Friday, June 5, 2009

That Didn't Last Long

I broke up with Alex last night.

I felt bad about it, because he really liked me.
But he liked me a little too much for my comfort.
Plus I felt as if I'd rushed into the relationship too soon after breaking it off with Drew.

We did have our date first though.
Which I originally didn't want to do, because I didn't believe in having him pay to be dumped later that night.
But Izzy told me I should wait, so I did it when I felt it was right.

He told me he didn't want to be friends, I said okay, and that was that.

You live and learn, and he just wasn't a good match for me.
I felt that I was pressured into it, and that's never a good position to be put into.

I did win my damn Tweety though.
I came out of there with 1100 tickets, and Tweety was 650.
Izzy used some of her tickets, and I gave her my leftover ones, and this is what we wound up with:
I named mine Edward, and Izzy named her's Bella.
Pink and blue, boy and girl.
She's even wearing a Twilight shirt, what do you want from us?

We took some other pictures that night, too.
I'm going to label each one of them.
For the record, this took me 4 hours.

First, we decided to surprise the guys by showing up without calling first.
Look at how happy and surprised he was!
But that seemed to wear off fast. He was in a bit of a funk all day.Then we went in to say hi to Travis.Hi Travis!We chilled out on the couch while we waited for Alex Me and Travis have funMe and Izzy have a lot of fun together. Alex got jealous of all the hand holding and cheek kissing.Best FwiendsThe gang (at the time)First we went to the arcade, which I have no pics of, but then we went to Del Taco.Then we went bowling, and first played couples.
Me (Mini) and Alex (Kitten)
Izzy (Whobunn) and Travis (Little Pork)Then we played girls vs. guys"Did you ever notice the way you move your arms looks like a marionette?" -TravisFraternizing with the enemyAgain with the fraternizing
This is my "I got a strike" danceHappy Teammates
Very happy teammatesIs it just me, or does my arm look broken?I always kick my leg outI wub my IzzyAnd she threatens me with bowling balls to the headI'm light as a feather!And happy as a clam!It looks like she's flicking off the ball. She really just released it. Hahaha, ball flipper.All in all, bowling was fun.
We went back to their house after bowling, which is where I broke up with Alex.
But it was still a good night.
Dear jesus that was a lot of pictures.

Today I went to the chiropractor, and he even had to pop my wrist back in to place.
Hopefully it will feel better now.


Sheri said...

Fun picture post! Sorry about the breakup, but it is probably for the best :)

Sarah said...

It's always funky when things move too quickly at the beginning. You live and you learn, exactly!

Anonymous said...

No! Why did you break up with him? Awwww man! Poor Alex! :( :( Wah!

Love your hair!

Great pics!

Kristina P. said...

Love the orange hair! I need to come bowling with you!

Erin said...

I love your "I got a strike" dance!

What a fun date you had!

- Eadyn's Calling said...

Aww, poor Alex, but you do what you gotta do. Don't feel bad, when it's not right, it's not right. You'll find someone in time.

Love the pics, though. :)

TeeTee said...

Looks like fun!

Sorry about the breakup:(

Izzy said...

Alex was emo that whole night and what I find mean is I asked him for a sharpie marker and he said what do I look like some damn emo kid and I didnt understand and he told me that only emo kids have sharpie markers and I was feeling shitty cuz in school I had masive amounts of colored sharpies and junk and I told him thats probabbly why everyone in school used to call me emo T_T

Butt hole I got sick of the Non sharing of my freind god damn it >_<

hes fired

Wendyburd1 said...

Don't feel bad about Alex, if he had slowed it down, he'd have had a better shot. And he didn't want to be friends?? LOSER!! And tell Izzy I always have sharpies, but I am not Emo. I love Sharpies!!

Cute pics too, I see you love your TWO new friends a lot!

Bobby G said...

Man that was quick. You are such a heart breaker

Anonymous said...

awee. I hate it when you find the perfect guy but it just goes to fast. oh well. I like your shirt!

Jillene said...

Great pictures!! I love bowling--even though I pretty much suck at it.

As for Alex--you need to do what is best for YOU. There will be other guys--take your time!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the breakup.

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Cant Hardly Wait said...

Hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Yeah man, that was a lot of pictures. Of bowling. And dancing. And molestation. But I love your hair.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun bowling!

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