Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hola, mi llamo Lee. Soy de Las Vegas!

It's actually starting to stick, guys.
It's actually sticking!
I can say a full 5 sentences introducing myself.
I can say "excuse me". - Perdon. (I need an accent mark. Bite meh.)
What I memorized is "Hola, mi llamo Lee. Soy de Las Vegas. Yo soy un estudiante en CSN. Mi professora es Theo Byrns. Mi clase de espanol es a las dos de la tarde."

Hello, my name is Lee. I am from Las Vegas. I am a student at CSN. My professor is Theo Byrns. My spanish class is at 2 pm.

But enough about ESPANOL.
Oh wait, I volunteered today to read a whole spanish paragraph. Totally did it.
I had no idea what the friggidity frack I said, but I did it.
Oh, and she had us come up to the board and write out numbers.
One of them someone spelled "Biente nueve."
I was like no wtf. So I went up to the board and corrected it.
Hells yes.
My teacher was like "good job!"
And then she gave me a trick question and I failed. I was like boooo.
But I knew I failed it. It was like a 50/50 shot of getting it right.

Anywho. Went to pick up stix with my friend Melora. Had too much fun picking up stix.Melora is so much fun to be around. We have intelligent conversations, but we can also screw around like that.
"Look I'm a wooly mammoth!"
Except it sounded like "Loof I'm a ooly ammoth!"This is me being totally amazed at our food. We both got chow mein. We both agreed that we wish it had been better.
Personally I've learned my lesson. You want chow mein? Go to panda express.
But we don't HAVE a panda express around here. Whic...
I think someone stole my free whopper coupon.
It's not in my wallet.
Oh no wait there it is.

I'm seriously pissed at my mom now.
"What do you want for dinner?" "Let me think about it." -An hour later- "I want burger king." "No."

Thanks. Don't ask what I want if you're just going to ignore what I want and get whatever the hell you want.
She got what she wanted last night. Mexican food. I hate mexican food.Anyway, here's me and Melora again.
Everything during the day was pretty boring. Hopefully things start to look up.
But right now I'm going to go beat my mom with a frying pan until she goes and gets me a whopper.
Cuz I want it my way.
Edit: All is well on the mom front. I get gyros now.


The Thompson's said...

Hey theres an award over at my blog for ya! Go pick it up when you get the chance!

Sheri said...

We don't have a Panda Express around here either. We don't have anything around here at all actually. :( Looks like you had fun with your lunch anyways though :) It is always great to have friends you can goof off with like that.

Kimmy said...

Yeah, I'm not much of a Pickup Sticks kindof gal. I prefer Panda Express also. Although we have a Panda here.

Cute goofy pics :o)

Anonymous said...

Love the pics!

Anonymous said...

No idea what the heck Panda Express is.

Kelsey said...

I LOVE gyros..omg so yummy. Lucky girl, I got soup and an organic energy drink today lol.

Good for you on learning that spanish!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Spanish is coming right along! We have Panda Express but I have never eaten at it. I typically pick one chinese place and stick to it. Our fav is called Peking Wok. It's yummy!

Stesha said...

What is Pickup Sticks?????

Hugs and Mocha,

Erin said...

I want chow mein! Yum. You look very cute as a wooly mammoth.

Jillene said...

I love me some Panda Express Orange Chicken!! I am not big on chow mein--blah!!

I am glad that you and your mom compromised about dinner. All's well that end's well--right?!

Seems like the Spanish is coming along great. I wish I could remember the French that I took for 3 years. Then again my High School teacher was a big pervert so I had to end my French career. BOOOOOOO!!

Laurin R. Kelly said...

haha, that cracked me up but way to go with all the spanish! You go girl!!!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

You have an excellent talent for taking your own photo.

It also sounds like your Spanish is improving by leaps and bounds.



Wendyburd1 said...

i loathe chinese food but there is a panda express at every mall in ct!lol

Kristina P. said...

I had Panda for lunch yesterday! And I LOVE their chow mein, but I also love their orange chicken, and I feel so guilty about getting both, so I always go for the chickne.

Cant Hardly Wait said...

el gato es en la biblioteca.

yo deseo un hambergesa por favor.

there's my spanish in a nut shell.

Grand Pooba said...

What were the sticks for?

The Boob Nazi said...

Not to be a spoilsport, but it's mE llamo Lee. It's Mi nombre es Lee (my name is Lee). But Me llamo Lee means I call myself Lee.

I looooveee Spanish! I hope you love it too!

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