Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Officially Dislike Sociology

I was looking over my first sociology project, and it's like 4 projects rolled into one.
And she's barely explained how to do it. How lame is that?
I wish so whole-heartedly that I could drop the class.
But that would be another setback in my education.
I'm already going to wind up graduating later than I originally wanted, any other setback just isn't worth it.
Except I really, really hate that class.
And spanish, but I REALLY have no choice with that class, since I need four semesters of it.

Okay, you know what? I'm going to take a second to rant and you're going to like it.
You got that?
I just saw another glade commercial. You know glade.
My peeve is with the Glade Lady.
Here's an example of the Glade Lady:

(If you look real close you'll also notice Flo from the progressive auto-insurance commercials.
Anyway, the thing that bothers me about these commercials is that The Glade Lady is a compulsive liar.
She constantly gets caught lying about why her house smells good, or lying that she baked something when really she just lit a similarly scented candle.
Don't you think eventually her friends would just stop trusting what she says?
Sure, she's lying about candles. But she does it SO often.
And her husband, I mean come on. She lied to him about cleaning the house. Lying to your husband? That's usually a big no-no.
It'd be one thing if she was too exhausted to clean from doing something productive with her day.
But no, she just didn't want to clean because she wanted to go out and have some big fancy day.
Eventually I'd just say "Oh, your house smells like Glade. Awesome." "No no no no, it's not Glade! It's um... it's some special boutique..." "No. It's Glade. Stop denying it. You're a bad liar. No one likes you. We just come over here because sometimes you buy food that you pretend to bake for us to eat. Free food is good food."
And then she'd shoot herself in the face. And it would probably smell like Glade.

What kind of television teaches us that it's okay to be compulsive liars as long as we don't get caught?
In these economic times, it's not cool to make it seem like to be high-class you have to buy everything as expensive as you can.
She even lied about Glade over the phone. Why in the hell bother? Why not just say "I'm in a relaxing bath right now"?
The only reason I bring this up is because another Glade commercial was just on and it always rubs me the wrong way.
But apparently I'm not the only one.
Look up "The Glade Lady" on google and the first three you get are rants about how horrible she is.
The Glade Lady's Web of Lies
The Glade Lady Crosses the Line

Anybody else think that about these commercials?And here's the obligatory picture of me right this second.
Skin masks are fun. It's actually been helping a lot. But since I clogged the drains at the other house, I have to use paper towels to wipe it off.

Btw, I found this cool site called Wordle. You can input the URL of your blog, or paste in your blog post words/any other sort of words. Then it makes a cloud of every word you used, with the ones used the most coming up bigger. I may start doing a wordle for every one of my posts.
So here's my wordle for this post:


Yaya said...

Yeah, wordles are fun.

OMG Lee...I was literally LOLing at your Glade rant and my husband was all 'what? what? what?' and I was just laughing and like 'lee is so random!'

PS my verification word for this comment is 'unplagal'...isn't that a cool word? I think it will be my word of the day....'unplagal'

Hula's Secret Blog said...

Those glade commercials totally annoy me too!

Liz said...

I am with you on the Glade commercials. They are so bad! Makes me NOT want to buy their product.

Sorry you hate Sociology. I had a great teacher when I took it in college so I enjoyed it. Just think once it's done, it's done. Hang in there!

That wordle thing is way cool!

blueviolet said...

How is it that I haven't seen one of these commercials yet? I need to watch more tv.

And I moved you to my reader out of blogger. I'm trying to reorganize so don't think I'm being mean. I'm still following, just a different way.

Kristina P. said...

My major was sociology! Those were always my favorite classes.

Erin said...

I have never done a skin mask. I totally want to go buy one now.

And I laughed because I was burning a strawberry flavored Glade candle you think my friends thought I was baking a strawberry pie or something? I was really just trying to cover up the overpowering onion smell because I had just cut them.

Stesha said...

I think I dropped Sociology terms in a row. So boring.

Hugs and Mocha,

Sheri said...

LOL! I don't like the Glade Lady either - she is an annoying liar. And there is no GLAD-EH. It isn't French ugh!

Also, that wordle is fun. :)

P.S. - Funny random word verification for this post is.. "chant" lol

Grand Pooba said...

You are so random I love it! Lying is not only what TV teaches us! Never thought of the Glade commercials that way though!

btw, what are you majoring in?

Kelsey said...

The wordle looks like a fish!
I think it's funny how much attention you pay to the commercials LOL. I honestly don't even pay attention to them when the come on, I usually look at my phone or something.

Wendyburd1 said...

Loathed Sociology!! But once you get those preliminary courses down, then you have more interesting ones. Like after I got done with Psychology, I took Psychology of Death and Dying...there were a few really cool things I learned in that class!! And adolescent psychology, etc...I took a lot of psych classes...huh.

I hate the Glade lady too! You should SO check out Whitney's old post, she had a contest and we all wrote about what we thought the Glade lady was hiding, really GOOD stories by all...mine did win though, heehee! It made Jaren laugh, so yes I AM proud of that accomplishment!♥

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