Friday, February 27, 2009

I Could Never Be a Spy

I can't lie for longer than a couple of days without cracking and confessing to the lie.
Even if I was never accused of lying.
If I tried to be a spy, two days into my mission I'd tell the enemy who I was and that I was so sorry for lying to them.
And then they'd shoot me in the face.

This all has a point, by the way.
The guy from my History class, Nathan. We've been talking a lot over the past few days.
The first day that we talked, he asked how old I was. My answer was "how old are you?"
He said 21, so I said 17.
And that has been freaking weighing on me for the past two days.
It was a small fib, but if I continued it eventually I'd have to tell the truth.
So I just told him like 5 minutes ago that I'm actually 16.
He hasn't said anything in response.
Which has me very worried.

But what? If I'd just told him flat out then... what?
I don't know. Maybe he's like the other guys I've met that don't care about my age.
Every other guy that's actually OLDER than him don't mind.
My mom minds.
"Over 19 is a no."
Pfft. Daniel looks 17. She's not going to card my next boyfriend.
Actually my mom is the type that would card my next boyfriend.
And run a background check.
I've never actually been on a date.
I've been on a semi-date. Which consisted of my mom saying that me and Drew could go to the movies.
And she drove us there.
And then "decided" she wanted to see the same movie as us.

Thanks, mom.

Oh, he texted back. Asked if I was okay with him being 21.
Crisis diverted.
I don't expect to date him or anything.
Oh, and my lunch with Danny is still on for Monday.
He emailed me for directions. I told him to meet me at the school.

Hopefully my skin looks okay by then.
And I'm trying really hard to study history and spanish. I've read all of my books and have been running drills.
Wish me luck!


Kristina P. said...

Well, I could sort of see his concern with possibly dating a 16 year-old and all. I just had to have the statuatory law conversation with the teenagers in my anger management class, because they wanted to know if their boyfriends could get in trouble.

Hope lunch goes well!

Sheri said...

Hope the lunch goes well on Monday! Also, telling the other guy the truth about your age is the right way to go. If you waited too long it would be much harder to reveal the truth.

Kimmy said...

Being a mom myself....I can see me being just like your mom. :O)

Oh, and good luck with lunch!

Kitten said...

Good luck with lunch on Monday!

Kelsey said...

Good call on telling him your real age. I only want to date older guys lol.

Have fun on your lunch!

Anonymous said...

You look contented!

Yeah, it makes sense that you would lie about your age to not scare the guy off, ya know.

So said...

I will probably be much like your mom. I can understand why she wouldn't like anyone over 19.

Hope you face looks great for Monday.

LaurieJ said...

Good luck and your mom is awesome :-)

Anonymous said...

It's always best to just tell the truth.

Good luck with your lunch date!

Wendyburd1 said...

Good Luck, and enjoy BEING 16, when you are older you will miss it, I swear!LOL

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