Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Flatscreens Are An Artist's Best Friend

Screw dabbling.
Everything I said yesterday was crazy-talk.
My true new best friend is my flat screen in my bedroom.
Talk about a nifty surprise to come home from school to.
"Hey mom, what's under the blanket in the car?"
"Something for you."
"*lifts* HOLY SCHMOLY."
Sure, it's not super huge. But it's pretty and it lets me watch tv in my room.
Want to know the last time I had a television in my room?
Here's a hint: I had just lost my first ever tooth.
Give up?
I was about 5 or 6.
Yeah, I've been television-in-room deprived for a while. What do you see on my television screen you may ask?
Left 4 Dead.

Actually, it was a bittersweet day.
Yesterday my friend Kush that's deployed in Turkey was shot. Plus his whole troop or platoon or crew, whatever you call the people he was in charge of, was killed. He was demoted a rank and is being sent home.
But, the reason the day was bittersweet was because we were on the game, and then he suddenly signed off and sent Jessie a text message saying "everything in the base just went black." "something's up."
And we haven't heard from him since.
For any other person, we'd assume it was just a blown circuit or something. But for someone that was just shot and had a whole squad killed, we're worried.
He's actually very lucky. The shot that hit him was meant for his head. It deflected off of his helmet and struck him in the ass.
He was joking about it tonight. I said "I'm playing on my new flatscreen!" Jessie said "I'm playing with my new wireless mic!" "Really, I can top all of you! I'M PLAYING WITH HALF AN ASS!"

That's the last I remember him saying before we lost contact with him.
From what I've heard from Jessie and my friend Haney, he may not even receive a purple heart.
It makes me so angry. He's the sweetest guy ever and he's being put through so much. What scares me the most is that he could be dead today if not for his helmet. And how would we have found out?
All we can do is sit and wait and hope that he gets in touch and lets us know that he's okay.

Today at school was pretty uneventful. Math = math. History = history. Sociology = sociology. Spanish = leg tattoo.
Oh, that's right. Leg tattoo! The thing that's completely altered how I view my teacher for the rest of the semester!
She's an older woman. In her 60s definitely. White hair, frail skin. Has a great body though. Apparently she scuba dives and never had kids.
She wears these cool outfits that are for older woman, but I appreciate them. Today she wore these shorts that came down just right above her knees and were baggy.
We were like okay, shorts. Cool.
She pulled us all up to the front of the class and had us do these exercises to remember certain phrases. She sat down to demonstrate us and we all got a nice view of up-shorts.
No, we didn't see her panties. We saw the long tattoo of paw prints going up her leg.
One girl said "Did you guys just see that?"
We were in disbelief. I mean wow.
One girl went to ask her to see it and another girl elbowed her in the ribs and we all were giggling. I'm sure the teacher thought we were talking bad about her. We weren't, really. We were just really surprised.
My friend KC HATES the class. I like it, on the other hand.
Here's me and KC:
You think my phone takes good pictures? Take a look at that bad-boy that she took.
There's actually a kind of cute guy in my spanish class named Daniel. He's an English major like me. That's what really bonds us well. There are NOT many English majors. No stable jobs for us.
He asked for my myspace today. Progress! So I wrote it on his hand.
Because that's where he asked me to write it.
That's a good sign, right? Asking me to temporarily ink my URL onto his body?
Next, he tattoos my name onto his buttocks!

As of right now the only unpacked COMPLETELY room in the house is our livingroom.I like it. But I've always liked rich colors. When my mom bought my TV at RC Willey she also bought us a loveseat, a chair, and an ottoman. So we get our family room soon. Yeah, we're spoiled. We get a family room and a livingroom.
I get my own office that sits off to the side of the living room in this weird tucked away corner with walls, but no door. It has walls and an opening that looks into the livingroom. That's where I'm sitting right now... so I leave you with a pic of me in it!


Kristina P. said...

I hope your friend is OK! He sounds like a hero, regardless of what they give him.

Erin said...

My 53 year old mother in law just got a tattoo last year. Some people just surprise you!

Liz said...

Your little TV is too cute! I hope you enjoy it.

I hope you hear from your friend soon. It is scary not knowing.

Wendyburd1 said...

I really hope Kush is all right! And Daniel sounds cool...promising, LOL!

And you MUST watch the second season it was SO good!!

Jess said...

I've never had a televiision in my bedroom! Don't taunt me anymore or I'll get crazy jealous...
I guess I'd be surprised if my spanish teacher had a tattoo. She acts really young and cool though, so perhaps not.
I really hope you hear from your friend soon.

So said...

I hope you hear from your friend and that all is well with him! That is very scary.

Love that your teacher has tats. And enjoy the new flat screen.

Stesha said...

That's sad! I hope your friend is okay.

My kids think I am evil, because I won't let them have a tv in their room. We really don't like to let them watch tv until the weekends.

Hugs and Mocha,

Me said...

I hope all is well with your friend!

Love the new TV. I have to admit, I haven't been without a television in my room since I was 5or 6.

Sheri said...

Yay for the new TV! I hope your friend is okay, that has got to be an awful thing to go through. I hope he gets to come home soon!

Grand Pooba said...

Love the new flat screen! There's nothin like watchin TV in bed is there?

Danny Holmes said...

That daniel guy sounds like a real douche to me

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