Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Quest for Dunkin' Donuts

Ever since I read Wendy's blogpost that mentioned Dunkin' Donuts "Munchkins", I've been craving them.
I've also NEVER tried Dunkin' Donuts coffee, and everyone says it's the best coffee ever.
Every day this week that we've been out, I have wanted Dunkin' Donuts.
My mom has been more than willing to get me some, too. (She knows that it's very likely that I will chew someone's hand off if I don't get what I'm craving, pronto.)

Well, we drove past one, which made me crave it. When I finally mentioned it, I couldn't remember where I saw that particular store.
So, we started looking.
Couldn't find one ANYWHERE.

Sadly, I still have not tasted a munchkin, and I have not allowed myself to be immersed in the supposed joy that is Dunkin' Donuts coffee.
I don't even care now. I just want donuts and coffee, damnit. It's not that hard!
I might just go to Krispy Kreme... but then what?
That would be giving up. That would be forfeiting, admitting defeat.
Finks do not admit defeat! They insist they're right no matter what, and always get their way!
Some call it spoiled, I call it... blessed!

But seriously, guys. I need it. I need those little donut holes, and I need that coffee.
If I don't get it, I might do something drastic. Something scary.
I might kill someone, guys. I just don't know yet. I don't know what I'm capable of.

On my quest to find munchkins, I ran across a blog.
At first the blog seemed normal... until I realized it was written by a dog.

Dog Blog

I've seen this before, but it trips me out everytime. Why on earth can't you just have your own blog?
And why does the dog get more comments than me?
Wire-haired little bastard.

Other than my insatiable need for Dunkin' Donuts, the trippy dog blog, and a few trips to the doctor, nothing's new.
I did have an eye doctor's intern stare at my boobs, but that's nothing new really. The only difference was that he wasn't a walmart cashier or construction worker.
My hair's perm has stuck, which is freaking exciting for me. It's like mermaid waves.
And I've kept my weight at 118 consistently. I had two dollar menu burgers from McDonalds.

Has anyone tried those? I like them. They're just bun, meat, ketchup, onion, pickle for 89 cents.
That's really how I like my burgers. I can't stand anything else on them.

My days are boring as hell, aren't they? Why on earth do you guys read my blog?
Maybe it's pity.
If that's the case, keep pitying! Woo!

What kind of things have YOU been craving this week?


Erin said...

A dog blog? Wow. Just wow.

I just ate a Wal-Mart donut. I was actually surprised that it wasn't half bad.

Kameron said...

I did a little lookin and here is the link for the DD nearest you! You must get the chocolate glazed and raspberry filled munchkins and wash them down with a medium iced coffee. :o) Don't give in to the hype that is Krispy Kreme Krap!

Kristina P. said...

WHen we were in Vegas, there was a DD in our hotel. I was actually not impressed. Give me Krispy Kremes anyday.

KittsKrafts said...

I get to craving dark chocolate now & then when I know there is no to be had. Probably I only want it because there isn't any! Then I get to a store and see it at the check out line and I just say "Nah...I'm not interested in any now and if I get it I'll just eat it because it is there so better to leave it sit on the shelf! That is until the next day or so....Dark Chocolate....where's the dark chocolate???

Sarah said...

Ready for this?!?! My dad was a baker at Dunkin' Donuts for 33 years! My whole childhood was surrounded by donuts! I got to go to work with him and fill the donuts. Munchkins are good. If and when you find a DD, see if they have filled munchkins. Years ago they had them filled with jelly and custard...yummy! Also, I weigh 118, and also also, I JUST had a dollar cheeseburger from Mickey D's on Tuesday. I NEVER eat out but I was starving and on my way to softball practice. It WAS exquisite!

Sarah said...

Oh, and the keyboard comes off of the back. It's almost like you would be removing the battery and the whole back and side of the keyboard comes off...only the battery is still in tact. Then, you just slide on a plain back and viola! I use the keyboard for protection right now, until I get a cover or something.

Grand Pooba said...

Well now I'm craving donuts too! Do they even have dunkin donuts in Nevada? I thought it was just an East coast thing! Gimme gimme donuts, they are my biggest weekness!

Wendyburd1 said...

DD all the way!! You 'Kin Do It!! Heehee! Honey glazed and chocolate glazed are the best munchkins, Krispy Kreme is like okay once a year! And DD's Boston Creme, pure heaven!!

Sarah - they do NOT fill the doughnuts like they used to! I miss the DD man "time to make the doughnuts!"

Anonymous said...

The dog gets more comments, lol! I know, I've seen several dog blogs. A bit strange, but then again my brother has a facebook page for his dog.

I've been craving lime tostitos this week.

Krispy Kreme? I thought all of those closed? Must be just ours closed.

Anonymous said...

I personally like Krispy Kreme way better than DD. Sorry! DD's donuts are too cake like. Plus, KK is a NC based company so I have support the locals. I have heard that DD has good coffee but I am loyal to Starbucks and Caribou Coffee.

Bobby G said...

Pet blogs astound me, its always like "I licked my balls today, delicious" Im like REALLY? I read your blog because it keeps me yopung! lol teenage drama sucks. but if it isnt mine, its damn entertaining!

Amy Fichtner said...

I have been on a latte binge!! I LOVE them!!! Oh, I hope you get your munchkins!! Theyer are opening a DD about 5 min form my house!! Yay!!!

Anonymous said...

I've never tried the Dunkin Donuts coffee either...

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