Monday, April 13, 2009

Pero el chico no es mi hijo!

The title of this post is a line out of a famous song.
That I translated into spanish.
I actually did it without even thinking, which was cool. I realized I was singing the chorus in spanish, and when I went online and double checked that I was using the right words, I was proud of myself.
Guessed the song yet?
Pulled out google translate, you little cheaters?
Lemme break it down for you then.
Pero - But
el chico - the kid
no es - is not
mi hijo - my son

Now sing it and start moon-walkin', because you're Michael Jackson, and you subsequently knocked up Billie Jean! In spanish!
Billie Jean is not my lover, she's just a girl that thinks that I am the one. But the kid is not my son!

Just for the record, famous songs translated into Spanish is not the topic of today's post.
Instead, today's post will focus on whatever the hell I feel like focusing on.
If I want to talk about rocks, we're talking about rocks.
This is MY BLOG.

I should actually do the majority of this post about rocks.
Then those people that just skim my posts will be like "Yeah, I like rocks too!"
And then I can CALL YOU OUT, SKIMMERS.No no, I wouldn't do that.
(Yes I would)

Let's start the actual blog post with an account of my weekend.
I'll condense it, for the sake of all humanity.
On Friday my dad came over, we watched movies, did what we always do.
Tiffany was super-b*tch this entire weekend though.
That night she started getting out of her bed and walking around my room and causing mayhem.
She'd meow and meow. I finally threw a pillow at her and she crawled back into her bed.
Yeah, see? I'll make a great parent.
"MOMMY I'M HUNGRY" *throws pillow*
That'll show 'em.

On Saturday Drew took the bus up here, and we played video games and fought about petty things.
I don't know why we do it. I don't know why we do it AGAIN 5 minutes later. We always manage to have these stupid arguments.
But I always win.
I'm dominant.
I'm like the lioness, and he's the gazelle.
Except instead of ripping into his jugular, I question his manhood.
Same thing if you really think about it.
(Drew, if you read this, which you might end up doing, laugh and realize it's a JOKE)
(Or else you're a little girl)
(Oh sh*t I did it again)
We did have a fun time, though. We're so used to having stupid fights that we blow them off.
In the end, he left his sunglasses at my house.
So I did what any good friend would do. I said finders keepers and wore them to school.
In fact, just to be mean, I wore them everywhere.
Of course I'm giving them back tomorrow, but I had to get my Lee germs all over them first.
*wipes nose, wipes glasses*
I kid, I kid.Mi cabeza tiene en dolor! (Someone tell me if that's correct. My head is in pain.)

Okay, on a side note, my mom just answered the phone saying "Obi Wan, are you with the force?!"
I love my mom.

On Sunday I went to church. Just decided it was time to go back.
Plus I wanted to wear something pretty, and sweats eating ice cream in my bedroom just weren't cuttin' it.
After the rousing time of singing hymns...
Ahaha, why lie about church?
My old friends and I went outside and stood there and talked the entire service.
Boo hiss on me, but my belief is that I pray every night, and God isn't going to judge me for standing outside of the church.
And if he does... well there's nothing I can do about it in the end, huh?

Anyway, after a rousing day of standing, I came home and did what I do best in this world.
I could get an award for this...
I slept. I was actually in the process of passing out when I took this picture.
I don't even remember taking it to be honest, I woke up with my phone smooshed to my face and "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" playing in my earphones.

And now it's today. And today was just... nothingness. History test, I'm going for a B.
Sociology half-project. First group finished, so score there.
And now we're here.
I'm itching to go lay down and watch the seasons of Robot Chicken I downloaded to my flash drive to play on my xbox.

So here's my current pics:My skin's a little red from my medicine, but I know you guys don't judge me.
And here's Tiffany's current pics. She's sitting on my desk looking out the window.


Kristina P. said...

I like his sunglasses! They suit you!

Yaya said...

LOVE that Tiffany gets a current pic too!!

I nap about every Sunday afternoon.

Sunglasses-I totally woulda done the same thing taking a zillion pics with them.

How do you know Michael Jackson? You're too young for that song!

pam said...

I followed Yaya over here.

Love your pics!

Carmen said...

1. You totally should write a post all about rocks

2. I think you should hold the sunglasses hostage for a little bit, just to play with him :-P

3. Your cat is really cute! In the pic she looks like a mom had a tortie once and supposedly the cat (Lexi) was so crazy that my mom had to give her away to a coworker because crazy Lexi didn't work out with my mom's other cats.

Erin said...

I love the rocks...

Just kidding, I'm not a skimmer. Actually, I love the butterfly on the wall in the picture you took from the bathroom mirror.

Oh, and thanks for the calculator suggestion. Next time I go to Walgreen's, I'll check it out.

k8lynr said...

pssht, if i had woken up to flightless bird, american mouth i would have went right back to sleep. it's such a soothing song and makes me very calm and happy and relaxed. bet it's off the twilight soundtrack, because that's where i heard them, so you get props. unless you're already a fan of iron & wine, and then super props to you.

church is over-rated. to the bajillionth power.

and i completely empathize with you on the cats. we have one that is completely bipolar, yet i love them none-the-less.


Bobby G said...

Yo tengo un dolor de mi cabeza. Instead of my hurt heads, Its I have a hurt in my head, OH SPANISH!

Grand Pooba said...

Love Tiffany. Glad you could refrain from throwing a pillow at her for a second. I agree, finders keepers. The sunglasses are all yours!

You could always mark your territory on them like my dog does. I bet that will make them yours for sure!

Oh, I am a professional napper myself. Last Friday I got home from work, went to sleep at 5:00 pm and didn't wake up until Saturday. It was great!

Wendyburd1 said...

The sunglasses look righteous on you!! What the?!! I must be channeling Bill and Ted tonight! Like nardally!! Whatever, lol!

LaurieJ said...

Throwing pillows while tired is the beginning of good parenting skills :-) The next is back tracking on things you said you would never do- like buy your kids velcro shoes, feed them spaghettio's, or go back to church ;-)Nothing wrong with any of these! In fact, backtracking on nevers can be very good for you!

Sheri said...

Fun post! I wore that same Green Day shirt today too! LOL

Anonymous said...

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