Sunday, April 19, 2009

Anonymous, How I Pity Thee!

So I wake up this morning, check my email for comments and graphics requests like I usually do.
I have one email, which is fine because I answered the bulk of them last night.
I see it's a comment from Anonymous, which is fine too.
Here's the comment:

"Yes, you do look like crap.
What is the purpose of such a repulsive pic?
No one will ever love you for who you are woman, better slap some paint on, and get dolled up if you want to attract men.
If I woke up next to that, I'd either end up attacking you out of fright, or vomiting on you."

Want to know the funny thing?
I laughed.
I laughed my little ass off.
I appreciated the comment from the standpoint of an English major.
Anonyass used proper grammar and vivid words to paint a picture of how repulsive I am.
(Of course, Anonyass, it would be "end up attacking you out of fright, or vomit on you.")
Sure, without makeup I'm a plain jane for what it's worth.
But with makeup, we all know what I look like.That's right everyone. With makeup (and sometimes without) I'm F*CKING GORGEOUS.
That's why my self esteem didn't plummet reading that comment.
That's why I laughed and laughed, and then went and told my mom and we both laughed some more.
I was originally going to lash out, not out of anger, but out of pure sympathy for this person.
You must have a sad, sad life if you feel the need to attempt to degrade someone you've never met.
But why insult? Why throw out every nasty name I can think of?
Because I'm quite sure my followers would love to do that for me. (Especially Bobby G).
That is, if he reads this post.
If not, eh.

So Anonyass, thank you for giving me the biggest laugh I've had in the past few days.
I seriously needed it, and I thank you.
I'm not deleting your comment.
And leave another one if you'd like. It will be nice to see how much free time you have.


Now onto more important business.
Last night I offered to make Izzy a blog (which I'll unveil here when it's set up and finished).
In the process of making her blog, I decided I wanted it to be 3 column.
I went and looked everywhere for a tutorial, and found nothing that suited what I needed.
So I tore apart one that I found, put in my own codes, and voila, I made a kick-ass layout.
(Who would be surprised by that? I kick ass.)
So now I'm in the process of making MYSELF a 3 column layout, which should be done later today and ready to unveil.

I also have not bothered to start my sociology project yet. Why? Because I kick-ass.
I thought we already established that?
Actually, it's my sheer sense of laziness that's driving me farther away from the finish line of this project.
It's due on Wednesday, which means it'll be finished by Tuesday at 11:59.
I'm a go-getter.

I'm also looking for a pattern for a basic male stuffed doll.
Izzy and I want to make Edward and Bella plushies. I haven't found an Edward pattern, so we're going to start from scratch with both.
Which will be annoying as hell, but worth it in the end if they look good.
If anyone's got any tips or a good pattern, throw them my way.
Because I'm such a whale, and I'm big enough to catch everything you throw.

Drew and I still aren't fighting.
I guess all of the planets aligned and hell froze over.
Which sucks for the people chillin' in hell, but rocks for me.

I'm going to go work on my new layout.


Kristina P. said...

I don't understand what makes people leave such mean comments. And of course you're beautiful!

Jillene said...

People are such schmucks sometimes. And as long as you are happy with yourself--who cares what anyone else thinks--ESPECIALLY when they don't have the balls to comment as themselves. YOU ARE GORGEOUS with and without makeup Lee!!

Carmen said...

Think of it this way - if they had really wanted to insult you, they wouldn't have hidden their name. Posting something like that and using "anonymous" is cowardly.

Also, can't wait to see Izzy's blog!

Me said...

I will never understand why people feel it necessary to be so mean. I can't imagine those are words they would share with someone face to face. How sad that they forget that there is a living breathing being behind the emails address and blog posts. You are gorgeous!

Angela said...

Anon is a LOSER!!

*I never talk like that...kind of fun to say!*

sandy said...

You ARE gorgeous:0)

Erin said...

I totally agree with everyone's comments. It's a pure coward who does something nasty like that.

And I'm liking the look around here!

Yaya said...

Love this new layout!!!!

Was it hard to do 3 columns? I'm jealous now!

You are so beautiful Lee!

I have a conspiracy theory that it was the dreaded Drew that wrote that....

Bobby G said...

You are FLY! Keep it up! Also I get salty anonymous comments too, way to have balls fucker

k8lynr said...

basically, i'm concurring with everyone. i think you're beautiful without makeup personally, and if i woke up next to you i'd be like, 'fuck yeah'. and then probably be like 'what the fuck? why am i not in my bed? did i sleep walk into another state?'. haha. no, but seriously, i congratulate you for laughing at it, and knowing that your beautiful regardless of what jerk-offs say.


Liz said...

I just love anonymous commenters. Especially if they have something hateful to say. I am glad that you just laughed it off!

Kimmy said...

I love the new layout!

As for the Anonymous comment, good for you for not letting it bother you. You are a beautiful girl with or without makeup. The fact that you don't need makeup says a lot. Obviously this person is a pathetic human being to not be able to "show their face" when leaving such comments. Also, they must be jealous to leave such a comment. They just made themselves look like a complete JOKE!

SO said...

You are b-e-a-utiful girl. We all have times when we don't look good and I pity whoever ends up being with anonymass if he thinks he'll be waking up to beauty he's on crack.

And looking forward to the new three column layout!

Sarah said...

what an a-hole. it is sad how much free time people have. and i have never met you and i don't know you but i like reading your blog and i would KILL to look that good sans make-up!

Tim said...

Anonyass! ROFL That is freakin HI LA RI OUS!!!! Anonyass !! Im still laughing.

And your so right. I as one of your flock am honored to announce to all who read this that yes, you are unbelievably GORGEOUS! I mean smoking HOT, Face of an Angel kind of attractive that Anonyass can only dream of. Of course you already knew that because I have told you before.

Love and Prayers,


Wendyburd1 said...

You are never plain and you know it! Man I would die if I got that, the sobs would be so bad, I have no self esteem, you are so lucky!

Hey how'd you get the effect of the middle pic, I LOVE it!

Grand Pooba said...

I like your new 3 column layout, good job!

Oh, and I didn't anonymass have to posted ananymously? Because they aren't secure in themselves to take whatever you have to retaliate back!

Me? I disapear without my makeup. Blonde eyelashes, eybrows, I look like a man with no makeup.

Daphine said...

What a trip! Glad you were able to laugh it off. WOW! The nerve of some people.

Sheri said...

Anonyass is a complete loser. I just don't get the point of attacking people on their blogs. What idiots. You kick ass and know it! /cheers!

Misty Rice said...

Hey girl I found you today off of my friend Tim's at Fort Thompson and thougth I would browse your blog. Its darling. Then I saw a post title "Anonymous, How I Pity Thee" and it caught my attention because I have seen so many blogs lately getting attacked. I think there are kids on here or something that go around and just say things really ugly to those they are jealous of...and some adults too.

I just got my first "attack" anonymous comment today. And my husband and I also laughed. Cowards that hide behind no names or faces....

I thought it meant I must be coming "blog popular" for getting my first negative anonymous insult. HA!

You are beautiful. Keep taking the higher road and remain classy.

Have a good weekend.

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