Friday, May 15, 2009

Shedding Like a Shaggy Dog

I keep shedding my weight.
I have no idea where it's going.

Maybe I'll lift up my bedskirt and see a giant pile of fat there.
I weigh 117 today, which is two pounds lighter than what I weighed this morning.
Yeah, I have no idea how I dropped 2 pounds in a day.
My mom's worried that I have an eating disorder.
Pfffft, eating disorders are for quitters.
Of course Drew's worried about me, but he's always worried about me so that's not a new development.

He's also coming over tomorrow to pick up the laptop I'm giving him.
It's my old 30 gb dell.
30 gbs? That's horrible!

Well my friends, it is. That can barely hold anything. But at least he'll be able to browse the internet and talk on msn, maybe play warcraft.
(I highly doubt that, but he's optimistic).
(Frickin' optimists).

I went to the chiropractor today. He cracked my back and all of that, but when he stretched my neck his hand touched my boob a little too much.
I don't think it was intentional, since he had to press on my chest for the stretch. But it still made me a tad bit uncomfortable.
Next time I'll tell him to be more careful with his hand placement.

I bought a new sundress yesterday, and I bought some new jeans. I was desperately in need of jeans.
I had 4 pairs of jeans with holes in them. The only jeans that FIT me.
And unlike those people that think ripped is a "trend", I like my jeans to be polished and not look like a cat got ahold of them.

The Lion King was good. I really enjoyed parts of it, but other parts I wasn't that into.
The guy that played Zazu (the bird, I think that's how you spell it), was actually on Frasier for a long time. He played Lloyd.
At one point the curtain got stuck and a stage hand had to come out and yoink it down, and Lloyd in his Zazu voice said "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"
I laughed my ass off, but I don't think anyone else got it.
So they had some kinks to work out. At one point someone lost their shoe on the stage. My ADD kicks in, and all I can do is stare at the shoe until someone runs out and grabs it.
Same with the curtain. I just stared at it until someone came out to yoink it down.
I really have a one-track mind, huh?

Other than the accidental-gropey chiropractor, new clothes, and Lion King, nothing is new.
Tomorrow Drew's coming, and I usually take pictures then.

I'll comment your blogs later today, like I always do! I'm dependable like that!
I'm like Michelin tires!Was I a smartass enough today? I feel like I'm losing my sparkle.
I sparkle like a vampire in the sun usually.
(I piss so many people off saying that. "VAMPIRES BURN IN THE SUN! BURN! THEY DO NOT SPARKLE!!!!!!" - Drew)

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Kristina P. said...

I actually loved the Lion King when I saw it in NYC.

Erin said...

I only own 4 pairs of jeans. That's because in order for them to fit me length-wise, they cost a bundle of money. One pair has holes, but I'm not willing to give them up yet.

I'm glad you like the Lion King.

Yaya said...

You saw Lion King?? LUCKY! Yes, my ADD kicks in during plays as well. I'm all 'la-dee-da-dee-da' staring at the ceiling by the end.

I've been dropping weight like crazy this week too, although I want to.

Dr hand on boob, not good.

k8lynr said...

the lion king is soooo good. f'reals.

and i feel you in the ADD section. and not in the creepy chiropractor way either.

have fun with the boy toy, as well.


Sheri said...

<3 Twilight, so sparkle in the sun! :)

I wish I had the losing weight problem. Hmm.. maybe you have a tape worm?

SO said...

I only have a couple of pairs of jeans that fit me how I like them to fit me. I need to lose some weight. I think the weight you are dropping is finding it's way to me.

Wendyburd1 said...

My OCD would have had problems with the show too.

I want to hurt you Lee. My weight has gone up I found out, to a number that made me cry as I have been through surgery for help as you know and you are 117!!! Agghhh! Come on get over here, gotta whoop your behind.

I have like 8 pairs of jeans but will have major problems if I gain any more weight or if I GOT a tummy tuck, they'd fit perfect except in the waist and I am too cheap to go to a SEAMSTRES!!

Liz said...

Well, none of my jeans fit me anymore. I'll buy some more when summer leaves and the weather gets cooler. I am with you on the rips; don't understand why people pay good money for jeans that already looked they have been through the ringer.

Glad that you enjoyed Lion King somewhat.

Tim said...

Gropped by the Chiro? That sucks. He better keep his hands to himself or hes gonna have a law suit. LOL

Surely this was accidental, but with a guy who knows.

Love and Prayers,


Carmen said...

Wish I could lose weight like that lol. I don't really like ripped jeans either. There are people at school that have jeans that have such huge rips near the knees that it's like their knees have wings or something. It's weird. If I had been there at the Lion King I probably would have stared at the shoe too...Lol

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