Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Early Birthday

Tomorrow's my mom's birthday.
I ran down to walmart and got her a card, some flowers, and a bunch of crap to make a cake.
Except instead of one cake, I made 4 mini cakes.
Each with 3 mini tiers.

I say I made 4, but in my heart I made 2.
Because the other 2 look like crap.
I can sense a sugar coma coming on just looking at the little bastards.Her favorite color is green, which is why I trimmed it with green.
Considering I've never made mini-cakes before, I'm pretty proud of them.
I figured she doesn't want a lot of cake, so a personal cake is better.

Speaking of birthdays, last night I found out none of my friends knew my birthday.
Not even Drew.
It made me feel so miserably unimportant. I even cried.

I've also figured out that I like salmon. Only from Fresh and Easy though.
It doesn't taste fishy. I ate it WITHOUT SAUCE. No tartar sauce. It was crazy. Usually I drown fish in it.
Even tilapia.
Which by the way Izzy, isn't a bottom-feeder. I looked it up. Farm raised tilapia eat a healthy diet, not poo.

Shelby was supposed to come over Saturday, but completely blew me off. Now when I text her phone I get "Who is this?" and "Who's Lee?" "Who's Shelby?"
Either her friends are dicks, or something's weird. So I'm calling her mom/dad today.

Izzy told me that from now on Thursday is bowling night with our crew. So I hope I get good at bowling fast.
I'm soaking off my acrylic nails today, because I'm sick of them. :)

And... that's about it. I'm going to comment your blogs tonight like I usually do.

(sorry, my days tend to be dull during the summer)


Me said...

The cakes look pretty good for your first attempt! Mine wouldn't have made it that far.

Yaya said...

Must be hard to bowl w/ fake nails.

Happy Birthday Lee's Mom! That cake is awesome! Good job!

When is your birthday?

Erin said...

Fresh and Easy Salmon? Wow. Someone had to giggle when they made up that name.

I love the idea of smaller personal cakes. Cute!

- Eadyn's Calling said...

Happy birthday to your mom! Those cakes look yummy...

When's your birthday? I'll remember, and I'll send you a card. :)

Jillene said...

The cakes look FANTASTIC!! You really did an amazing job on them. Happy Birthday to your mom!!

Sarah said...

Doesn't that suck when no one knows your b-day and you know theirs? I still remember ALOT of people's b-days from HIGH SCHOOL. Sean, who I have been with for TWO YEARS, questioned mine the other day...he did get it right but he was unsure! The cakies are awesome, green is my favorite color too!

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is Drew.

Do not try to tell everyone out there that I didn't know your birthday, I knew exactly when it was, I just mixed up the numbers.

I don't appreciate you trying to make me look bad okay?

Jessica♥ said...

This is summer for you??! that's great! I still have school. =p

Bobby G said...

Those CAKES look dope! I dont even really like cake, but those.....

Grand Pooba said...

Oh crap, that reminds me that I need to make my husband a cake for his bday this friday. But happy bday to your mom! Your cake is awesome!

Kristina P. said...

That cake looks great! And Drew's comment made me laugh. Sort of.

Carmen said...

Aww the mini cake idea is so cute! A lot of my friends don't seem to know my birthday...or at least didn't for the longest time. Back when I was a sophomore this girl I've been bffs with since second grade asked me if I had failed the driver's ed test because I didn't have my permit yet. It was like are you kidding me? I've known you since we were 8 and you still don't know that you just happen to be like 6 months older than me? And that I cannot possibly legally have a permit yet?

Carmen said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday to your mom!

Wendyburd1 said...

The cakes look awesome!! Happy B-Day Lee's Mom!! Your days are way more interesting than mine!! Bowling every week? Sweet, I prefer duck-pin but it is because I am a weakling, LOL! You thought I shaved my head??! LOL, Lee you so funny! :)
Hopefully Shelby isn't being bratty, and it is a lame friend of hers texting you back!!

When IS your birthday? If you were on Facebook...well or if you added me, I would know this! You did get my email right?? Oh dear. LOL...gotta go watch Jon and Kate + 8!!

Liz said...

Those cakes look delicious! You did a fantastic job. I would have never thought of doing a tier cake like that.

I hope you find out what's up with Shelby. That would totally tick me off.

You must post your b-day so we will all know when it is.

Happy Birthday to your Mom! I hope that she has a great day!

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