Friday, January 9, 2009

For The Best

I deleted Joe's phone number.
I was looking through my friend updates on myspace and found that he has a girlfriend now.
Explains why he's been ignoring me.
It's not like I had an uber crush on him. I'm more peeved that he'd drop one of his friends for a girl.

But screw him. Now the number temptation is gone and I can get back to my life.
Which coincidentally I'm definitely not doing right now. I'm laying in bed in my pajamas trying to avoid the fact that I need to get up and pack some boxes.
I'm sooo tiiiiired oooof paaaaacking.
Or more watching my mom pack while I sit and play xbox.
Same thing.

I made myself a new layout. It's darker and skullier. I actually really like it.
For once.
Usually I'm super critical of the layouts I make for myself.

I think it was more an excuse to use that picture of me in my sunglasses.
I really, really like that picture.

My mom's at walmart right now and I asked her to pick me up a lean cuisine pizza.
Surprisingly those pizzas are really good. Usually diet food tastes like cardboard and death, but these actually taste like a pizza.
And the crust gets nice and crunch. Mmm, me likey some crunchy crust.
I've found that it's always a tossup between people. Some people like crunchy crust, others prefer it to be soft.
It depends on my mood. Don't get me wrong, I'll eat pizza whether it's crunchy or soft, but I really just like the feeling of crunching into the crust.
And it always seems to taste richer.

Me and my mom used to make our own pizzas with ingredients from Trader Joes. But it was always floppy instead of crunchy, and floppy and oily is kind of gross.
We also used to make our own eggrolls. We'd prepare all day in the kitchen, and then it'd be like a factory line. Mom stuffs, I roll. Or I stuff, she rolls. Then we butter and put in the oven.
Those were always some goooood egg rolls.

How the heck did I start talking about food?

I think I might wear my new dress to the house signing tonight. I may as well, since I have no other fancy place. And I always try to look nice no matter where I'm going.
People always look at me differently because I don't dress like a normal teenager. Most teenagers wear a t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes.
I usually wear a dress shirt, jeans, and a pair of heels.
Even just to go to walmart.

If I'm only going for a couple hours it's fine, but then we get caught out and the heels take their toll.
But they make my legs look good, so I continue to wear them.

Speaking of my legs looking good, I'm happy I started working out again. The definition in my legs is coming back.

I hear a whining outside my window that sounds a lot like this zombie in left 4 dead. It's creeping me out.
Oh, and I'm a genius and packed all my night light things, so my room is pitch black at night which gives me the heebie jeebies. I kind of went on a packing frenzy and packed everything in my room. Including my scissors and my alarm clock.

I think I need to get up now before I go mental. Hope you guys have a great day!

p.s. I have no new requests. Which kind of sucks.


Kristina P. said...

I like the new skull layout!

And good riddance to Joe!

Cammie said...

I like the new layout. You win the prize for having the most random blog I have read today! LOL....Boy to pizza to going to walmart. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Oh good, I was just gonna email you a request! :)

Good riddance Joe!

Love the new layout!

Anonymous said...

Can't get to your email....dernit....gonna leave my request here and just email whenever you get a chance!

I will totally pay you!

A) I'd love a background with something/anything ORANGE! but this is not a priority.

B) I'd love a title graphic but cannot for life of me figure one out. I've made title graphics for other people's blogs but I get stuck when it comes to my own! But this is not a priority.

C) What IS the priority is making a button. Again, I know how to do this but I am totally stuck in terms of designs. I want the new button to be something that has my blog but also has something about our adoption adventure. I don't know. I'm stuck here too. I just can't figure it out. I can make these things for others but not for myself! I get to critical of myself and give up!
So....if you feel like tackling any/all of this I would love you for it (and pay you, but my love is a big enough reward ;)
Thank you!

Me said...

I like the new background. It all works well with your new glasses! ;)

I'm trying to find you more layout work. I sent someone to you just recently that wanted a signature..and I think you ended up making a button as well.

Do you know how to make the menu buttons across the top of a blog? I think I saw them on your layout blog. I could use help building some of those for a blog I am working on. And if things go as they are, I've got some images that need "editing" I am not capable of doing.

Stesha said...

I love the new layout, especially the colors.

Screw Joe and I want some pizza too.

Jillene said...

I LOVE the new layout, sionara Joe, and I agree that the Lean Cuisine pizzas are delish!!

Anonymous said...

I love the new layout design. It is Amazing. I especially like the way it frames your posts. Maybe I'll pop over to your layout site and request one.

And as far as this Joe person goes, that always sucks, but if he's dropping friends because of some chick I'm assuming he just started dating, then he's being a complete tool.

Anonymous said...

Love your new layout.

I like crunchy pizza too.

Maybe Joe's new girlfriend is the jealous type. You don't need him anyway.

Wendyburd1 said...

I love the new layout, it is really awesome!

A diet pizza that is good? I don't know, any diet food I have tried is EW!

I love lights, I got a candle light (like the ones some people put in their windows during x-mas) from a craft store and a little black lampshade and I use a blue nightlight bulb and have it on always, I just like a pretty color and a dim light to make me smile, LOL!

Ryan said...

As almost everyone already said, I love the new layout. xD

And I haven't played left 4 dead in too long.

You reminded me of it. xD

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