Friday, May 22, 2009

Major Conflict

I have a "major" conflict.
I'm trying to figure out which major I want to call, and I'm completely conflicted as to which one I should.
Nice play on words, right? "Major conflict"? Huh, huh? Anybody?

I'm going to call a communications major for certain, but my problem is what TYPE of communications major to call.
I can either get a basic comm major, (which sucks because it's all talking classes).
Or I can get a journalism/media emphasis.

Part of my reason for switching majors is:
A.) I want to work in the communications business for certain.
I've always said I wanted to be an editor. Editing is part of media. Duh, why didn't I think of this before?!

B.) My dad works at the paper, and he knows that the company he works for gives out big scholarships to people riding on a journalism major, since it's a bit of a rare feat nowadays.
Sure, people want to be anchormen/women, but actual print journalism is becoming extinct.
And fast.

If I were to take this journalism emphasis, I wouldn't have to take anymore Spanish classes.
(Oh, and good news. I got a C in Spanish. Which means I get the credits. Score!)
My mom told me that I'll be better off getting 80 credits, since I've apparently taken unnecessary classes.
Here's a rundown of the classes I'll be required to take now:
Intro to Journalism and Media Studies
Critical Analysis of the Mass Media
News Reporting and Writing
Writing Across Media
Fundamentals of Applied Media Aesthetics
News and the News Media

Is it just me, or do those classes all sound EXACTLY THE SAME?!
At least I'll be enjoying it. Really, I think I'll have a nice time with these classes.

My mom just said "When you become a famous anchor woman, I'm going to sell that video of you when you were little pretending to be a weather girl to the media."
Thanks mom. Thanks for totally selling me out.
At least she has high hopes for me.

This also means I get to stay in state, because I'll be going to UNLV for my bachelors in Journalism.
Never thought I'd be saying that. I feel reborn people. I feel like a new woman. Like my life has a purpose!
How much you want to bet in 20 years I'm working in McDonald's. I'm calling it now.
At least I'll be an educated McDonald's employee.

So what do you guys think? Should I take the journalism emphasis, or go with the boring as all get out basic comm major?
(As you can imagine, my parents are so happy that I'm following in the family line sort of thing.)

Also, Pooba (I'll use your blog name :] ) sent me a giftcard to Itunes.
At first I didn't know what to get, since I don't buy my music. But then I remembered that I can buy apps for my Ipod, and I went hog-wild.
I bought the movie Wanted (because it was only 10 dollars).
I bought 2 games, a soothing sounds alarm clock, and a "virtual koi pond".
Let me tell you.
I would put a video of myself playing with it, but this video shows it pretty well:

I've become addicted to running my finger over the "water". And if you leave your finger on the water, the fish come and "nibble" it.
So it's pretty freaking fun. And addictive.

Anyway, yeah... that's what's going on with me.
Not that exciting, except the major thing.
Let me know what major you guys think I should call.


Kristina P. said...

I think that journalism would be fun, but that's just me.

And I love Wanted.

Erin said...

UNLV. Good for you!

I really don't know which major you should go for, but I say definitely take the classes that interest you the most. Good luck!

Jillene said...

I also think journalism would be AWESOME!! You will do well in whatever you choose though--I am POSITIVE of that!!

I aslo love Wanted!!

Anonymous said...

I think the journalism thing sounds cool.

love me some itunes.

Bobby G said...

Journalism for sure! Regular communications is essentially a useless degree, Might as well get a degree in english lit or something

TeeTee said...

I also think journalism would be fun!

Wendyburd1 said...

Journalism would so suit you Lee!! You like to gather info and media and you like to share it. AND you find it interesting, that is SO the way to go!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like journalism will be your best bet. I know several people that have communications degrees and it seems that they are always looking for a new job or are regretting their degree choice. I think you'll do great in whatever you choose.

Anonymous said...

Even if that company does give out huge scholarships to journalism majors you have to think about whether or not you'll really be employable. Like to multiple companies. And back up plans are always good.

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