Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random Tidbits and Harvey the Gnome

So this week has been kind of hectic. I'm sorry I haven't been around. But I know you guys understand, so that's a relief.

First things first, the family drama has been resolved, so I am free of the drama life.
For now at least.
Drama tends to follow me like a lost puppy.

I got my nails done a couple days ago, and the woman that took me to do them didn't bother to tell me that taking acrylic nails off is impossible.
So when I go to get them professionally removed, apparently it's going to hurt like heck*.
I have a low tolerance for pain, so that's just gonna be fun.

And as I said yesterday, Drew randomly broke up with me last night.
It was like a kick in the stomach, since it sort of came out of nowhere.
But I cried for 10 minutes, and then said "Eh, whatever."
We all know my mom didn't know about me and him, but I went in there and laid with her while we talked about how much of a jerk he was.
Mom's are always there when you need them.

I'm not mad at Drew. If he doesn't want me, he doesn't want me. He said he wants to be my "best friend".
So go ahead, be my best friend.
But he's not allowed to date anyone else for 6 months.
Because I will murder him.
*sharpens axe*

I'm actually going to call my major today at school, as well as look into the work-study program.
Since I'm single now, I'll have a purse*-load of free time.
Did I ever tell you guys what classes I'm taking?
I re-did my whole schedule that day I said I was changing my major.
Next semester will be:
Monday/Wednesday - Intro to Journalism, Anthropology
Tuesday/Thursday - Political Science, Astronomy
Online - Philosophy

I think I can handle it, and with those classes all I'll have left is one science class (physics or biology) and the rest will be directed towards journalism.

Typing with these nails is proving to be hard.

I'm also going to an advanced screening of Up! today.
Which should be pretty neat. I'll tell you guys how it is once I see it.

I'm going to go get ready to run by the school, but I'm going to comment all of your recent blogs right now. (Don't be offended if I skip your older ones. I have 100 to sift through, so going with the newest is easier for me.)

Also, Yaya has given me Harvey the Gnome to visit my blog for a week. So welcome to your temporary home Harvey!*trying to cut back on cursing

Also, if I didn't comment your blog, people that have "choose your account" pulldown things on their comments, it isn't working on this computer.


Grand Pooba said...

Ha how cute, Harvey the gnome, I love it. Sorry about you and Drew, but I love how you only spent 10 minutes feeling bad about it! You rock!

Erin said...

I love your alternate curse words!

And I've never had fake nails. You'll have to let us know how it goes if/when you choose to have them removed.

That classload looks pretty rough. Good luck! I'm sure you will do great.

Cant Hardly Wait said...

And I've missed you. I wish I could have only spent 10 minutes feeling terrible about being a 20 year old divorced mom... but hey, that's what they make alcohol for.

You're so pretty. And I mean that in the least creepy way possible.

Kristina P. said...

I'm glad the family drama has been resolved!

And I know it sucks when you break up with anyone, but I think that in the long run, this is a good thing for you.

Me said...

Yay for no more drama!

They should be able to soak those acrylic nails off. I would ask them about it. They soak your hands in acetone (nail polish remover). It takes longer..but it doesn't hurt. Your fingertips will be a little dry. Don't let them go trying to pry them off..without at least asking about having them soaked off. Soaking causes LESS damage too.

Sheri said...

Cute gnome pic! Journalism is great, I hope you enjoy it. Also, online classes rock. :)

Sarah said...

I'm sorry about Drew. I remember times like this like yesterday and they SUUUUUCK! I have had fake nails too many times to count. Yes, it does hurt having them taken off but make sure they have you soak your hands in acetone for like 20 minutes (seriously) so that they are softer and easier to take off. I hated the last guy that took them off, scraping most of my real nail off as well and he didn't have me soak my hands. I've also bitten them off myself which seems gross but it beats the way they do it sometimes...smile!

Jillene said...

Hooray for no more drama!! I hope it stays that way!!

I had fake nails once--for my wedding. They SUCKED and I knawed them off on our honeymoon.

You class load looks fun, interesting and a little hard. Can't wait to hear about each one!!

Can't wait to hear about Up. My kids are DYING to see it and I hate to admit it but I am too!!

Tim said...

I am so glad that you dont hvae to worry about Drew anymore. A good guy would not have left you the way he did when you really needed him. At least a guy like me wouldnt have. I just didnt ever feel the love from him in his actions. You are better off because of this in my opinion as you deserve someone so much better. I know you will find mr. right, just keep the faith and dont stop being you.

Love and Prayers,


TeeTee said...

Yay for no more drama!

Moms are wonderful, I totally agree, just ask mine, she gets to hear all sorts of drama:)

Sorry about Drew, but good for you for saying whatever!

Mandala Michelle said...

Thank you for taking Harvey for awhile!! Your blog is awesome. I think I'm all caught up! Thumbs up for the whatever and double thumbs up to Mom.

Bobby G said...

GOOD! Let him go! DOUCHEBAG!

- Eadyn's Calling said...

Good luck with everything. :)
Let me know how UP! is, I'm going to take my daughter to it when it gets to this small town. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad that your family drama is over.

Sorry about Drew! Good job for getting over it pretty quick.

Your school load sounds pretty busy! You'll do great!

Anonymous said...

Love Harvey! Lol!

Glad things are mellowing out w/ the family drama.

In the midst of you catching up on posts you don't wanna miss the one I just posted-it's got pics of our future potential child(ren)!

Drew...eh...some relationships are better off as friends, as hard as it hurts to accept that realization.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, acrylic nails-I love to bite them off. Something about the weird pain...yeah...I'm weird

Anonymous said...

i don't like gnomes i truly do not. they're creepy and odd. and who needs a silent g in the beginning of a word? anyways.. acrylic nails? I've always wanted them but I know they completely destroy your nails. and my nails are already flimsy enough thank you very much. =]

Izzy said...

I love the gnome ^_^

LaurieJ said...

Just keep thinking whatev about Drew. If it's meant to be it will happen but not when anything is forced.

I heart gnomes! I really want them in my front yard...

and I promise you that your mom loved every minute of you just talking with her. Nobody loves you like your mom. Even when she has to be harsh or lay down some law. Mom's are awesome like that :-)

Wendyburd1 said...

Cute gnome, LOL! Here is a website if you want to get rid of the nails at home, less costly that is for sure and YOU can control any pain (http://www.ehow.com/how_2003351_remove-acrylic-nails.html)
I am sorry Drew is such a fool, but now the right guy can find you or you him. Aghhh I hated astronomy but I did it online and the program we used was so freaking hard, so that is probably why I loathe it. I DO remember that a blue moon is when you have two full moons in one month...that is all I remember!! LOL! Glad youa re back LEE!! *Hugs*

Just Caz said...

Goodbye Drew!
Hello good times to come.

Jessie Burkhardt said...

Soak off the acrylic in Acetone - it doesn't hurt. If they try to take them off another way, run! They don't know what they are doing.

Jessie Burkhardt
Sales/Marketing Coordinator for NSI

- Eadyn's Calling said...

Your nails look good. :)
Taking them off isn't too bad. I've never had them taken off professionally, but after awhile, if you don't get them filled or anything, they're pretty easy to pry off.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about getting acrylic nails recently. But I think that based on how careful I am with my real nails I should probably pass on it because I'd probably end up ripping half of my real nail and the fake nail through carelessness. Good luck with your new major btw! And Harvey the gnome is cute!

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