Monday, June 8, 2009

Popping Should Be Limited to Popcorn

My joints have always been creaky and poppy, but recently my body has been completely out of whack.
My wrist is wrapped up in a brace because I've apparently popped it out of place.
My chiropractor popped it back in twice, but I popped it right back out.
It makes a lovely POP sound whenever I try to use it.
The upside is that the sound makes all of my friends cringe when they hear it.

Not only does it crack, but it throbs. My wrist is pretty much useless right now, and it hurts like a witch.
My leg has also decided to give me trouble.
I think I pulled a muscle in it, so I have to limp to get around.
So I have a gimpy wrist, a gimpy leg, and my shoulder blade has been burning a bit.

On Saturday I went to the mall with Izzy and Travis.
We didn't take many pics, since we only had cellphones, but here's what we got:

The Disney Store:
The seatbelt ate my hair:It was a fun day, except the giant blisters on my feet from my new shoes.
I really have not been having luck with avoiding pain lately.

Drew came over yesterday, and while I don't have any pictures from it, we did have fun.
First I bought some individual pizzas from pizza hut, got some cups and a bottle of soda, and we went to the park and ate at the picnic tables.
Then we went swimming at the Y, and then we came home and watched Twilight.
And Transformers.
I love Transformers. I can't wait until the new one comes out.

I think my anxiety meds have been making me tired. I slept for 11 hours today, and I'm still completely exhausted.
But I wasn't exhausted until I popped my anxiety pills.
Gee, thanks for taking away my fear. But now I'm FREAKING TIRED.

The most ironic part is that one of my other pills has the side effect "anxiety".

I've been keeping my weight around 117. I hit 115 a few days ago, and then 122 that night.
I really, really hate fluctuating weight.
I was 117 this morning, so I'm content with that.

Other than that, nothing new has happened.
So... that was my weekend.


Sheri said...

Ouch I hope that you feel better and less achy and things stop popping soon!

Jillene said...

I hope that all of your aches and pains feel better soon. You are WAY too young to have joint issues!!

Kristina P. said...

Hope your wrist feels better! And I find that when I sleep too much, I am even more tired.

Me said...

Wow! That is a lot of pain..for such a young person! I hope it eases up soon!!

Sarah said...

I hate fluctuating weight too, which is why I have never owned a scale :) The only time I get weighed is at the girl doctor or regular Doc and it's always the same.

Jessica♥ said...

seems like everyone has problems with their joints lately. =[ i hope your wrist cooperates! haha.

TeeTee said...

I hope you feel better!

Yaya said...

How do you type with a bum wrist?

Thank you for my new banner!!!!

love the pics of you and Izzy, you guys always look so happy.

Is dr giving you something to counteract the anxiety?

Tim said...

So sorry to hear about all of the pain you are having. You are always in my prayers.


- Eadyn's Calling said...

I wish I could pop my wrist out... or in... anything to make it stop aching.

You have an award waiting for you on my blog. :)

Hope you get to feeling better. And love the pics!

Erin said...

I love the wings you are wearing at the Disney store!

And I'm sorry about your wrist, and other aches and pains. I really hope you start feeling better soon!

Izzy said...

You didnt mention the Bloody pad we drove around with on my car window lol >_< I should have got a picture with that on my car T_T

what disapointment

ramsam said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! So sorry about the popping....I hate it when my neck and back go out!

Anyway, you are at 56 followers..I will follow you if you follow me ♥

You are almost at 60 now!!!!

Wendyburd1 said...

I ADORE Transformers!! We saw it on my birthday, July 4th, and I knew before it was over I would own it the day it got out. And the sequel is going to be my birthday movie this year, but maybe a few days before we will go so it will be less crowded!! I ♥ Shia!! And Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, LOL!!

Remember give the meds some time, your body needs to get accustomed to them, if you still are too tired after a few weeks, then maybe adjusting it will need to happen, but if it is lessening your anxiety, YAY Lee!!

Liz said...

I hope you feel better soon! Great pictures!

Bobby G said...

Looked to be good times! Feel better girl! Dont you love when the meds you are taking have a side effect that is the SAME thing you are takin the med for? lol

annebabe said...

if i hadn't read on your sidebar that you were a teenager still, i would have guessed you were MUCH older to be discussing popping joints and achy legs. ;) just goes to show that our bodies can fall apart whenever they want, oh joy. now nothing is sacred.

thanks for stopping by my blog, newbies are always welcome. and i too, am a transformers fan. can't wait for the next one, looks incredible.

Grand Pooba said...

So maybe instead of Fink I'll call you Gimp. lol Just kiddin my friend, but I'm wondering what makes a shoulder blade burn? That's kinda wierd!

Brenda said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I sure hope your wrist (and other aches) feel better. You and your friends look like you have a great time together! I've enjoyed reading many of your posts and will certainly return. Have a great day and feel better soon.

Mark and Katie said...

Bummer about all your aches and pains. Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for stopping by my blog....I'll be back.

Amander said...

Hey, thanks for coming by my blog!

Love your cute photo booth pics. And I hope your joints feel better soon!

Carmen said...

Good luck with your wrist!

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