Friday, January 2, 2009

Another post... but this one's important

I started another blog.
This one is dedicated to free layouts.
Why? I figured it was the best way to get people to ask for them.
So I introduce to you Lee's Free Custom Blog Layouts.
Yeah, I also learned how to do animated buttons.
That's pretty exciting news.
So now you guys have to ask me to do something, because I devoted a whole blog to it.
If you guys want you can use that button to link back to my graphics on your blog.

Trust me, I can do more backgrounds that just what I use. I just can't create my own graphic. (I can't draw.)

So go ahead, check it out. I worked hard on it and it's pretty and I want to be recognized and a go-to spot for people needing graphics!

And read my post before this. Since it's important, too. But I figured I'd let you guys know about my new graphics site thing.



kel said...

wow... that is awesome! on my way now!

Kimmy said...

That is GREAT!!! I'll go check it out now!

Sheri said...

That is a great thing you are doing! :) I'm going to check it out right now...

Kelsey said...

YES! More free layouts!!!
Can you tell I'm a tad bit excited? I was getting tired of using "cutest blog on the blocks" selection.

Wendyburd1 said...

I will def go check it out!

Liz said...

That's great, Lee. I'll head over there and check it out.

Sheri said...

Thanks so much for making me a layout! :) It rocks!

Lana said...

I have an award for you on my blog!

Stesha said...

You are such a superhero! Always use your powers for good and not evil...unless it benefits you of course.

Off to check out your new blog.

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