Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!

This post will be moderately short and sweet, because Easter dinner is almost on the table, and I'm studying for the history test that I have tomorrow.
Oh mother frickin' joy, huh?

Today I went to church.
Gasps can be heard around the world when I say that.
Everyone at church didn't believe I was actually there.
Someone said that they thought they were hallucinating when I walked through the door.
As I said before, I chose never to go back to that church.

I'm such a pussy.
I can never follow through with what I say I will.

Tomorrow, after school and after my test I'm going to be zoned out.
But because I'll just be laying down, I'm going to have time to actually blog for once.

Hey, at least I'm still as consistent as possible. I'm almost up to 200 posts already.

My niece and her girlfriend are coming to town on Wednesday, so we're going to see them on Thursday.
I'll try my best to get some pics with them.
I've never met her girlfriend, so it'll be nice. They've been together for a loooong time.

So to leave on a high note, I frequent perezhilton.
That's not the high-note.
Since a lot of you don't go to his site, I figure you haven't seen this.
Especially since I don't have a large british reader-base.
But you guys need to watch this video. It is so inspiring, and I think a great thing to see on Easter.
It has nothing to do with Easter, sure. But it's heart-warming. It teaches us to never judge people based on their looks. The second you do that, you could miss out on the greatest person to walk into your life.

Amazing Video

Oh, I do have one other thing to talk about.
I've realized that the V-curve in my spine has made me lose 1-3 inches of height.
I used to be 5'9", but I measured myself yesterday and came to be 5'6"
That can't be good, huh?
If anything I could turn into a hunchback, which would suck.
But then I wouldn't have to pay for Halloween costumes.
Score 1 for Lee.

Is it just me, or are my posts not as funny as they should be?
I need my sarcasm back.
Quick, someone piss me off so that I start slurring sarcastic remarks at you!

Oh, and since I had to wipe my computer (ugh, ugh WHY GOD WHY?!) I don't have Paint Shop. So until I FIND MY CD I can't make backgrounds.
Or edit pictures.
Sooo, here's my current picture straight from my lovely camera phone:


Kristina P. said...

Three inches? That's crazy!!

And I made pot roast and potatoes. Delicious!

Carmen said...

Happy Easter and bueno suerte en su examen de historia!

Wendyburd1 said...

Oh my gosh, Lee that video is bloody amazing!! Simon Cowell was GENUINELY thrilled and inspired!! He SMILED a real smile!!

But there is NO way she is 47. My Mom is 58 and my Mom looks at least 30 years younger than that woman! Have you seen my Mom seriously, I have a pic for sure in the Intro to My Family. There is no way that woman is 47!!Keep me up to date if you find anything else amazing like that on perez!!

Bobby G said...

Happy easter to you as well! Prezhilton cracks me up!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh girl, I shrunk from highschool too. But mine is due to health issues...which has me worried about you! You're the shrinking woman!

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