Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let's Be Real

Side Note - This is more a vent than anything. I've been chewed out enough times that the time has come for a vent.
Before I explode.

Okay, you know I respect everyone's political views.
I don't shove my views down anyone's throat, I don't insult you for believing something different from what I do.
With that said, I get insulted for my views all of the time.
I made it clear to my friends that if I were able to vote, I would have voted for McCain. Or not at all, actually. I probably wouldn't have wanted to vote in this election.
Or I would've totally voted for myself.
Seriously I would've put my name over someone else's.
Or just wrote it into a new spot. Which would've been cool.
I'd be like "Heeey guys look, 1 in a million shot that I get to be president because of some sort of clerical error!"
Well technically with the voting system in this country, 1 in 1000 shot.
But still.

Anyway, it insults me when people tell me I am racist or that I don't understand the "magnitude" of this day.
Because I don't agree with his views, that makes me racist?
To call me racist is like calling a nun a slut. Just doesn't work.
Unless it's a specific nun that is a slut, then my analogy doesn't work.
But that doesn't make me racist.
And sure, I understand that some people see this day as a big event in history, but I don't.
I'm sorry, my blog my views my honesty.
If you don't like it, you don't have to go home but you gotta get the hell out of here.
Or not. Just don't yell at me. Seriously. This post has me considering comment moderation because I know I'm going to offend someone.

But I'm offended by the fact that I have been chewed out by three people already just because I said I'm not going to watch the inauguration.
And I didn't. In fact I kept away from the tv all afternoon.
I was also chewed out by my friends when I said that I would vote for McCain.
Hell, I didn't like McCain either. If I could vote in this election, I wouldn't have voted at all.
Some people said the only reason they voted was to be a part of history.
Yeah well that crap's not okay with me. You're supposed to vote to share your political view and hopefully elect someone that you believe deserves this seat in office.
You are not supposed to vote just to be a part of the dog and pony show.

And peer pressure just burns me. I had people sit there for 20 minutes telling me why I should vote for Barack. Or should if I could vote.
And I would just say "That's cool." and walk away. I'm sick of having political views shoved down my damn throat.
Everyday that I went to school I had to walk past a stand BLARING Barack Obama's speeches and trying to throw bumper stickers at me. This turned me off more than anything.
I couldn't sit in the courtyard of my own school without hearing his voice on repeat over a loud speaker.
I read the facts. I watched EVERY news channel to get different views. (CNN lost my viewership with their blatant approval of Obama. I want EQUAL coverage.)
The only equal coverage I got was fox news. How sad is that? Bill O'Reilly would sit there and tell me why Obama was good, and why McCain was good.
That shocked me, but also made me realize that sometimes things aren't what they seem.

I'm happy that some of you are excited today. You deserve excitement.
I'm not excited, I won't be swayed towards excitement. I'll await the backlash that's coming, that's fine.
Cuz all I have to say to that is "That's cool."


Erin said...

No backlash from me. I am so not political.

I didn't watch the inauguration either. But it's because my head was in the clouds and I didn't realize it was on until it was over. Oops. Oh well.

Kristina P. said...

I like Obama.

And it IS a historical moment. Watching many special recently where 50 years ago, many black people couldn't even drink out of the same water fountain, and now we have an African-American in office is amazing.

I was reading a blog the other day where the woman gave a political opinion, and was called racist. What? I agree. Just because you don't like Obama doesn't mean you are racist.

Me said...

I think it is unfortunate that you have experienced such a backlash. I can tell you that you won't get any of that from me.

LaurieJ said...

There was definitely some passion about this election! My family was split down the middle and it was easier to talk to some sisters than others. There has to be a lot mutual respect between people to have conversations about things you feel strongly about.
I have strong opinions and at some point have been offended and surely done some offending :-) I just have to remind myself of that!

Jillene said...

I forgot to watch it too. But I will say that it is a historical moment and I really hope that he does the best he can with what he has to work with.

And I don't think that you are a racist--not one bit. People use that word so loosly--not cool!!

Sheri said...

::Cheers:: I am glad you are voicing your thoughts on it all.

I actually voted McCain/Palin. But, before that I voted for Hilary Clinton. I really like her, I wish she would have won personally. I hope that Obama does well, and does what he says. That being said, do they ever do everything they say? NO! Do people in politics lie? YES!

P.S. - I’m tagging you to join in the Desk Tag fun! Check it out on my Blog.

Anonymous said...

I hate politics. All of it.

I did vote for Obama, but only bc of the small areas of the politics that I choose to look into (education for one) he has the better views. Other than that, I don't pay any attention to politics bc they annoy the heck out of me.
I am excited that in my lifetime we got to see a black president. That's just cool. Times have changed, ya know?

Why do I hate politics? Bc ppl are obsessive about politics. I'm assuming whoever was rude to you and your viewpoints are those close-minded obsessive political ppl. I'm sorry that you became their target.

Why am I not watching the inauguration? Bc first of all, I didn't even know it was today (see how closely I follow politics), and secondly, that stuff bores the crap out me. So what am I? I'm not racist. I'm not close-minded. Politics just aren't my cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

You know what drives me batty during presidential elections?? That everything is consumed by politics. Even my precious celebrity gossip magazines are smeared with political figures. Is there no justice??!

The Thompson's said...

Hey Lee,

I have no problem with what you said either. If people wouldnt make such a big deal out of race (like today) then it wouldnt be such an issue.

I voted McCain and am proud of it. I voted for him because he is an American Hero and has served his country pretty much all his life. He had WAY more experience than Obama. This cannot be argued.

I do wish Obama well, and hope that he will deliver on one or two of the things he promised. Im just not convinced.

I did watch parts of it though because yes it was a VERY historic day.

Anonymous said...

Amen Sister!! I did NOT vote for Obama and I am proud of that. I DID NOT watch the inauguration because when I don't believe in something then I don't support it. I do not believe in voting someone into a very important office just to "make history". I doubt very seriously about this "change". But whatever, people will believe what they want and they entitled to that. I put my trust only in God and that is it. Thanks for venting, Lee. I had a horrible day today and I feel like I vented through you.

a boy a girl and a pug said...

I'm so sorry you've gotten so much backlash from people. I voted for McCain. I really sided with his views on the economy and that's how I made my decision. Even though I didn't vote for Obama I was excited to be able to sit today and watch such a historic moment. How far this country has come is so amazing. I think politics can bring out the worst in people though.

Cant Hardly Wait said...

While today did have a pretty huge percentage of magnitude (can you tell i'm an obama mama?)... that has nothing to do with your personal views. I know you didn't watch it because he's african american, you didn't watch it because you don't agree with him. So what? Don't listen to em'. Fuck em'.

Kelsey said...

I am a proud McCain/Palin voter. The whole media obsession with Obama turned me off of him and his campaign more than anything. That and he and I don't share any similar views whatsoever.

Today we did nothing in any of my classes besides watch the inauguration. I had people come up to me and go, "oh that's sweet that you're watching since you hate Obama." Okay, not true at all. I never said I hated him, I just don't like his views. I'm sure he's a great person or whatever - he's just not for me.

I've been called a racist and a biggot more than my fair share and I just block it out now. Yes, this is historical, but do I need it to be coming at me from every angle? Absolutely not. I tried to read the online paper today on several different websites and of course the only feature stories were on Obama or the people who had gone to DC.

Sorry this was so long, but I agree with you totally and I can understand where you're coming from!

Wendyburd1 said...

I didn't watch it either, and was miffed it took away my NCIS, how rude! I think it is great that USA has it's first black President, but I don't like the comparisons of Obama to Martin Luther King Jr. (one did amazing things, the other has done SQUAT so far) or that people think because he is black that he will be an amazing president. If there had been another black man running who KNOWS what would have happened. I am just saying. Let's SEE what he does before putting him on plates and coins!

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