Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bowling... It's a Sport!

While looking at this post, it's possible that you will say "Jesus, this is a ridiculous amount of pictures."
And you would be right.
But why do I insist on posting every picture we take while out bowling?
Because I like looking at them, and I like remembering every second of our fun times together.
So go ahead, skim the pictures.
Maybe even skip down to the comments.
But know that these pictures are an extension of my memory, and they're important to me.

When we went bowling, our first lane was broken, so we got another game for free. That was pretty great.

Before I start with my crapload of pictures, I thought I'd post real quick about a giveaway Sheri is hosting to commemorate the opening of her new jewelry website!

Go check it out!
First things first, I got a haircut yesterday. I chopped off my hair to shoulder length!
Before going out, Izzy and I put stars on our faces!
When we got to the alley, we hammed it up for the cameras.
Mmm... hammy. Just like Christmas dinner.
We weren't allowed to use flash in the bowling alley, but occasionally it would accidentally go off.
Izzy took a picture of me taking a picture of her. Trippy.
Travis and I had a stare down. I won.
I spent a lot of the night laughing.
And sitting on the floor.
Why was I on the floor in this one? Look closely: The ball is in the gutter.
Why did this picture happen? Probably because Alex was ridiculously drunk. He drank something like 7 rum and cokes. And a smirnoff ice.
He had 8 straws.
He was very drunk.

I tried to maintain good form. Sucked at it though.
There's some of his empty rum and coke glasses.
This wound up being my "pose" for the night.
Travis always has an evil look, doesn't he?
See? Alex has that bowlers form that I've never been able to have.
This was my new "I got a strike" dance.
I'm pretty sure I got a spare on those pins.

There's the thumbs up again. Aren't I creative?
And there's my infamous kicked-out leg. I can't seem to keep from doing that when I throw the ball.
Wub my Izzy.
Told you, he looks evil. It's like his signature look or something.
Stuck out tongue - a classic.
I look like a ghost in the background
I always used the pink ball. It was an 8 pounder. Izzy used the 6. She'd chuck that sucker down the lane.
Me with the thunbs up again. I'm really not that creative.
And AGAIN. You'd think my thumbs would be hurting by then.
I just thought this was cute and pulled out my camera as fast as I could to catch it.

Alex and his twist again. It got more flamboyant the drunker he got.

This picture was fun to take. Alex was so trashed at this point that he started falling over, and knocked me over, and I had to grab on to Travis to keep from completely falling.
I'm drinking coke, minus the rum.

My tilt, in hopes of willing the ball not to go into the gutter.
I was trying to take a pic of myself sitting on the lane.
I took these pictures sitting down on the lane.

Izzy's hands, but I took the picture at the perfect time.
"Wow, I look totally wasted." "That's because you are."
She doesn't look as enthusiastic with me. That hurts.
That's more like it.


Kristina P. said...

I love that you go bowling so much.

Sheri said...

Fun times bowling! Good pics to share and place to put the memories. I wish I thought to take more pictures than I do when having fun. :)

Also, who-oo on posting about my giveaway. :)

Me said...

I like the hair cut! Its cute and fun. Especially for summer!

Kyle and I recently starting bowling (we've gone several times in the last month). It's GREAT fun!

NIKOL said...

I agree - cute hair! And hooray for bowling. I haven't been bowling in ages.

Anonymous said...

Love your hair!

I like all your pictures! I can totally tell you have a blast and it's fun that you let us play along and it makes me smile to see you so happy!

I love how some of the pics turned out silhouettey.

Sarah said...

This is after the break-up right? Obviously he's trashed because he can't deal with your coolness and beauty sober....if I were there I would have been a huge dud, worrying about Alex puking....

Good thing it's your left wrist that hurts!

TeeTee said...

I love love love your hair!

Bowling looks like soooooo much fun!

Anonymous said...

You guys really seem to go bowling a lot...isn't that expensive? lol Your hair looks really cute like that!

Anonymous said...

hah bowling IS a sport!
I wish i could go bowling so much
I was gunna say something about you and your thumbs from previous pictures.. but i didn't.
& love the new hair!

Wendyburd1 said...

I love your haircut, it is so you and so cute! I LOVE that pic of Izzy and Travis that you got real fast, it is so sweet!
And I have to say SO glad you and Alex are not together seeing that he gets THAT drunk while just bowling!I thought he didn't want to stay friends, or was the liquor making him a friend? Oy!

Bobby G said...

Bowling is NOT a sport! If you can do it 300lbs overweight & drunk, its a game, PERIOD! Cut pics! like the stars!

Anonymous said...

I love your hair cut!

I think it's great that you take lots of pictures! I do now, but didn't when I was your age. Really regret that now.

Amander said...

Bowling is awesome and so is your new hair cut!

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