Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Mom's Blog!

Okay everyone, my mom has finally ventured into the world of blogging.
Scary, right?
Nah. Not really.

Since she's not the "typical" blogger, (and still has trouble figuring out how to navigate the site), I was hoping you guys could check out her blog and give her a nice base of readers.
I know all of you won't follow her, or comment her, but if she sees that people are reading, I'm sure it will motivate her to keep at it.

It's called "Mad as Hell" because she plans to do a lot of rants about politics and other things (probably me).

So visit her blog here: and show her some love.

Izzy's came over yesterday and took pictures of me and worked on Twilight dolls with me.
Right now I'm trying to decide if I want to write a history paper, or finish sewing together my dolls.
Dolls are probably going to win in this situation.
Izzy also gave me a bracelet as a thanks for modeling her jewelry for her.It's Edward and Bella at prom!
Just realized I'm not wearing a bra.
Screw you, guys. I'm not retaking the picture.
Isn't it a cute bracelet?

And the dolls we made came together well. I sewed them, she made the pattern. I'm trying to make a Jacob doll all by myself, the clothes and everything.
I'm even trying to sew the yarn hair on. Probably doing it wrong, but eh whatdyagonnado?

Drew and I still haven't "fought" in a long time. In the technical sense at least.
He went with his friends all weekend and I left him alone, except the occasional text to say hi.
So he forgot to say good morning this morning. I wasn't livid or anything, just a little disappointed because that's what I wake up to everyday. I like having someone tell me good morning.
I text him saying "No good morning or anything?"
"I was busy, sorry my world doesn't revolve around you."
What the hell and half?
I did NOT deserve such a nasty comment.
Instead of feeling sorry about it, he asked why I do this.
What did I DO? I mean Jesus Christ, all I did was say he didn't say good morning.

I've figured out why I keep losing weight.
When I get frustrated with him, instead of yelling, I treadmill.
Which is a good way to relieve anger, but I'm sick of being angry to begin with.
A thousand times, a THOUSAND, I've said "Look, I don't care if we don't talk every two seconds. But if we're talking and you get busy, say bye first so that I know we're done. I don't like sitting there waiting for a message that never comes."
"Okay, I'm sorry, won't happen again. : ("
"Okay, thanks. So how are you?"
-three hours later-
I mean what the hell is that, really?
Is that SUCH a hard concept to grasp?
I'm not asking him to learn the entire Aztec culture in an hour and a half.
I'm asking him to say BYE when he gets BUSY.
Look, I'll do it now!
Hey, I'm gonna go make some dolls and then shimmy a little in front of the neighbor boys, bye!
See, see, I did it!

I hate teenage boys.
From now on I'm going to date girls.
From now on, I'm going to date vampires.
They can't go out in the sunlight, so he can't go out with their friends and leave me here going WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?
They only drink blood, so I don't have to pay for food for him when they go out somewhere with me.
They have super speed, so if I ask him to be at my house at a certain time, he'll be there. Without any arguing.
They have super strength, so when I need something lifted at my house, I can ask him to pick it up without having to bribe him first.
Etc. etc. etc.
Now, where to find a vampire?The largest use of the word "blog" in a sentence today:
To my mom - "I posted a blog about your blog on my blog!"


Carmen said...

Your mom seems like she's going to have an interesting blog! Where's the link to Izzy's blog by the way? And good luck finding a vampire boy!

Carmen said...

Oh and I just wanted to say that the Ethiopian food was interesting. I ordered this veggie combo which was a bunch of different things like lentil and chick peas made into different paste-like substances and my bf, his mom, and his brother all ordered meat things and my bf's was raw meat. The meats didn't taste weird at all or anything and I'm not sure what everything was seasoned with because on the menu it just said '____ with Ethiopian spices.' And everything was eaten with injera, which was this tortilla-type thing and very soft.

Kristina P. said...

That's cool that your mom started a blog!

That bracelet is awesome!

Yaya said...

Hmmm...girls or vampire boys?? I'd stick w/ your college men there hun. That's the key: stop it with the boys and focus on the MEN. You'll be much happier!

Yaya said...

PS how on earth do you sew a doll? She should do a tutorial, that would rock.

That.Girl said...

Your mom has a nice blog!

LaurieJ said... be 16 again and be able to skip the bra :-)

Erin said...

Cute bracelet!

And I love your blog about a bloggity blog blog sentence.

Wendyburd1 said...

I am all for vampire boys!! Woohoo!!

Liz said...

That's great that your Mom has a blog now. I hope that she enjoys it!

Bobby G said...

OH I recall the days of DRAMA! it'll get better! Also YAY Carols BLOG!

Sheri said...

lol, if you find some tall dark and handsome vampires, let me know! :)

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