Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Never Have Luck With Perms

I had my mom give me a perm yesterday. I specified that I wanted big curls, not tiny spiral ones.
I didn't get either.
I got waves.
Which is fine, I can live with it. But it's not that drastic of a change compared to what I had.
And I mean come on, I'm so gorgeous that the only way anyone would notice my hair would be with a big change.
I'm going to re-perm it in a couple of weeks. But this time I'll pay the 50 dollars to people at a salon to do it. Because they know how to get my hair crazy good!
Just like poptarts.

Yesterday sucked for Las Vegas. Danny Gans died.
Danny Gans was one of our biggest performers.
I'm even angrier because even though I've seen almost EVERY performer in this town, I never got around to seeing him.
What kind of luck is that? I mean, I even saw Siegfried and Roy before Roy got all raunchy with the lion.
You know Roy had to provoke that lion somehow.
Lion: "That blingy little... I'm done. I'm done. His outfits are too flamboyant. raaaaawr."
Roy: "Oh no, this is so not fabulous. aaaaaaah."Luckily Siegfried and Roy don't read my blog, so I'm sure I won't get any cease and desi... oh look, two angry gay men at the door... wonder what they want?

But yeah, Danny Gans dying was shocking to everyone in Vegas. I was on the phone with Drew when I saw the news on Yahoo and went "Oh my god, Danny Gans died!"
"What?! When!?"
His name is plastered around town, so everywhere you go you're reminded that he's no longer here. It's a really somber feeling.
My dad wrote an article about him yesterday, and it is here:

So, R.I.P Danny. And keep being fabulous in the sky.Drew's on the bus right now coming over here. He's going vroom vroom on the bus bus.
Eventually I'll vroom vroom, but not until I have Shelby and pepper spray.
I've already explained my plan for that.
"Take the smaller one!" and run for it.
(Because Shelby is more tempting than me when it comes to kidnapping)

I watched Frost/Nixon last night. It's really sad that the actor playing Nixon was so good that I started tearing up and said "I want to hug him."
Seriously, he looked so sad and feeble that I just wanted to give him a big hug and say "It's okay, Nixon! I forgive you for Watergate!"
In reality, I DO forgive Nixon for Watergate. It's so stupid to me that one negative thing overshadows a career when he did so many positive things. They get ignored.
Reagan on the other hand... don't like Reagan, will never like Reagan, and I won't be hugging Reagan!


Kristina P. said...

I have had some bad perms in my life. Yours looks good! It's really pretty beach wavy.

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks pretty! Have fun with Drew! :-P

Sheri said...

Your hair looks good! I tried a perm once but because my hair is fine and long it doesn't stay in too well. Ah well. Hope you have fun with Drew! :)

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks cute! And I like that shirt!

I wanna get the japanese straightening treatment on my hair.

Have fun w/ Drew!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh Lee, you're my favorite! I don't know who that guy is that died, is that bad? Well, you look like a freakin model in your pics! Your hair looks great!

Erin said...

I've never even heard of Danny Gans. Crazy.

You look cute too :)

Wendyburd1 said...

You have no idea what a BAD perm is, I shall never post those pictures! And I LOVED Reagan, he was awesome and a good actor too!

Anonymous said...

Perms.... I haven't had one since 1994. I think your hair looks good! I don't know who Danny Gans is....sorry. I loved Ronald Reagan!

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