Monday, May 4, 2009

I Bit The Bullet, Took The Plunge, The Whole Shebang

I signed up for 17 credits today.
Because obviously I'm insane and someone needs to take me to a mental hospital.
But you know what? I procrastinate, and that's my only problem.
And now that Drew has a job, I have to do something to keep myself preoccupied.
Twiddling my thumbs gets old. And tormenting Tiffany, while amusing for a little while, gets old too.
Which is a shame, because tormenting Tiffany used to be my go-to boredom eradicator.
Behind naked slip 'n slide.
(Note to self: Don't ever google naked slip 'n slide again.)
(Seriously, don't do it.)
(I know some of you are about to. Don't.)

Every class that I signed up for was available, which was pretty exciting.

Today in math class I got my 3rd test back, and I got a 90. Which is damn good for me.
I should be a rocket scientist.
Vroom vroom into outer spaaaaaaaaaaaaace!I could design rockets.
No one says they would actually fly, but I could design them.
I just tried to draw one in order to be more of a smartass, but it looked like a penis and so I deemed it inappropriate for general publication.
So I drew a new one, with ladybugs!The ladybugs are to add a dash of flair to the already rockin' rocket.

I need some advice, guys. And it's important.
More important than the never ending fight of caramel vs. carmel. And yes, that's a fight I've been a part of many, many times.
(It's caramel you syllable dropping freaks.)
Me and Drew barely have problems anymore, but there are two bones of contention between us.
He forgets to say bye when he's busy, and he misses my text messages. Constantly.
Both of these annoy the HELL out of me. How hard is it to do either of these things?
How do I try to adjust this?
It's not enough for me to be like I HATE YOU. But enough to be frustrated.
I'm thinking torture. Eventually he would crack and never be able to do it again without fear of the torture that would follow...
Something like this should be effective:Or I could make him watch this on repeat for 10 hours straight:
You know, they actually USE the Barney "I Love You" song as a torture device.
How sad is that? Although I'm sure if someone played that on loop, I'd spill all of my secrets.
"I once wet my pants and slept in the same swimsuit because I was too embaressed to admit what I did to get a new pair of underwear!" "I asked where the WMDs are." "Oh... oops? Don't tell anyone I told you that."In other news, I have a rash completely covering my legs. See it? Faintly? Yeah, it's BRIGHT RED in person. My camera washes everything out.
It looks like someone rubbed poison ivy all over my legs. Maybe I could make it into a fashion statement.

Other than my rash, my classes and such nothing's new.
Going to Star Trek Wednesday for an early release. Tomorrow working on 3 papers to get done.
Woo, too busy.And here's a picture of me that I took today in class. I was the only one there because I was early. Plus I was sitting next to the window. But I thought I'd share. (note the twilight shirt)
It's also on the right sidebar over there... so... check?


Kristina P. said...

That rash does not look fun! And can't wait to hear about the new Star Trek.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting your classes and good luck with them! And congrats on your math test! And the ladybug rocket is kinda cute! I also hope your rash gets better soon...

Tim said...

Lee, so glad you got all the classes you wanted. I know that makes you feel allot better.

Love and Prayers,


Sarah said...

That's awesome about your classes. And while I only ever took 12 credits at a time, you seem MUCH smarter than I was...or I would have never thought to use the word "eradication" in my blog, don't even know what it means. You'll be FINE! Not sure about the text thing. My ex used to text 99.9% of the time. It was fine but every so often he'd text me something and I would call IMMEDIATELY to answer his text question...or textion (ha-ha) and he refused to pick the phone up. THAT was annoying.

Bobby G said...

HATE RASHES! God that sucks girk, 17 credits is gonna kick your ass!

Sheri said...

Ouch that rash looks like it is annoying. Try Aveeno lotion maybe?

17 credits for the semester! Wow. I took that many one semester while I was working and let me tell you - it sucked! lol You should do awesome though. :)

I don't check text messages often and since it isn't on my cell's plan I can't text back... it sucks. Maybe that is Drew's problem too?

SO said...

That new Star Trek looks interesting let us know how you like it. Yuck on the rash and good luck on the 17 credits! That's crazy.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with you classes! I hope your rash clears up soon!

Daphine said...

Good luck on your classes. I hope that your rash clears up soon! As for as twitter...I am afraid to even try and figure it out. I hear so much about it here lately though.

Love your new blog layout! It's very nice!

Wendyburd1 said...

NOOOO don't TWEET!!! And Barney would make me off myself by verse 2!! Just threaten Drew I am sure you will have a good idea, lol! Yay on getting the classes you wanted that is great...and so hard to do!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, freaky that you are wearing a twilight shirt and are white like a vampire.

My advice on Drew is in last comment I just left above.

Yes, I was crazy in college too and took way too many credits every semester so I would graduate in 3 years not 4 and now I think, what was my hurry?

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