Friday, April 3, 2009

Burning from the Pits of Hell

I have a raging fever, I'm sweating and just dying here.
Anyone have any solution to impending death?
Because that's what I feel coming.
First I cough.
Then I sweat.
Then I drop dead from some crazy African disease.

Some disease that's so crazy that the name of it is just a series of clicks.
My mom slipped me a sleeping pill so I'd go to sleep last night.
I was crying and upset because my plans with Drew had to be moved.
I see him once a month, and he can't get those plans right. It's so annoying.
How do you deal with broken plans?
I've had a lot broken plans lately, and it's so stressful to me. It makes my blood pressure go up, and I yell and let out my emotions every way that I can.
But it doesn't feel healthy. It feels really damaging for me.

Oh, I watched What Dreams May Come last night. Jesus, that movie is depressing.
It's a beautiful story, don't get me wrong. But man, everyone dies.

So anyway, since I'm sweating through my shirt and coughing onto the screen, I'm going to wrap this post up right skippy.
And I want you to know, if clickclickCLOCKclick (that's what it's called in african. I think.) kills me, then you guys can have my radio. :]
Caught myself mid-cough on accident. Awesome.
Ex-Boyfriend Tip of the Day: If you're sick, bake your ex-boyfriend cookies. And then cough all over them. And then give them to him as a friendly gesture. :]


Kim said...

Your radio, haha. That ex-boyfriend thing, I'm going to tell my daughter that one.

Take care of yourself, kiddo, chicken noodle soup and ginger ale cures everything, even clickclickCLOCKclick.

Halftime Lessons said...

Coughing on the cookies...


I love your vindictiveness...



k8lynr said...

when i was a little kid, Robin Williams was my favorite actor, and i caught What Dreams May Come on the t.v. and decided it was going to be hilarious because he wasn't. i was bawling within five minutes of watching it. haha. it is ridiculously sad.

and nice tip. hope you feel better soon.

Kristina P. said...

Take good care of yourself! Being sick sucks!

Grand Pooba said...

You poor evil thing you!

LaurieJ said...

Good for your mom on slipping the sleeping pill:0)
Broken plans and being sick both suck!

And my mom wouldn't let me see that movie when it came out because when I asked her she thought I said Wet instead of What. Haha. Say it together and I don't blame her ;-)

Bobby G said...

broken plans suck! If someone breaks plan w/ me 3 times, Im done as far as plans go w/ them. Its the 3 strikes rule!

Erin said...

I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. I really hope you get the rest you need so you will be able to survive this horrible sickness!

Wendyburd1 said...

I am sorry but I LOVE What Dreams May Come!! He goes to HELL to find his wife AND he succeeds! And they are all together again! Sure I know that part of the reason I love it is the visuals, the artist in me LOVES the entire thing, but he saves his wife from hell and gets to fix things with his kids and now will spend eternity with them, it is beautiful!!

Feel Better Lee, don't die okay!!

Liz said...

I have never seen What Dreams may come.

Sometimes I thank God for broken plans. I am one of those that makes plans then wishes I didn't. Sometimes I have issues with saying No.

I really hope you feel better soon!

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