Thursday, May 7, 2009

And Now a Real Post...

I love Vlogemotions, but I also enjoy writing out what happened to me and showing pictures to go along with it.
Now I will bore you with one of the longest posts I've done in a while. And you skimmers, I'll catch you.
I'm already onto you.

My day yesterday started out crappy, as we all remember.
I had only gotten less than an hour of sleep, so I wasn't fully functioning. (Of course, I'm never fully functioning. Why take the initiative?)
I washed my hair, let it air dry. Wore it wavy to school.Of course I don't think that's the shirt I wore to school. I can't remember what I wore yesterday.
I do remember twitching uncontrollably. My friends told me that I was like "the kid in elementary school that always got yelled at by the teacher because she couldn't stay still".
I take that as a compliment. I always wanted to be that kid.
He was the cool kid.

I also went and got a smoothie.
A miracle smoothie.
It woke me up, and made me SKINNY. I dropped 3 pounds yesterday. I'm 117 now.
But the smoothie tasted like ick.
But I still drank it, because it had the word "lean" in it. And you just can't resist that.
Unless it's "This smoothie will make you the opposite of lean."

I coasted through the day trying to stay awake. I knew if I fell asleep, I'd probably be terrified when I woke up.

I had a 2:20 appointment with my Spanish teacher to do my "verbal quiz".
I was freaking out, because I didn't study for the "vacations" or "past times" questions she said she would ask.
So when she said "I'm going to ask you about your family," I was excited.
I got the easiest questions. How big is your family? Do you have siblings? What are their names? What are they like? Does your dad live in Las Vegas? Where does he work? Does your mom live here, too? Do you have uncles? What are they like? What is your dad like?
I was like heeeeeell yes, man. I can totally do this. She asked, I paused and then answered.
I had to put the dramatic pause before all answers to make the tension build.
Do I know the answer, don't I? Ah yes dear, I do. I do know the answer.

Then we went to go see Star Trek. We show up and at least 500 people are in line to see the same movie.
It's really unprofessional for a company to say "We have a limited number of tickets", make you fill out a form to get the tickets, and then when you show up it's full anyway because they over-sent the tickets.
So what did we do? Went to see Wolverine instead.
First we ate dinner. I got a "Bobbie" (turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing) from Capriottis. And free chips from the guy behind the counter that thought I was foxy.
I seem to have that reaction from guys a lot lately. Of course, my skin has cleared up and my hair is fierce, so it's to be expected. I mean look at that picture up there. I'm sexy.

We saw Wolverine, and I gained a new crush on Ryan Reynolds.
His slammin' body doesn't hurt my decision in loving him. I don't care if Scarlet Johoweveryouspellit is married to him. He'll be mine one way or another.

And then I went home, where my night took a wonderfully crappy turn.
I was watching TV, got up to get something in the bathroom (I think. I may have just used the restroom, or snorted coke).
I come back, go to sit down and feel a prick in my foot. I scream OW, but I thought it was just plastic sticking out of the carpet.
So what do I do? Put my foot back down. This shoves the pin farther into my foot.
At this point I'm screaming, crying, and my mom has no idea what the hell is going on.
I tried to pull it out, but it was too deep. My mom finally saw it, freaked, tried to pull it out, and took three tries to finally yank it.
At first it was okay, then it started bleeding.It kept bleeding for a little, while I kept crying. It really, really freaking hurt.
That's why today, I'm wearing a foot brace.I call myself "Lee the Limper". I can't walk normal, because there's a pocket of blood and the muscle is bruised. It went through my callous and farther, so that's way too deep for that needle.
Gory, huh? Well TOO BAD!

Went to the psychiatrist's to pick up my new medicine, but they weren't there. While my mom was checking the office, I hobbled to 7-11 to get a slurpie.
Oh, and my mom has "retinal tearing". So we had to go to the eye doctor. I limped through there, too. The cute nurse guy looked at me with sympathy and with attraction.
That's the look I was going for!
Don't tell Drew.
Lol, no do tell Drew. I don't care. I'm hot, and so he's gotta get over it. Fer sure.
That was obnoxious. I apologize for my lack of social whatever in the previous sentence.

I got home and was wiped out, so I took a nap. When I woke up, I ate dinner and then I went outside to look at my garden and take some pictures.
I brought Tiffany out with me so that she could walk around. Now that we have no grass, we have to wait until evening to let her out or she burns the pads of her paws. Vegas weather sucks like that.
Remember when it was just a plot of soil with a couple little sprouts?Now it's full of really tall stalks!
I should've taken a picture of their height, but I didn't think about it.
Oh wait, I did a couple days ago. Good thing I saved the picture.Our fruit tree is full of aphids. Or WAS, until ladybugs invaded.
And that's how I ended my day. Oh, and I got hit in the head by a hummingbird.
I'm standing there taking pictures of the ladybugs, hear a hmmmmm, and then WHAM right in the head.
And then I see it fly off.
Really, really weird experience. A) I rarely see hummingbirds and B) I didn't know they could run into your head.

Hope you enjoyed the past two days. I sure as hell only enjoyed certain parts.
(Like the Ryan Reynolds parts. : D)
And here's Tiffany right now:


Sarah said...

I am totally in love with Taylor Kitsch, who plays Gambit. We should double know, once we snag Taylor and Ryan?! Also, I once was attacked by a crow. I was walking on campus (Eastern Michigan U) and one swooped down and tried to grab my barrett off of my head. Apparently shiny things attract them. So a couple of days later I was walking again, with my Walkman blaring, and could have SWORN I heard wings. So I ducked and turned around...nothing bird. I don't need to tell you how weird people were looking at me. All they saw was some girl, apparently schizophrenic, ducking and dodging AIR! Too funny!

Wendyburd1 said...

I loved Ryan Reynolds character and him of course, I have had a crush since he was a preteen on a Nickelodeon soap opera...that's right my crush has seniority!!LOL! I love that he is getting his own movie starring his Wolverine character! I am sad gambit isn't, I thought his character was wicked cool and he needs a movie man!

I would have freaked out too if...the foot thing...sorry gagging a little, I don't do blood stuff all, makes me ill! Did you end up with the new med yet? Email me what it is!!

Sarah said...

Oh, also, I just saw your, the allergy testing is not painful, probably hurts WAY less than the needle in your foot :) They don't really prick, it's more of a quick scratch. Do it, it's kind of neat to find out.

Anonymous said...

Keep trying to see Star Trek it is worth it. Sorry about your foot, feel better soon.

KittsKrafts said...

I did the pin in the foot thing before but not nearly as bad as yours! Hope you leave the limp behind soon! That is a really good picture of you at the top of your post! BTW--I read EVERY word! lol

Anonymous said...

I am glad that your Spanish verbal quiz went well!

I hope your foot gets better! I remember the time I stepped on a nail... OMGosh that hurt so bad!

We really want to see Wolverine and might see about going this weekend. Ryan Reynolds is pretty cute! But Hugh Jackman is my reason for seeing it. Whew!

Your garden looks great!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! You got hit in the head w/ a hummingbird! Hilarious!

Sorry about your foot. Ouch.

'he was the cool kid' that was funny.

Love your hair wavy.

Hot guy abs...bowchickabowbow!

How the heck do you lose 3 pounds in one day?

Kristina P. said...

I can't believe you had to wear an entire footbrace for that! Ouch!

And Ryan Reynold's body is amazing!!

Me said...

Sounds like you have had quite the 'adventure' the last few days. Sorry about the needle to the foot!

Jillene said...

WOW--what an Adventure?! Yay for the Spanish test!!

Cute wavy hair!!

Ryan Renolds is HAWT!!

Sorry about the foot--it looks painful.

Yay for Slurpies!!

Bobby G said...

Ryan Reynolds is cool as hell! He is a good looking guy, but hes so funny i bet hed be cool to chill with. I must say LOVE THE WAVY HAIR! It always looks better on any girl wavy as far as im concerned.

Bobby G said...

PS a little something for you on my blog!

LaurieJ said...

Sluprees, hot men, spanish test, pain in your foot, rockin' garden. See I don't skim :-)
If you put naked men pictures like that every paragraph I solemnly swear to never skim again!

SO said...

Ryan Reynolds is a full on hottie....just like you!

Cool on the smoothie that helped you lose weight and getting the best question in Spanish!

Sorry about the pin in the foot. Yeowch!

Grand Pooba said...

Ok, I'm just commenting that I'm not even going to leave a comment yet until I can watch your vlog when I get home!

Anonymous said...

1. Try to catch up on sleep over the weekend!

2. I like the wavy hair.

3. :( for the twitching uncontrollably :(

4. What kind of smoothie? Have you ever gotten smoothies from Jamba Juice?

5. I'm glad your spanish quiz worked out! I always hated having to do verbal stuff for spanish...Senora made us do a couple projects where we had to say stuff and I detested them. With a passion.

6. Ewww Star Trek :-P

7. I hope your foot heals okay! :\

8. Congrats on the successful garden!

9. I find it really amusing that a hummingbird flew into your head. Not because it hit you, but because it's a hummingbird and in my experiences with them they've always been elusive.

That.Girl said...

MM, you definately have to send me one of those smoothies, or like a months worth...

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