Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Yeah, you heard me.
Dude is the only semi-intelligent word I can use to describe how I'm feeling right now.
I can elaborate on it if you wish.
Dude, man. This is whack.

I'm so many different kinds of tired.
If tired could be collected like bottles of wine, I'd have all of the crappiest wines ever made stored up inside of me.
Even my poor little tiffy-poo is tired. She's on my lap chillin' while I'm in bed blogging.
I could be playing left 4 dead.
But I'm scared that if I do something like that, I'll pass out with the controller and wake up to my friend's screaming at me.
"zz... oh what?"

I'm actually having a butt-ton of fun in spanish now. At first I hated it.
But now I love it.
Cuz they called me pretty.
I like it when people call me pretty. It wins me over.
And everyone knows my name. I was walking out of the class and people said "Bye, Jerri!"
Then I was downstairs and heard "Adios senorita!"
Turned around, one of my classmates was waving at me.
I feel loved.

Oh, and I have an update on cute-guy in my history class.
His name is Giulio. And he is a dud.
He failed history last year, and he reads reeeaaaaaally slow.
And in saying that, I have a feeling I'm going to befriend him, have him read the blog on accident, and then un-friend him.
He said "suuuuuuuup" to me when I was walking by.
Totally intelligent greeting. My heart pitter-pattered and I was blown away.

Melora and I went to Mickey D's and got some food. I got a butto-tono of food. I was hungry.
We yelled about the economy. And religion. And selfish people. And waste.
Essentially Melora is my favorite person to mature-talk with.

Oh, and I forgot to do a small sociology homework.
I had to run with the whole "My printer broke, can I email it tonight?" thing.
That was bad.

Here's something interesting for you all to chew on. My sociology teacher showed us a site that lists how many known hate groups are in your state, what they are, where they're located, and what they're known to have done.
We have a Ku Klux Klan in Nevada apparently.
Here's the site:

What you may find interesting is that "Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints" is actually listed as a hate group in Utah.

Have you ever visited the Klan gift shop?
I have.
They sell t-shirts and stuff.

Did you know that they used to use the rainbow flag as one of their symbols? The idea was that god meant for all races to be separated just like the lines on a flag.
Interesting lesson for the day.

Now for the required picture (thanks a LOT yaya! jeese!):

And my wordle:


Kristina P. said...

Man, I'm tired too! I have 50 minutes left at work. I had a blog post I wanted to write up, but when I get like this, I can't think or be witty. It sucks.

Kate said...

holy crap, Pittsburgh has like 4 skinhead groups. hmmmmm, so many options. Thanks for the link, now another thing to fuel my paranoia of burning crosses.

i found your blog through Kristina P. the snuggie chick. if she reads you, you MUST be worth something. :)

ps, your cat is really cute!

Stesha said...

Um... your name is Jerri? BTW-get some rest!

Hugs and Mocha,

Kelsey said...

I'm dead tired and I still have a ton of math crap to do. I hate math with all my hate, which for math is a lot. Stupid math trees or whatever they're called.

I feel your pain is basically what I'm trying to say!e

So said...

I hope you get some sleep so you can continue to enjoy Spanish. Love your wordles. I need to do one.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that you are so tired. I am on my 4th 12 hour shift tonight so I am feeling it too.

Glad that you are now enjoying Spanish. Sounds like fun!

Wendyburd1 said...

Ummm I have loads of cheap wine and I don't drink! CRAPPPP!!
What?!! You name is Jerri!! You Lied NON-Lee!!*sobs*

Hey is it good that there are only 6 in CT? And none really near my town. Woot! I am kinda afraid to go to CA now, as it has 80!! But now Hawaii looks even cooler, I wanna go to ZERO hate land!!

kel said...

I don't know if I even wanna know what hate groups are in my area... ok, maybe I do.

Sheri said...

I just looked at the website you gave and (to my not so surprise) there are 24 nazi/kkk/type ones in Alabama.

I'm also tired. I woke up at like 4AM from this vampire dream I had... I ran it over in my head for about an hour before I dragged myself out of bed to type it out. Coffee too. It helped. ::yawn::

Bobby G said...

Spanish is great! Lee estas Bonita! lol, now, that website is crazy! im kind of afraid to go to it because...well...I dont want to know! lol

Me said...

Love the face truly are muy bonita!

Erin said...

I have been staying up way too late watching LOST. When you wake up in the morning tired, you know you are not getting enough sleep!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Great to know that I live in the third most hateful state in the whole US of A!

Sadly not that surprisng...I so want out of here.., >.<

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna check out that sight

Get some sleep!!

"We yelled about the economy. And religion. And selfish people. And waste." I love it!

Anonymous said...

I think you're pretty!

Grand Pooba said...

First of all, whats a buttotono?

And they say the fundamentalists are a hate group in Utah? Hmmm, I live in good ol Utah and I definately wouldn't lable them as a hate group. I would categorize them as completely insane, but not hateful!

Anonymous said...

Do you feel pressure to post a self-portrait every day now? LOL

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