Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's so tiny!

My new room is practically like a walk in closet.
I can't walk anywhere without either bumping into
A. My desk
B. My nightstand
C. My bed
D. A Wall

My desk is actually makeshift right now. My mom and I have decided that I really do need new bedroom furniture for functionality and not just to make my room "pretty".
I got my book shelves all set up, walked out of the room, heard CRASH, came back, the shelves had fallen out of the whole unit.
Books everywhere.
Set it up with the shelves switched levels, thinking maybe I put the wrong shelf there.
It was almost infuriating. I had unpacked EVERYTHING. Essentially my room should be fully functioning. But those shelves are out to get me.
Oh, and I set up my "desk" too low, so I'm hunched over it.
I didn't have any internet on Monday.
You know, it's a helpless feeling when you're staring at your computer going "I should check my ema... oh right."
I hate that. You have a computer, but it's pretty much a useless lump without the internet.

I've got spanish homework to do, but I'm soooo laaaaazy. I don't want to do it.
I have to write 5 sentences introducing myself.
Then I have to read this whole page of spanish and answer questions about it.

Pregunta, La Profesora...
How the hell am I supposed to do that when you've only taught us grammar, and not actual words?
I can say like 3 words in spanish. She's always more concerned with grammar.
I've learned a few phrases, too.
De donde eres?
Where are you from?

Me llamo
My name is

Me llama
My llama


Me llama
Call me

No tengo respuesta
I have no answer (I say that one quite a bit in class)

The most useful thing I've learned is el papel and un lapice.
That way when I'm in mexico I can say "¿Tiene usted el papel y un lapice?"
"Do you have paper and a pencil?"
That way I can draw exactly what I need.

My homework is to write 5 sentences in spanish introducing myself. I think I'll crank it out right here for you all to see.
"Hola, me llamo Lee. Soy de Las Vegas. Yo soy un estudiante en CSN. Ensalada es mi favorito comida. Mi favorito color es rojo."
Hello, my name is Lee. I am from Las Vegas. I am a student at CSN. Salad is my favorite meal. My favorite color is red.

Which is a lie. But rojo is the only thing I could remember.
Wanna here me say it?
Click here and download the audio file. That's the best I can do at the moment.

Back to my bedroom. Here's a pic of it:
Spiffy, right? I need posters really bad. The walls look so blank.
Oh, and Tiffany sleeps in my room now. What you don't see is the litter box next to my bed, along with her bed.
Except she thinks my bed is her bed, which is why I had a cat crawling all over me in the middle of the night.
I'm pretty sure I head butted her at one point. But she didn't care. She didn't whine at all, and usually she always whines to get out of my room.
I think she realized that this was her new room. She was pretty calm about the whole situation. Infact she's in my bed right now. Probably claiming the territory.And here's me in my room:
I think I'm allergic to something. Because last night and today my skin's been all red and puffy.

I'm going to go finish my spanish homework. Woo!
Lol, I just noticed I lost another follower.
Oh well.


Stesha said...

I was going to ask if you were allergic to the cat, but that would be dumb. How could you all of a sudden be allergic to it? Maybe it's the new house.

Don't worry about the follower. You win some. You lose some.

Hugs and Mocha,

Jillene said...

I think that I can say the most important thing in Spanish: Donde esta el banyo? (don't judge on the spelling). Where is the bathroom? I went on a cruise and we had a port in Venezuela--that sentance came in very handy. Except for the toilets that you had to pay for--what the?! I stuck to the tour places where I could get in for free and not have to pay for the toilet paper. YUP--you read right. Not only do you have to pay to get into the outhouse, you also have to pay for each square of toilet paper.

Kristina P. said...

It appears I still know my basic Spanish!!

Me said...

Moving can be such a pain.

My spanish is rusty..but I think I had it figured out before you translated.

P.S. Azul=blue or Rosa=pink or Morado=Purple

Kelsey said...

I only know a tiny bit of spanish, which is awful sense I took it for like 5 years!!! I know way more french than I do spanish and I only took that for 2.5 years. Oh well.
Freetranslation.com will become your best friend. It was mine for the first two years of highschool.

Where did you get those bookshelves? you should take them back and tell them that their product is crap. Get your money back too.

Liz said...

I didn't take Spanish but I do know the word for bathroom. That is so important in my job. My Mexican patients have to be able to tell that they need to go to the bathroom.

I am sure once you get your new furniture and get it arranged, you will like your new room better.

LaurieJ said...

The good thing about a small room is that it is easy to clean! Probably because you have to get rid of half your stuff but you know... the glass is half full ;-)

The Thompson's said...

Good luck with it all Lee. Its never easy moving. Especially trying to get all your things back to the way you like it.


Wendyburd1 said...

I knew some of your intro too, I knew rojo was red and everything!woot! LOL!

Don't sweat the follower thing, happens to me too, just make up your mind already, don't follow and take it back...they are trying to give us all complexes I say...there is a blogger community out there with that mission, LOL. You never know though...hmmm I watch many conspiracy movies maybe.

Sheri said...

Cuanto questa? Was another good phrase I remembered in Spanish. It means "how much?" You could also say Tengo pelo rubio which means I have blonde hair. Not sure of the ending o or a's there though. Or oh! Me gusta Twilight. I like Twilight. :P

Your new room is cute. You'll get it all arranged and how you like it soon, don't worry about it. :)

Hula's Secret Blog said...

I would have freaked out if that happened w/ me and the bookshelf scenario.

Yaya said...

I think your room looks cute!

Maybe you are allergic to dust and there was probably a lot of it during the move?

kel said...

I havent stopped by here in so long, but I am still following!! I think your room is cute!! You're right though, a few posters and you'll be rockin'!

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