Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Now to stay thin until July...

Today I went shopping at Walmart, and while I was there I saw a rack of bikinis for 16 dollars for the two pieces.
Which is really cheap in the world of bikinis.
If you look at most bikinis it ranges from 15-20 dollars per piece.
Which is a rip-off. At that point I'll just wear my underwear, thank you very much.

Plus since I have a big chest, it's hard to find anything that fits without the whole "Oh my GOD my boobs are hanging OUT of this top. Quick, give me a towel!" situation.
I tried it on, and it actually fit me.
Which was awesome.
But then I started panicking.
What if I put on weight before I get to wear this at camp in July?
I don't want to be the flabby person wearing a swimsuit that's too small.
UGH I hate my body image issues.
*sucks in stomach*
Can't... breathe...
The bottoms have little apples on them.
Apple bottom, aha I get it.
But yeah, I'm worried mostly about my legs and stomach.
So what did I do?
I went out and bought 5 BOXES OF CANDY.
I then I hid them from myself.
I was sitting there thinking WHY THE HELL DID I BUY THESE?
Seriously. That'll pack the weight on you FAST.
I was talking to drew about it, and he said this:

Drew says:
you'll be fine
candy doesn't make you fat
Lee says:
xD that's the most ridiculous sentence I've ever read.

Candy doesn't make you fat?
Just looking at candy makes you put on 3 pounds.
That's been proven before. They've done research and stuff.
But don't hold me to that...

I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing, and just try to maintain what I weigh now.
So that I can BRING ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD at camp.
Sure, last year I was fatty legs!
But this year, I will be SEX POT!
But it's a church camp.
So I'll be... BIBLE POT!

I finished my powerpoint presentation for sociology.
Of course, I haven't studied for my spanish test.
But baby steps. Baby steps!
(womb steps, actually. Since I'm pretty much not moving.)

I want to show it to everyone, and NO ONE HAS POWERPOINT.
Anyone want to see it that has powerpoint?
I'm desperate.


Kristina P. said...

It fits you nicely! YOu look hot!

Femin Susan said...

It fits you very nicely.

Anonymous said...

Don't stress about gaining weight, stress can cause you to gain weight! And I have powerpoint in case you can't find anyone else to view the presentation...

Bobby G said...

Smokin hot! Fits GREAT

Wendyburd1 said...

First, I HAVE Microsoft Powerpoint so if that's all I need send it to me sweetie!
And you are SO far from fat and you KNOW that, you are too skinny I say, but I am being protective maybe.:)

Anonymous said...

Oh and is Izzy's blog done yet?

k8lynr said...

BIBLE POT! bahahaha.

that was good.

and you look fine, stop frettin'. of course, i thought you looked fine in your before pictures too, but it's all up to what makes you happiest.

no powerpoint though. lo siento.

Anonymous said...

You look great! Don't know why you fret so much.

I don't have powerpoint sorry!

Jillene said...

The swimsuit looks FAB----and so do you!!

Sheri said...

I have powerpoint! :P Send me it hehe

Cute bathing suit. Don't worry about gaining weigh, even if you gained 10 lbs you'd still be skinny. How long will you be at camp for?

Sheri said...


Anonymous said...

Cute bikini!

Candy is my nemesis.

Angela said...

Love the bikini! Lookin' good! :D

Anonymous said...

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