Monday, May 18, 2009

Never Goes How You Want it To...

I was going to go to the movies today, and then go bowling.
I was going to take Shelby, it was going to be fun, the end.
It was also going to distract me from Drew being at Cameron's all day.
Because I know he will.

Instead I'm laying in a tank top with no pants on bored out of my mind.
None of my plans ever go the way that I want them to.
I mean sure, it's fun to lay here with no pants (I like the draft).
It's just not the same. I want to be watching X-Men right now and soaking in the beauty and glory that is Ryan Reynolds.
Yeah, that's right. I want to go see X-Men again JUST to see Ryan Reynolds.
And he's only in 20 minutes of the movie, tops.
Shelby said we can go tomorrow, but I'm not one to delay gratification.
That's why I'm going to just stare at this picture ----->
All. Night. Long.

I told Drew that if I got the chance, I'd leave him for Ryan Reynolds.
I told him "Look, I'm leaving you. Just not right this second. But when Ryan Reynolds comes and carries me away on horseback, we're done."
And it's true. I know that it's going to happen one day. I can sense it.
(Ryan, call me!).

So we're going tomorrow, and then we're going bowling.
I'm also going to see Star Trek tomorrow. How busy am I, huh? Two movies AND bowling.
I am on FIRE.

I gave Drew a laptop on Saturday, one of my old ones. Now I regret it, because it keeps overheating and shutting down.
Essentially, I gave him a hand-warmer/paper-weight.
If used correctly, it could be a butt-warmer!

His house also has no air conditioning. Sucks really, really bad. It's nearing triple digits here, hitting them some days.
He wanted to kill me last night. I asked him to call me, and he didn't want to disappoint me. So he stayed home in the heat instead of going to sleep at Cameron's.
It was sooo sweet.
And I would've told him to go anyway, but... but it was my night so too bad!

I'll take pics with Shelby and possibly my friend Alec tomorrow. I'll try to get more with Shelby in front of stuff.
Because that's what we do. And bowling!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your plans didn't work out. Hope they do tomorrow! And lol @ the no pants thing.

TeeTee said...

I'm sorry your plans didn't go as planned.

I love how you always post a picture of yourself at the bottom of each post!

I love your blog... I am going to follow it:)

Kristina P. said...

Ryan Reynolds is super hot.

That.Girl said...

Sorry things didn't go right... Welcome to my world. LOL! But, hope you have fun tomorrow!

Sarah said...

Ryan may be a little late coming to get you since he and Taylor (Gambit) have to swing by Michigan and grab me first...we'll keep you posted via text ready to go!

Erin said...

That is a niiiice picture. Yum.

Wendyburd1 said...

Tommorrow sounds fun and that pic of Ryan is HOT!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry your plans were cancelled! Sounds like you will have a fun day tomorrow (actually later today). Ryan Reynolds is a total cutie!

Anonymous said...

Yup, Josh and I have that "rule". If we get the chance to have sex with the celebrity of our choice, it's not really cheating. Lol!

Jillene said...

Sorry that the plans fell through. Hopefully everything will turn out today.

Ryan Renolds is HOTTTTTTT!!

Bobby G said...

you want to see more or RR? Rent Blade trinity, hes pretty dope in that! Also, I always have these grand days planned out too, then im like fuck it im sleeping till 2! Its all good! Good luck bowling!

Miki n Ed said...

hi, unrelated, how can i have you design my blog layout?
I love your style.
please let me know asap. and if you charge.

Grand Pooba said...

So I just went over and read your mom's blog, sorry about her eye. Maybe the beauty of Ryan Reynolds was too much for her to handle!

I was in Vegas this past weekend and it was hot! And of course I loved every second of it! My sister is obsessed with Reynolds too, you two might have to share him.

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