Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Modeling Images

I'm going to do a short post so that I can go play games with my BF online while he's not busy.
Plus I don't have much to say...
I took a math test today and zoomed through it, and I had a gyro.
Mmm gyros.
They should just call those "gain 5 pounds on a pita".
But I don't care.
Mmm gain 5 pounds.

Plus tomorrow I've been told by Tim that I have to do a Vlog, so I'm saving my steam for that.
And to be honest, I'm burned out. Everyone hits that point near the end of the semester where they're done caring about anything.
'Cept my BF.
So here's the pictures I promised you guys, and tomorrow's post will be way more interesting.

But wait, I have news! Drew got a job! He works at a movie theatre!
I'm so unselfish, huh? If he has to work on Saturday, I may take the bus and vroom vroom across town.
While holding on for dear life to my pepper spray.
"Hey ma'am, can you *psssssssst* OH GOD MY EYES."
I'm spray happy, what can I say?
I may drag Shelby with me, as a diversion.
"Take the skinny pretty girl! I won't tell!"
And then I'll run away.

So now, pictures:
ALSO, I'm going to be featuring blogs here occasionally that I feel need some love.
Please visit:


Tim said...

Way to go Drew! Movie discounts are the best!

Great pics of you as always Lee. I think you should model. You have such beautiful eyes and skin.

cant wait to see your vlog tomorrow. There will be a chance to win a FLIP VIDEO CAMERA too!

Love and Prayers,


Anonymous said...

Great pics! And I hope everything works out for you and you-know.

Kristina P. said...

These are gorgeous!

Grand Pooba said...

I love the thumb in the mouth pic! You model chic!!!

Hopefully Drew will learn to spend all his paychecks on YOU!

SO said...

You look great! Awesome pictures.

Angela said...

Love the beautiful!

Yay for movie discounts! :D

Sarah said...

You have really nice teeth too! Nice pics! Where is that "anonymous" commenter now??????? LOL.

Wendyburd1 said...

Ohhh movie discounts, there is a gold star I got right here for Drew!!! Great pics of you by the way, you look FAB!!!

Jillene said...

I LOVE LOVE the 2nd picture down. I mean they are all amazing but that one really sticks out to me. You are a beautiful girl Lee!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!

Bobby G said...

How cute are you? the answer is VERY! Gyros are delicious too!

Sheri said...

Oh a new vlog post coming soon! Awesome. I might try that sometime soon too... might :P I'm way more self-conscious than you hehe

Cute pics of you modeling the jewelry!

Erin said...

I love these pictures! They look amazing!

sandy said...

You are gorgeous:0)

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