Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Friends Forever?

I don't know what in the hell is going on with Shelby right now.
We had plans to hang out on Saturday, and she completely blew me off.
She told me on Friday that she was going into the mountains on Friday, and that she would be back Saturday.
I thought, well maybe she just stayed up in the mountains longer?
So Sunday rolls around, I text her a little more.

No response.

Okay, that's a little odd, but I'll take it for what it's worth.
I text her today, the same number I've always texted.
The same number she was answering from on Friday.
The reply I get back?
"Who is this?"
"Um... Lee?"
"Who's Lee?"
"Is this Shelby?"
"Who's Shelby?"

Of course at this point I'm wondering, um, what the hell?
So later in the day I call her mom.
I ask her if Shelby's number has changed. Nope.
She tells me that Shelby was at her mom's house on Saturday.
So Shelby lied to me, and didn't bother calling me.
She tells me to call Shelby at her dad's house.

I call at her dad's house. Her sister answers. She says Shelby is napping.
I tell her it's important, and ask if she'll wake up Shelby for me.
Shelby locks her door and says she'll "call me later".

I know she reads my blog, I'm not sure if she does now, but I know she did for a while.
So, what the hell Shelby? Why all of the lying?
I feel betrayed. I feel like I'm being cut out of her life, and I don't even know what I did to deserve it.
She could have come to the phone when I called, but she made a point of ignoring my call.

Even Drew was surprised by it. Why would Shelby, my best friend since 6th grade, cut me out of her life so suddenly?
Maybe it's all a misunderstanding, but with everything that is surrounding the situation, it seems way too convoluted and complicated to be a misunderstanding.

If she really is cutting me out, I guess my core group of friends is Izzy, Alex, Travis, and Drew.
No more of this:
My hope is that it's all just a stupid misunderstanding.
But hopes don't always come to fruition. At times it can truly be your worst thought, and not your best hope.

So pray for me, for my relationship with my best friend. Pray that she sees this and explains whatever is going on. Pray she doesn't leave me out in the cold.

I'll tell you guys about my mom's birthday after it happens, and about Izzy coming over. But right now, my mind is so consumed with this that it's torturing me. Where is my best friend?

Also, check out Drew's new blog:

We have our ups and downs, but he deserves some blog love too!


Wendyburd1 said...

Lee, could Shelby be not okay with your new friendship with Izzy? Friends can get jealous of other friends, maybe she is feeling replaced. I think you definitely need to set up a meeting, maybe at her house so she can't ditch and TALK. Be straight with each other and work this out.

Qui_Mon_Jin said...

Thanks Lee! I think Shelby needs to get slapped or something. I know for a fact you did nothing wrong for her to be like this.

I'm sure she'll eventually get it through her head that she should be better to you.

Sarah said...

Hmmm...interesting. I hope you get to the bottom of this. I know I'M curious...

Anonymous said...

Huh, this is bizarre. I wonder what's going on with her? Try not to internalize this. Often times when relationships dissolve it's of no fault to the innocent party, but is something going on with the other person.

Bobby G said...

Girls go through best friends like i do underwear, thats always been astounding to me, as far as Drews blog goes, ill have nothing nice to say to him, so I wont say anything at all =)

Me said...

Relataionships are full of ups and downs. Lets hope you find your up, real soon!

Jillene said...

Praying that things work out between you and Shelby.

And as for the layout--seriously--it's no rush. I am just grateful that you are willing to fix it for me!!

Sheri said...

Yeah, I was thinking that too - maybe she is jealous of your new friend Izzy? I know how that can be. Hopefully she will talk to you ASAP and you can get everything straightened out. It would be a shame to lose your BFF since 6th grade!

Kristina P. said...

Friends are hard! I've had problems with friendships in the past, and they are no fun.

Tim said...

Geez that REALLY sucks. I mean if she was just some friend and did this I would say then she really wasnt a friend to begin with for lying like that. But since she is your best friend and has been for years? Wow, I just dont know what to say other than she better have a really good explanation. And I mean a REEEEAAALLY good one Shelby. You hearin me?

Love and Prayers,


Anonymous said...

Seema like the same thing happened to me with my friend katelyn that i've been friends with since sixth grade. =[ & maybe she's jealous of Izzy. Hopefully she comes around to telling you how she feels and explain all that's happening. Whether it's trajic or not. Maybe she just no longer wants to be as good as friends as you too were for personality reasons or whatever reason she has. It's just always simpler to tell the other person straight on and get to the bottom of things to know your place. This happened with SO many friends of mine. Either I thought they were becoming a different person and i don't like who've they've become. maybe we never really related or maybe distance pulled us apart. My friend Liz moved to Georgie I don't know her anymore. when i moved 4 years ago all my friends in my old town moved on. except for the really strong ones like my friend maggie or my neighbor for all years in my old town Sierra. just wait a little while. It may feel suckish now but eventually it will work itself out. especially if you handle it the right way.

Erin said...

Have you heard from Shelby yet? I hope you can work things out!

Daphine said...

Hmmmm...it does sound a bit strange. I hope that it trully a misunderstanding, especially after being friends since 6th grade! I'll definitely be praying for it to all be worked out and that we'll see more happy pictures of the two of you together again.

Anonymous said...

This does seem a little strange. My guess would be jealousy. I hope you find out soon!

Anonymous said...

Misunderstandings/fights with friends suck. Good luck!

Izzy said...

T_T that was a sad day and I couldnt come over to make you feel better and that was sad for me T_T

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,
The human mind is extremely a complex thing to figure. In any relationship issue it's best not to ruminate over anything and go into repair mode immediately: try finding out what may have caused it. Meet her in person. People do not blow you away face to face. Be patient and accept at least one of her points as she talks to you and agree with it. (even untrue) this will make her relax and feel more comfortable with you. Then try and praise her (honestly) for one of her best qualities or any group that she belongs to. This reassurance does a lot. It is actually called social identity support in which you support her image of herself. Best freinds always fit this category.

At last please read this article from Psychology Today on mind reading: extremely useful!

(please click on pages 1...5)

I have bought this magazine for over 10 years and learn from every single issue!

Please let me know how it's going with her now (1 months has passed)!! I just saw your article today! Sorry!

I am in the same shoes myself, sort-of with a co-worker!


p.s. email me: steve_08830@yahoo.com

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