Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm just going to ramble.

It's easier for me to ramble. I can't really keep my mind on any specific subject right now.

The biggest subject in my mind is that I want a hot fudge sundae, but I don't know how long to heat the chocolate for.
I don't want to burn it. I burned more popcorn recently.
So I know that the second I put it in I'd smell burned, stinky chocolate.
I totally just messed up my hot fudge sundae.
I mixed the hot fudge with the ice cream. Thus making it... chocolate ice cream.
I don't know what it is. I've been so tired. So so so tired.
It makes it hard to focus on my screen.
That's why I haven't finished my sociology project yet.
But it'll be done tomorrow. It kind of has to be done tomorrow.
I haven't practiced any spanish, either. Which is pretty bad.
Everyone else will come in and be fluent in a bunch of crap.
And I'll be like... um... No tengo?

Holy crap, something on tv just blew my mind.
If you buy a copy of Highschool Musical 3 on Bluray, they throw in a free copy of it on DVD.
Is DVD becoming so obsolete that they can do that? I remember when DVD was the cool new thing.
Now bluray is the cool new thing. Pfft. I can't even afford bluray. Eventually they'll come out with something so fancy that it's 100 dollars per movie. And people will buy it. You know they will.

I was pretty sick yesterday while Drew was here. My stomach was killing me. And I had a headache for a while.
I took a laxative. Yeah, I'm totally telling you that.
I was actually gasing Drew and my mom for fun.
At one point they both ran out of the room screaming at me.
I dutch-ovened my cat and she screamed and hissed and clawed me.
Keep in mind she was perfectly calm beforehand.

I don't care if that's TMI. It was hilarious to me.
Here's some pics from yesterday:Went to Gamestop today. Picked up two games: Fallout 3 and Gears of War 2. I don't really like Gears of War. It's too easy and pretty boring to be honest. Your character walks so slow.
Fallout 3 is awesome. Already knew that, though. Played it with Drew yesterday.
It's based in a few years in the future. But the real action happened in 2070. The US got in a pissing contest with China, and so China nuked Washington. Washington got pissed and nuked China. Everyone nuked everything and voila, for the most part the world is turned to dead.
You play as someone that was born in a bunker a few hundrew years later. This bunker is different from others. This one has an Overseer, who killed anyone that tried to escape from the bunker.
Well, our "father" escapes from the bunker. He's a scientist. So then the overseer is trying to kill you, because he thinks you know something about where your father is. But you wind up escaping.
People have been mutated outside, but most of your enemies are actual people. Raiders.
Raiders suck. You'll be sitting somewhere looking at the horizon and start getting shot in the back. You'll turn around and the freaking raider is popping a cap into you. Not cool.
Oh, and the currency in this new land is bottlecaps. But sometimes you use real money. But mostly only bottlecaps.

Anyway, enough about games. I'll leave you with something that I found very humorous today.
How many times have you seen this message on your screen and wanted to crush your computer?Well apparently we aren't the only ones with this problem.
Even shopping complexes... with best buys and GEEK SQUADS in them... have computer problems. But when they have them, we all have to see them!


Kristina P. said...

Put your hit fudge in for about 45 seconds, stir, and then in 15 second intervals. I just heated hot fudge last night!

And did you get my previous email?

Liz said...

Don't have to worry about those error messages... I am Mac girl! Apple rules! Sorry... had to get that out.

If you continue to feel tired then I think maybe you should see your doctor. It's not normal to feel so tired especially if you are sleeping well at night. You may just have a vitamin deficiency.

Wendyburd1 said...

I hate those messages! It's always after I have done a lot of typing or something and I didn't save!!! Agghh!!
Mmm hot fudge is so good! NOT Hershey syrup heated, HOT FUDGE. Mmmm. Sorry salivating on the keys again.
I am so happy right now, they have Easter stuff out at my grocery store and I found the tiny Cadbury eggs that are like BIG m&m's but made with Cadbury chocolate, SOOO good!

Jess said...

Yeah, I lost a blog post or two to those messages.
I've never played fallout 3 myself, just watched people play on it. I found it was one of the more interesting games like that, because of the weird storyline.

Bobby G said...

Lee its no Lo tengo. I dont have it! Fallout 3 is dope! My buddy tim got it and we got drunk and played,

LaurieJ said...

My fudge sundae cravings are solved for $1 at McDonalds!

Make sure you are getting enough sleep! You are going to stress your body out. Ok, there. The mom in me had to say that :-)

Stesha said...

Blueray? I haven't stepped into that era yet. I am so far behind.

Hug and Mocha,

Grand Pooba said...

Wow, you remind me of my husband!

Ice cream sundaes
Farting on purpose
Video games (My hubster has both those games you just bought btw)

I swear I could be married to you!

Hula's Secret Blog said...

Cute pictures.

I was thinking w/ your crazy microwave maybe like 15/20 seconds for the fudge.

Yaya said...

Dutch ovened your cat, you are hilarious!

shelbyisms. said...

That sign error is pretty comical :)

I LOVE HOT FUDGE! IT IS SO GOOD ON EVERYTHINGGG! And I agree with her, the $1 satisfies my cravings. But I can drive, and you can't. I am sorry :(

Kitten said...

I love it when even the public displays have Windows errors. Awesome.

P.S. The word verification for this was ackne. I found it funny, personally, don't know why.

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