Saturday, May 9, 2009

Blast From the Past

I'm on my mom's computer collecting pics for a mother's day present.
I already gave her roses and chocolate covered pomegranate seeds. Mmm.
I have two other things for her tomorrow, but while I was going through pictures, I found a bunch of old pictures of me that I thought I would share with you.
For the record, yes I deleted my previous post. Not worth it to have something like that up when I have something like this to do.
And I lost a follower. Just like to point that out. I had 52, ya little bastard!

Anyway, here goes it.
1996 (5 Years Old):This is the only one I could find scanned of me back in Oklahoma. But this is a picture of me on the day I was Christened. Subsequently, it was also my birthday.

2000 (8 Years Old):
I always wanted to model, so whenever someone whipped out a camera I threw on my "model look". Which meant tilting my head downward and staring at the camera. And that's about it.

2001 (9 Years old):I wasn't allowed to drink out of open-lid glasses. Everytime I tried, I spilled on the carpet.
Also, barely visible next to me is my ever-present entourage of stuffed animals. The biggest is Dudley, the hound is Tracker, and the barely seen mouse is Cheezer.For the most part I had small birthdays. After this party I started having bigger ones, so this is one of the last stay-at-home parties.This is the same easter basket I use to this day. I love my ducky. Quack, quack my dear friend.

2002 (10 Years Old):In this picture I had it in my head that I wanted to be an author. In order to be an author, I had to take pictures like the authors do in the back of their books.
In hindsight, the stuffed animal probably would have discredited me a bit.
And by a "bit", I mean a lot.I always had very nice Christmas'. Still do, infact. I'm a spoiled kid. It helps to be an only child in my house.

2003 (12 Years Old):This is when the babyfat and acne started to come on full-force. I have a picture of the acne, but I'm going to leave that for another time. This is not supposed to be a gross-out blog, right?
But man was my face chubby. I never noticed until the pictures from this set.This is also around the same time I sprouted my killer bod. From that point forward, everyone thought I was 18. GEE, HARD TO FIGURE OUT WHY HUH? (Hint: Ginormous bunzungas)

2004 (13 Years Old):I started wearing makeup around this time. Also started trying to dress "cooler". In reality I was a dweeb, but at the time I thought I was super cool.This is the same year that I met my biological dad for the first time since I was a baby.
We never looked at the same camera. We're freakin' skilled like that.Me and Shelby. Can you believe that? Shelby was so adooorable.

That's all I've got with actual dates on them. But here's a few random pictures that I found:
Me and my nephews:

I call this one, "Where the hell are my eyebrows?":That's about it for pictures today. I hope you enjoyed them. I loved finding them. It really was a trip down memory lane.
Next time I do a picture post of my past, I'll try to find pictures from 8 and under. I was a cute ass kid.


LaurieJ said...

Those are great pictures and your commentary made them even better! You were a cute kid and I know because I am an expert on cute kids (I have 5)
But dang I feel old~! Look at those dates. Isn't it like 2002 right now?

Anonymous said...

Aww! The picutres of you when you were little are so cute!

Kristina P. said...

I loved looking at these. You were such a beautiful girl! And still are.

Erin said...

I was just going to type exactly what Kristina typed. Foiled again by Kristina!

Anyway, you were, and still are, so cute/pretty/beautiful/gorgeous/all of those great words!

Sarah said...

LOVE IT! I posted something likt this too after raiding my mom's photo boxes. (
Hopefully your mood is looking up!

Wendyburd1 said...

Those are so great!! Holy crap, but the 8 year old you looks exactly the same, face wise! That one in particular I was like SO Lee!!

Anonymous said...

A tad OCD with the followers, eh?

Anonymous said...

Those were great pictures! I enjoyed seeing you through the years!

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