Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not Exactly Sure What to Do

Yesterday, we took a trip down memory lane and looked at all of my exes.
I got a few comments about how "yummy" or "hot" Danny is.
Trust me, I've become fully aware of this. And it bugs me like no tomorrow.
See, I haven't seen him in a year.
Why? Because of a story I'm about to tell you, that's why.

Last year was a lot of my friend's senior year. So what did this mean? Senior prom.
(Keeping up with my so far? If not, go get some coffee and start from the beginning.)
As we all should know by now, I never went to highschool. Which means I never went to prom.
When the time came around for their senior prom, one "friend" (megan) had me try to find a prom dress online for her.
This caused me to want to go. Badly. It was like torture, looking at these dresses that I knew would fit me like a glove but that I couldn't wear.
Then I found a solution. I would ask Danny to take me, since he didn't really have a date.
He was going with a girl that was going with another guy. I figured since me and Danny were on good terms, he'd be happy to bring me since she had someone.
Heh, yeah, except apparently she HATED ME.
For something I DIDN'T EVEN DO.
Megan had turned around and told her I'd said all of these nasty things about her. So because of this vicious lie, I was barred from prom with Danny.
Oh, and Danny hated me in return.

I swear, my church friends turned vicious all of a sudden. Even the youth leader had it in for me.
So me and Danny had a huge fight, and I didn't hear from him again.
I found him on myspace a few weeks ago and thought "Eh, it wouldn't hurt to add him."
I got an email back from him. A looooong one. Just saying he missed me and that he regretted what happened. We chatted a little, a few long emails exchanged, then the conversation died a natural death and I let it go for a while.

Then a couple of days ago, I decided I want to see him.
Because of what you guys said. He's "hot" and "yummy" and such.
And he wasn't like that when I left. So I want to see what the frick changed in a year.
And now that he has a job and a car, and seems slightly more mature, I don't know that it would hurt to see him.

Except he's already frickin' ruining it by not answering my email. I'm not exactly sure what to do in this situation. I sent him another one asking if he was busy or if he just didn't want to stay in touch.
But seriously, it's frustrating when I didn't even do anything to him. At one point he didn't reply to something because he got busy. Fingers are crossed that it's the same now.

I actually find it kind of sat that my life revolves around ex-boyfriends. Two to be exact. Me and Drew are still best friends, so we text and talk on the phone and play games and see eachother. And when something gets in the way of that process, a fight occurs. And this is a daily occurence.
And with Danny, now my myspace revolves around checking to see if he's answered my email.
I just want to know that I didn't do anything wrong.
So what do you guys say I should do? You're all more mature than me, so I'm sure you've been in a similar situation with someone. I'm the baby of the group, afterall.
Well not exactly the "baby". The... emotionally stunted 21 year old trapped in a 16 year old's body?
Yeah, sounds good to me.What the frick is up with my hair today. It's not supposed to do that.
Whatever. Not something I need to fix. I'll just fix it tomorrow for school.


Kristina P. said...

Well, he's an ex-boyfriend for a reason. Don't chase him. If he wants to hang out with you and see you, he needs to make an effort.

I think you should go about your life, and whatever happens happens, but I would't waste anymore time on him.

Stesha said...

Cut your loses and move on. If he sends you a return email, that's fine. If he doesn't that's fine too.

Hugs and Mocha,

Sheri said...

Lee, I have to agree with Kristina and Stesha. They are ex's for a reason. I wouldn't advise seeking them back into your love life. You need someone new and fresh and who deserves to be with you and all of your awesomeness. Someone who won't ignore you and someone who won't believe lies about you.

::virtual hug::

Bobby G said...

Im a grown ass man, Ive been through lots of crazy relationships, I agree w/ the others. Also people dont check their emails like me and you do! Some only check it like once a week, so give it some time,PS everyone said he was hot, but to me he looked like a douchebag! I have a pretty good douchbagometer, his current reaction further lets me know! lol

Anonymous said...

I think your hair looks cute!

Perhaps Danny has a girlfriend but doesn't wanna tell you...

Anonymous said...


Don't waste your time on this guy. If he cared he would've already emailed you back. When I was your age I "chased". I wouldn't do that now for nothing. It isn't worth it. You are the one that should be chased! Move on, girl! There are other guys out there that will give you the time and attention that you deserve.

Kelsey said...

That sounds messy.
I think you need to let this guy go, he's not worth it. Especially if he believed what that bitch said about you, without even asking you first.
Keep moving girlie, you'll find someone!!

Oh and feel free to fly to FL and come to my prom. I'm so sick of it already. I love dress shopping, but it appears that NO ONE keeps any of the dresses I like in their stores. sigh. I just want to get married instead.

Wendyburd1 said...

Well some people don't check myspace very often...I haven't been on in a month!! Plus you rock so if he wants to be SMART, he will get ahold of you!!

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