Saturday, June 27, 2009

Well That Sucks. Hard.

Well, first, I dropped two frickin' followers.
Which I stopped caring about, except I LIKED having 60 followers even.

I woke up this morning and I couldn't open my left eye.
It was apparently glued shut by my eye goop.
I walked out of my room and my mom said "Aww crap."

When I finally got my eye open, it barely helped.
My eye was swollen almost shut.That's attractive, isn't it?

Since I have a party to go to tomorrow, and my eye had never been swollen before.
I told my mom I thought I should go to the doctor, because I needed it to go away.
Otherwise, I would have to wear a Popeye costume to the party.We went to a clinic at Walgreens, and the doctor did a full examination on me.
She ended up telling me that, shocker, I have pink eye.
It was caused by my flu virus getting into my eye.
Never knew pink eye could be caused by flu virus.
Everyone assumes it's caused by poo in the eye.

She gave me some eye drops, and I've been using them hoping that the swelling will go down.
Which so far it has, luckily.
There's a guy that Izzy wants to introduce me to at the party tomorrow, and I'm sure Quasimodo wouldn't make such a great impression."Hi, I'm Lee."

I'll try to take a bunch of pictures at the party, but if my eye is still nice and swollen, most of the pics won't be of me.
Or I'll be nice and incognito in sunglasses.
(Luckily, I have some that match my dress!)


Kristina P. said...

Just when you think you're feeling better, then that! I'm so sorry!

Alison said...

ice in a ziplock wrapped with a paper towel will reduce the swelling and make it feel better honey! I am so sorry!!!

You didn't want those followers anyway - more will come - how can they not? 8)

LaurieJ said...

Just tell them you are going for the Paris Hilton stink eye look! Isn't that supposed to be sexy? :-)
And I hope to heavens that pink eye is not caused by kids have all had it and I would need to seriously rethink our hygeine standards :-p

Hope you get feeling better soon!

Wendyburd1 said...

I TOLD you to go to the doc as soon as you got home!! As a psuedo big sis, I TOLD YOU!! LOL

PLEASE take loads of pics of the party. I want to see ALL the work IZ put in and definitely take a pic of the dress as it is NOW.You can describe how it look before to me later by post OR email!! I want as much info on the party as possible! Izzy has been working nonstop and 5 confirmed guests!! No freaking way! Hey get a pic of the two of you together so I can have it okay? Then I can go this is Lee and this is Izzy, the coolest chiquitas in Las Vegas!!

Wendyburd1 said...

P.S. The Cullens are always wearing sunglasses so never fear!

Sheri said...

Ouch pink eye. Be careful so it doesn't spread to the other eye too. My cousin had that in both eyes once, she was miserable. ::hug!:: hope it goes away soon! Sunglasses always are cool so no worries there. :)

Me said...

Ugh! Pink Eye! Be careful girlie..don't get it in the other eye!! For your sake I hope it goes away QUICKLY!

kel said...

Urgh, Pink Eye is the devil. My daughter gets it all the time.

ps your blog is looking hot!! I haven't stopped by in so long!!! (its kel, from girl in the glasses.... now changed to A Hesitant Housewife.) I love the octopus, squidy guy at the top!!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear I hope your eye cleared up for the party! Lol at popeye.

Yeah, I always get bummed with the follower thing too and then I have to (calmly) remind myself that my blog is for me and the fact that others read it is just an added bonus. But yes, the odd number thing, I know what you mean. I'm an odd number person though, so I would like it better. Lol!

lov said...

i love your blog! :)
your post are always so stinking cute and creative! :)

(i had to follow you....and now you are back up to 60...hope that helps your ocd)


sorry to hear about the pink eye! that stinks!

SO said...

I'm still here. Sorry about your eye! I have read through your Tennessee trip sounds fun but exhausting as well. And I'm sorry you had to deal with Cory. That rots. I hope that your Quasimodo eye goes down before the party.

Bobby G said...

God girl! Awful luck as of late! itll look up!

Brandi said...

Ah, hope your eye gets better. That's kind happened to me too the last couple days. I have a bump in the bottom corner of my eye. I think it's a bug bite, though. It itches like hell!

Hope you have fun at your party!

Erin said...

Pink eye is the worst. I hope you are doing a little better tonight!

Have fun at the party!

Jillene said...

Oh the joys of Pink Eye. I seem to get it quite often. I hope that it clears up before the party--at least the swelling!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, pink eye must suck!

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