Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I think that KFC legally has to change it's name to KF&GC now.
Kentucky Fried and Grilled Chicken.
Their grilled chicken is actually really yummy.
It isn't rubbery like it is at other restaurants.
One time I used grilled chicken from Burger King as an eraser.
That's how rubbery it is.

Today, after what happened on Sunday and Monday, I was supposed to go see my new pill force-feeding psychiatrist.
I wanted a psychologist, but NO I have to be MEDICATED first.
If I wind up being a zombie, tell my friends and family that I love them, and that they can have my television.
Unless all I can do is lay in bed grunting and watching television.
Then those greedy bastards can't have any of my stuff.

Anyway, I had a big argument with my mom on Sunday. I won't go into the details about it, since it's not relevant to the story. But that's what led to my crappy few days.
Along with Burger King.
Seriously, everytime I go there I leave in a bad mood because I eat too much.
They should make someone stand behind you and tell you you've had enough, like at a bar.
I'd pay him myself for his honorable duty to my waistline.

I probably shouldn't reveal this, but honestly since I'm still a bit pissed about it, it's something that I feel like I need to share.
Afterall, this is my blog and my place to share my feelings and the happenings in my life.
On Sunday, Drew told me that while we were dating, he kissed another girl.
I already knew the story, but I didn't know it was true. So that felt like a little bit of a kick in the stomach.
But then I realized that we're teenagers, we do stupid crap, and I forgave him.
They girl on the other hand?
I posted her picture on a different website, along with the addresses of all of her online things.
Vicious? Yes.
But that's not really my problem.
I didn't endanger her physically, just let other people say the things to her that I wanted to, but knew I shouldn't.
Call me whatever you want, but I KNOW she instigated it, because she turned around and told me she did it the day it happened. I just didn't believe her.
Plus she sleeps with pretty much everyone.
A good person doesn't do something like that. She almost seemed proud of what she did, not sorry.
It backfired though, since I remembered 4chan.org is full of people that think it's funny to just yell "tits or gtfo", so they didn't really help me.
My girlfriends on the other hand were way more helpful than I initially imagined.
While I should be mad at Drew, it was almost two years ago, and I don't blame him.
Hell, I kissed someone while we were dating too, and he forgave me.
But he didn't seem like the type to do that, so it just surprised me.
And I had permission when I did it. We were sort of "on a break" or "casual" or whatever fancy term you want to call "you can kiss someone else".

I have some really important news to share with you guys, but the problem is that I have some certain peeping toms that read my blog that don't need to know this news.
Judgemental Judiths always ruin things, don't they?
But if you want me to tell you the good news (since it's sort of largely relevant to my life)
(no I'm not pregnant)
(or converting to scientology)
(ooo... maybe)
(no, no.)
(and if you thought I was pregnant, shame on you)
then email me or comment and let me know that you want to know.
And I'll tell you.
Oh wow, it's like a ploy to get comments.
I like it.

Nothing else has really happened lately.
I'm close to 200 posts though, so I was wondering you guys thought I should do anything for it.
What do you think?Tomorrow I'll post the pics from my shoot with Izzy.


Yaya said...

I def wanna know what's going on!

yes, what drew said was a kick in the stomach and completely unnecessary for him to even bring it up.

KFC-haven't had it in years.

Kristina P. said...

I think I might try the grilled chicken tonight from KFC!

Carmen said...

3 things:
-the seeing a psychiatrist thing before a psychologist doesn't make any sense to me...I have a friend who sees a psychologist and she told me that you see the psychologist first and he/she decides whether or not they would deem it necessary for you to see a psychiatrist and get meds...

-That's cool that KFC makes grilled chicken now. I had a friend recently join a protest in front of a local KFC because of some PETA thing about how they're cruel to their chickens, kind of off topic, but I figured I'd share anyway.

-I want to know this news/secret!

Tim said...

See I told you youd get past that 46 followers mark! Go you! Now just keep it going, theres no stopping you now.

Oh yeah, and make sure you do Vlogemotions with us on Thursday. I just know everyone will be on pins and needles waiting to see your post. Great way to drive some traffic from my site to yours as well.

Love and Prayers,


Kelsey said...

Hey Lee,
I've been on a blogging hiatus for a while, and in order to get back into it like I was before, I was wondering if perhaps you would help me spice up my blog a little?
I need a new header and background perhaps...

Hope everything is going well with you!

Wendyburd1 said...

Okay one, being on meds is fine you know, if something makes you a zombie you wean off of it and get them to try you on a different one! Just saying...yeah right.:)

AnD TELL ME YOUR SECRET!!! Are you trying to drive me crazy with curiosity?!!!!

Liz said...

I saw an advertisement the other day for KFC grilled chicken. I haven't been to KFC in a long time. I'll have to give it a try.

Bobby G said...

LOVE KFC! But I like FRIED...though grilled is WAY better for me...hmmmm

Also Drew didnt seem like the guy to do it? UM Hes a teenage guy, thats kinda how they roll....

Jillene said...

I want to try the Grilled Chicken from KFC.

What the crap was he doing telling you that? Was her trying to make you jealous. Dumb move Drew!!

Sheri said...

I want to know what is going on too! :)

I don't eat at KFC, it makes me sick and after seeing the kfccruelty.com website I refuse to ever eat there again. :(

Amy Fichtner said...

Oh, I wanna know!! I know I don't comment a lot but I do read your blog like all the time!!! amyfichtner@att.net

Erin said...

I want to know what's going on in your life!

I haven't been to Kentucky Fried (and Grilled) Chicken in ages.

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