Monday, February 9, 2009

I Wish I Was Allergic to Gluten

I'm gonna say this at the beginning, because a lot of the time people just skim my post.
Haha, no I don't care. When I'm tired I skim.
But anyway, if you want me to follow you, just ask. I don't want anyone to feel like I'm not being fair.
I can't go through every person that comments me and add them, because half the time it's someone that never comes back to my blog. So they're getting my comment love, but I'm not getting any.

Tiffany didn't behave last night. She freaked out by the door and everything.
But I tricked her by giving her treats. I grabbed her and forced her under the blankets and held her in my arms so that she couldn't move.
The end result?

I call it zzzzz.
She stayed there the rest of the night, curled up in my arms purring. She woke up a couple times, looked at me, licked my arm, and then curled up even tighter and went back to sleep.
Because of this, she lives another day.

But anyway, went to school today. Learned me some books.
Math is actually cake for me right now. It's sort of surprising. I even answered a question right that no one else in the class did.
"Where does the line intercept?"
Everyone: "FOOOOOOOUR."
Me staring blankly at the teacher after everyone stopped saying four: "Zero, four."

He smirked at me and then said I was right. I was like booya biznatches. That'll teach you for giving me dirty looks when you think I'm not looking.
My history teacher's mean, though.
I hadn't eaten breakfast yet. I was STARVING. So I got a small bag of gardettos from the vending machine and brought them in to class. I opened them quietly, set them on my desk, they crinkled a teeeeny tiiiiiny bit and he turned around and said "Could we refrain from bringing breakfast into class? It's distracting."
So I had to sit there STARING AT MY OPEN GARDETTOS for an hour and a half, but I couldn't touch them.
Torture much?
So I took them to my sociology class and she couldn't give a crap about it. It helps that I'm good about particpating in class and staring her down.
Yeah, I stare all my teachers down. It's my way of showing them I'm listening.
Or pretending to listen and I'm just reeeeeally good at staring.

But now onto the title of this post.
There's a guy in my history class that sits in front of me named Mark.
He's nice, kind of the same gamer-type I usually hang out with.
But after history he walked me to my sociology class and then we made plans to go to lunch.
So we go to lunch with my other friend KC, and then he tells us he's allergic to gluten.
I'm happy we went to Denny's. At least Denny's has eggs and hashbrowns and stuff, so he could eat.
But he said it's so hard for him to put on weight because he's allergic to gluten.
Damn, I wish I had that problem.
It would also keep me from eating a lot of unhealthy processed crap.
It's like god's way of saying "You're a chosen one... I will protect you from the deadly over-processed food by causing you to have stomach cysts if you eat iiiiiiiiit!"

Then we left and KC and I went to spanish.
That class is so... I don't have a word for it. It's actually not boring. It's just extremely long.
I like that she always has us split into groups. I work a lot better with my peers that have the same troubles as me. We can work through it together as opposed to feeling stupid for asking a question.
Plus my teacher likes me. Probably because I volunteer a lot.
Let's look back on this blog post and determine something: Lee is a brown-noser.
But I could care less. If it helps me pass through school I will take my title with pride.
I volunteered to answer a question that I didn't even know.
"I'll do it! ... oh crap."
She spoon-fed me the answer and still congratulated me when I got it. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

I also found a bruise on the back of my head. No idea where I got it, but I did learn something from it. It hurts to poke bruises. *poke* Ow. *poke* OW. *poke* WHY DO I KEEP POKING IT?

Keeping up to pace with yesterday's post, here's the picture of my hair and my outfit. Sadly, I deleted the one of the back of the shirt. The top of the back is opened up and it has two strips of criss-cross fabric. Woo open-backed shirts!

As is customary now thanks to Yaya:

And of course, my Wordle:
If I haven't commented your blog yet, don't worry. I'm doing it all tonight before bed. I just have to rush off. Got a message from my Left 4 Dead buddy Jessie: "GET ON!"


Kristina P. said...

You really don't want to be allergic to gluten. And I have a friend who has Celiac's who can't actually lose weight. Wheat is in SO MUCH stuff that you wouldn't even think of.

Stesha said...

Can't believe your math teacher put you on blast like that! How many hours are you taking this semester? It seems like you take a lot!

Hugs and Mocha,

Erin said...

I've never eaten Gardettos. And cute outfit!

Bobby G said...

Gardettos are delicious, that is torture! gliten allergies SUCK! No beer!

Angela said...

Luv the outfit! :)

In my delirium I did not see my blog on your blog list. I did not see the "show all" at the bottom of the list. MY BAD!!

I'm glad I'm not allergic to gluten.

Liz said...

My fondest memories of college was being able to eat in class. That was prohibited in high school. You were "cool" if you drank Mountain Dew. I now have a serious addiction to it. So, yea, I would say your history teacher is a party pooper. I need to try these Gardettos.

I am with the others... you don't want to have a Gluten allergy!

Wendyburd1 said...

Gluten allergies suck, you can eat nothing really good! I would hate that as much as i hate my non-existent metabolism!

And I hate that some college teachers say NO food in class! You are an adult once you graduate high school, so teachers who say no food or no leaving to use the bathroom SUCK! First, I will go to the bathroom when I darn well please! And do you want students passing out?! There was like 10 minutes between classes most times! We need to eat!!

Jess to the Lo said...

Brown nosing really is THE way to get through school. If your teachers like you it makes the classes that much easier. I think you have the right idea! Keep going strong.

Grand Pooba said...

You are cuteness. Love the new hair and outfit. Wish I had your tiny lil thighs, but glad I'm not alergic to gluten. I can't live without my processed foods!

(Brown nosing is the way to go!)

Me said...

Man..what would I do without processed foods? That's just CRAZY!

LaurieJ said...

It's ok to brown nose your teachers...

And having to look at a bag of opened goodies the whole class? Lame.

Very cute outfit. I have junk in the trunk and a smaller waist and trying to find great jeans sucks!

So said...

I love Gardetto's! And if you were allergic to gluten you couldn't eat them. Dumb teacher not letting you eat them in class.

Yaya said...

Lol-thanks for the shout out!

You are so smart-good job knowing the answer!

That is so cute he walked you to class.

Is Denny's right there on campus or something bc you seem to eat there a lot.

Cute shirt!

Hula's Secret Blog said...

I would have gone psycho looked at my open bag of food and starting throwing them at him one by one.

Sheri said...

LOL the kitty lost the battle. I do that with my dog too when she whines to get out of the room in the middle of the night. I just force her back to either her bed or mine. She kicks though, and snores... do cats snore or kick?

It would be cool to be allergic to gluten to lose weight but think of how annoying it would be too. Ugh.

Oh, also I miss Denny's! That was the best place to go at like 3am drunk (lol). None are up here, not like I go out drinking anymore anyways... /sigh.

Glad to see you are pretty much liking spanish. :)

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