Sunday, May 17, 2009

Unexpected Evening

I messed up and meant to just post this on Monday.

So Drew came over Saturday, and I didn't take pictures because we all know how smart I am.
If I were a lion, I would have found a way to get eaten by an antelope by now.
Yep, I'm that smart.

First we planned on going swimming down at my neighborhood community pool. I need a chaperone because I'm under 18.
So I dragged Drew down there as my "chaperone". They gave me crap about having an obsolete key and that I have to have a parent with me, so we didn't get to swim there.
I half-heartedly said "Plan B!"
We drove down to the Y in hopes of going swimming there.
Closed until Memorial Day.
Little bastards. Thwarting my plans of swimming. Why must you cause me such emotional grief?! I just want to swim!

We had a nice day after all of that. Sat outside at one point with candles and just talked under the stars. It was very nice.
We even slow danced to no music for a little bit.
We talked about the fact that Cameron's moving back to Oklahoma on Wednesday.
(Am I allowed to cheer on the inside?)
I told him I was happy for my personal gain from it, and that I was sad for Drew because I knew having Cameron here meant a lot.
Which was completely true. At least I was being honest.
I could've just said "Ha HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I WIN."
But that would be wrong.
But feel so right.
No, no it would just be wrong.

We also laid together and watched Xmen 3, and we played Fallout and a little Halo.
Drew actually got bored of Halo. That NEVER happens. He was like "So... what do we do now?" After 10 rounds.
I was dumbfounded. Drew, bored by Halo? Who are you and what have you done with my Drew?

When Cameron came to pick Drew up, I was less than excited.
We all know that Cameron and I have animosity between us.
I'm sure that's been made clear in the past.
Well, when Cameron showed up I went up to him and said "Look, I want to apologize for anything I've ever done to offend you. I don't want anymore animosity between us, because it's not doing either of us any good."
He agreed, apologized for his part, and then the real fun began.
Cameron's car was broken. His left blinker wouldn't turn off.

I wasn't going to let Drew drive in a car with a broken blinker. With his luck, they'd get pulled over.
So what's a girl to do?
Pull out my tools and get under the hood.
I pulled open the fuse box and tested a few fuses. I found the one for the blinkers, but of course that was a last resort because that would completely stop any blinkers, not just the left one.
So then we pop the hood and I decide to take the bulb out of the blinker. I unscrew everything and get ready to take it out, and decide it's just not worth it, because the other blinker still wouldn't work.
So I get BACK in the car and go for the fuses again, pop out the one for the blinker, and let them go on their merry way. Cameron was eternally grateful, and I was laughing on the inside.
Two guys and a girl, and the girl is the one working on the car.
I didn't think to get pictures of myself, but I should have. I was dirty and sweaty and completely into it.
I loved pulling out the fuses and checking the cables and everything.
Cameron kept telling Drew "Go sit in the garage and let the expert work on it."
Expert being me.
It took almost two hours to get everything going, because it was 10 at night, dark, and he had no manual for his car, so I was working on pure intellect.
Watching my mom work on her car must have rubbed off on me.
Plus my PCOS. All that extra testosterone must have given me the man's car fixin' ability.

So Cameron and Drew leave, after both giving me hugs, and I go back inside and pass out because once AGAIN I accidentally popped my trazedone before I wanted to.

Today I woke up determined to do something.
First, I wanted to finish a book I've been reading.
It's called "Extras", and it's the fourth book in the "Uglies" series that I used to tell you guys about. It's set 300 years in the future, after mankind is rebuilding itself from nearly destroying itself. In "Uglies", everyone gets a surgery when they're 16 in order to be considered beautiful. In extras, surgery is just the "hip" thing to do. It's not mandatory.
So yeah, you guys should read the "Uglies" series. "Extras" is actually the first book I've read since the Twilight series. How freaking crazy is that? I couldn't get my mind off of Twilight.
That's my OCD for you.

The second thing I wanted to do? Muscle training.
I do 5 minutes of treadmill a day. Which is great. I lost 25 pounds by doing that.
But I don't want to just lose the weight, I want to tone my body.
So, I got up and did an hour and a half of muscle exercise.
I worked my legs, my back, my stomach, my arms. Everything I could think of.
I was dripping with sweat, but I felt satisfied.

It's mind-shattering when I look at the way I used to look.
I was never truly FAT, but my body was very out of shape.I used to wear tent clothing to hide my stomach, loose jeans to hide my thighs.
Compare that to now:
I'm proud of myself and everything I've done for my body, and now I can't wait to see how I can tone myself up.
Oh and Drew screwed up a little last night and he's being ungodly sweet this morning.
Loving this.


Kristina P. said...

I totally marked as read before I saw that part!

And you look healthy now.

Thanks so much for the picture. You did a great job, as usual.

Yaya said...

You do look great!

That's so cool you know how to fix cars. And that you and Drew's bromance were able to patch things up a bit.

Sounds like a really nice day with Drew!

Erin said...

I love how you were the expert at fixing the car. Guys, take a lesson from Lee!

Izzy said...

Lol fun stuff You txt me about the car but now I got the full story good times huh?

Wendyburd1 said...

I am so impressed that you fixed his car for him. AND he gave you a hug too! Good for you getting the animosity out of the air! I am so proud of you!!!

I HATE X-Men 3, they kill everyone off!! It doesn't exist for me, there were only two. Just like The Matrix has NO sequels, at all.

You look great, so great I could hurt you if you weren't so far away, LOL! Wait you live in LAS VEGAS, what you can't go to the strip and use a NICE hotels?

Liz said...

Sounds like you had a great Saturday!

Bobby G said...

Not only do you look great! But you are WAY healthier too! Congrats girl! thats a great thing!

PS Both Drew & Cam need to lose their man cards...Seriously, just hand them over...

SO said...

That rocks that you were the one to fix the car! I wish I knew how to do stuff like that. Alas I do not.

And you look very healthy and muscle work is awesome!

Sheri said...

You look great then and now! I think it is amazingly awesome that you were the one to fix the car. lol Also, I'm proud of you to put the bad stuff behind you and Cameron, that should def. be a major bonus in Drew's eyes too. :)

Grand Pooba said...

Now wait, you actually know what that greasy stuff is under the hood of a car?

I'm impressed.

Carmen said...

It's impressive that you knew how to fix his car. The only car fixing I think I can do is tire changing...and that's a maybe...

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