanity I'm going to have to shield you from all this crap becasue this is just not right at all.
all the fucked up crap people do like murder babies and tie people up and go watch the football game it all starts out with bad manners and the daitude your talking about next think you know it they are on americas most wanted

I'll still be your Jacob ^_^

ramsam said...

Oh, have a good time on your trip! Enjoy that little getaway...

sorry people really can be so immature. One nice thing about growing up a bit is finding friends and great people in my life that has pretty much ended those kind of things for happening to me!

Erin said...

Driving to Tennessee? Yuck. That's going to be a LONG drive. Good luck. I hope Tiffany does okay on the drive.

Sarah said...

You've been tagged. Check out my post, seems fun and easy!

Wendyburd1 said...

Yay for internet!!! I'd have had Lee withdrawal!!
I hate when people are like that, I hate if I do that sometimes!

Like my fave group says in one song
"Some people bring you gifts
Some bring you bricks to weight you down
so they can swim a little higher while you
drown some people mean so well
Their way was the best way that they found
But any other way you choose is a brick that weights you down
So tell me what do I do with this backpack
Full of bricks and sticks and stones and
words that stuck to me like ticks"

skinnylattemama said...

Yea, I so know what you mean, I mean a simple "I'm Sorry" goes a long way.

Anonymous said...

Have fun on your trip! Our cats would never handle a road trip. We get a cat sitter.

People are going to be people. I have learned over the years to take no one seriously. Maybe I'm cynical but I've been through a lot with friends. You would think 30 year old people acted better but they don't. It's almost worse!

Anonymous said...

Hope everything works out for you! :\

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