Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Don't Know How to Feel...

I found out today that Kush's wingman, someone that I knew briefly but that was very kind, was killed today.
What hurts about that is he wasn't just another troop. His name was Piazza. He was a sweet person who only wanted to go home.
From what I can gather he had a fiance back home.
Kush, of course, is devastated by this. He's losing it at this point, which I can understand.
It's one thing to have someone die that you weren't familiar with. It's another to have your confidant die.
He had JUST lost 10 of his troops earlier this month.
I remember a few nights ago hearing the story of what happened when Kush was drugged up on morphine for his bullet wound and Piazza was there with him.
Apparently Kush was kidding around and "nut-checked" Piazza.
To be as clean about this as I can, that means he reached down and tapped him in the manly region as a joke.
But apparently he hit a little too hard, and Piazza emptied his bladder on himself. Which to everyone was hilarious.
So Piazza came back with a lead-weighted glove and popped Kush in the balls. For the rest of the night Kush was a soprano.
We laughed so hard about this forever.
And when Kush was in emergency surgery for the shot-arm, Piazza was the one that texted me and Jessie to let us know that Kush was alright.
Needless to say, even though I'm not breaking down losing it, I'm somber. I'm not in a good mood. I'm extremely worried about Kush snapping soon if the people around him keep passing away.
I never would have thought that the xbox would put me so close to people that were constantly in danger.

I don't really know how to transition from that to be honest. So I guess I'll just go on to what else I had to say.
The guy from my spanish class, Daniel, is now one of my friends. Which is pretty kick ass. We talk on the phone for a long ass time. Past two nights has been two and a half hours.
Oh, and he read my blog. Which is kind of funny.
Kudos to whoever finds the comment he left. Hint: It was recent.Those sunglasses make my face look stupid. So I'm going to wear my pink ones from now on.

One of the guys from my history class gave me his number today. That was pretty coolio. For whatever reason I remember his name PERFECTLY even though I forget everyone elses.
His name is Nathan, btw.

My history class is a no-notes test. Balls. I hope I do okay.
My spanish quiz should be... okay. Not amazing though.

I'm tired. I need to lay down. But I figured I needed to post. I'm going to comment your blogs tonight, so never fear. And pray for my mom tomorrow. She's having surgery.

Oh. And my skin broke out. Right before Monday seeing Danny.
Wtf is wrong with my face. Why does it hate me so much?


Erin said...

Things are kind of hard for you right now. Your friend's friends are dying, your mom's surgery, stupid hormones making your skin break out. I hope things get better soon! And good luck on your tests too.

Jillene said...

Wow--you are having a rough go of things right now. I hope that Kush and you find peace through the passing of your friend. I also hope and pray that your mom's surgery goes well. And last--I hope that the breakout's go away soon. I bet the breakouts are from stress--stop stressing girl (eaiser said than done (0; ).

Kristina P. said...

That's so sad about Kush and his friend. I hope everyone gets to come home soon!

And that's great you got that guy's number!

Anonymous said...

:( :(

It is figuratively life-stopping when you learn of the death of someone around you. It makes you realize that life cannot be taken for granted.

Tim said...


I am so happy that my story has given you some peace from your fear of death. I have been there and this is why I am not afraid. It is also the reason why I asked you about it to begin with.

I will pray that your complextion improves. Dont forget the suggestion I had on that.

Love and Prayers,


LaurieJ said...

It is hard to find the right things to say. I'm really sorry about how things are seems like everything happens at once doesn't it? I will send good thoughts and prayers your way.

Get some good sleep before your tests!

Angela said...

I like the sunglasses :)

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about your friends! That is just terrible! I hope that you do well on all of your tests. I also hope your Mom does well during her surgery.

Wendyburd1 said...

Wow poor Kush, I hope he can get through this. He has been shot twice, shouldn't he be in a VA hospital in the US?

Naomi said...

Lee - I'm really sorry about your friend.
But it's cool you got that guy's number:)
And Daniel - is the post he commented on "Flatscreens Are An Artist's Best Friend"? Lol that was just the first one I went to and I'm too lazy to actually go looking!

Here's hoping your mum does well :)

So said...

I hope Kush can find someone to talk to and that your mom's surgery goes well.

Grand Pooba said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend, it's always hard to know how you feel when someone dies that you knew but weren't very close with. And especially if your really good friend was close to that person.

On the other hand, you look fab even with a break out! A little powder and you'll be as good as new!

a boy a girl and a pug said...

So sorry about your loss. Hope your mom's surgery goes well.

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