Friday, January 2, 2009

Pardon My French

Joe is a shitty person.
There I said it, it's out in the open.

On Tuesday we made plans to go to the park, as you know.
He slept until 4, and then ditched me to go "beat someone up and then take some x."

Yeah, he does drugs too. That's great, right?
For whatever reason my mind is stupid enough to go "okay, then we'll hang out on Thursday."
He promised he wouldn't over sleep, and he said he wouldn't ditch me.
So at about 4:30 I finally get ahold of him. Says he has to drop someone off and then take a shower and then come over.
That was honestly the last I heard of him. Oh yes, I did try to get ahold of him again. But he never answered.
He read them, because my phone lets me know, but he didn't answer.
He full on ditched me this time. Didn't even bother to give me an excuse.

I am so, so, so sick of people that do this kind of thing to me. First Sandy, and then Joe.
Still haven't even heard from Sandy.

Shelby is blazing mad at Joe and wants to rip off his reproductive organ, but that would be useless.
He probably doesn't have one.
The only reason I'm able to write this blog without the fear of him reading it is because
A) He wouldn't know where to find it
B) He's probably too stoned out of his mind all of the time to even care about reading it. And if he did read it, he'd probably think it was about a different Joe.
Joe DiMaggio. Boy I hate that guy.Look at how smug he is. "Oooooh I'm Joe Dimaaaagio."

Anyway, yeah. So that's how my week has been going. I was going to confront Joe, but what's the point? If he was a jerk enough to completely screw me over yesterday, he wouldn't care if it hurt me.
I did show myself that I'm growing up, though. I didn't cry about it.
I got pissy and whined about it a bit, but I didn't cry. What's the point?
I've found that tears are like little capsules that hold the pain you feel. When you let the capsules out that are truly holding pain, you feel better in the end because your body is free of the toxic stress.
But when you cry over the small things, you're letting out empty capsules and in turn emptying your body of something that shouldn't have been removed in the first place.
You feel crappier after crying than you did before you started crying.

I think I'm done with boys for a while.
I've moved on.
I found the rodent of my dreams.He's cute AND he's a good kisser. *sigh*Yeah maybe I'm a little mental, shut up.

Anyway I've decided that I need to take a hiatus from playing Left 4 Dead. I've been having a lot of nightmares.
Or maybe not exactly nightmares, just dreams with zombies in them.
The one I'm coherent of happened right before I woke up this morning. I woke up about 5 times last night, but that's normal for me. And that's probably why I'm always exhausted.
But anyway, me and some other zombie killer were on a mission to go pick up this little girl at the end of the highway and bring her back to the safe room. We were told that there were other people along the highway that could be rescued and to save them if we could.
So we're walking down the highway, come across this guy with like 5 kids. I stuff them all in my stroller (yes I had a stroller) and then we keep going.
We find the little girl, start walking back, and then crap gets weird.
Zombies start chasing us hardcore. And we're blam blamming but I only have my stupid pistol so I'm having to shoot them in the head like 10 times.

I also had another dream where there was this couple who got infected and killed their own kids. I don't know. My dreams get pretty disturbing now. I blame video games.

I signed onto fable again. I'd stopped playing to let my real estate investments get me money.
I had 66,000 gold. And so I bought the tavern, because I'm awesome.
And because that means my BEER IS DISCOUNTED, YO.

I've had a lot of fun on Xbox LIVE. Met some cool people. It was actually great this one time. I didn't know which gun to get so this guy Joe (weird coincidence there) goes "Well do you want boom boom, blam blam, or ratatatat?"
I went with ratatatat. Just because that's awesome.

Sorry I got excited.
Excited is an improvement over my previous attitude, so woo.
Here's my previous attitude:
I should go before I ramble myself off the deep end.
I love you guys mucho grande!
And a side of nachos.

I just found out that this site charges 30 DOLLARS for custom headers.
I am seriously underpaid.
I will still do them for free though.
Just ask.
I'm grumbling to myself right now. Seriously, 30 dollars? It takes me 5 minutes in photoshop.
See? Watch this.Click it. It's big.
And it took me 5 minutes.
I can make anything. I made one for Angela using a background she got from that site.
So yeah... just ask if you want one.
They're free, because I love you all.
Or you could send me presents.
Because I love presents.

But they're free, really. And I can do just about anything.


Yaya said...

Ditch Joe....schedule dinner w/ him and don't show up and never answer your phone again. PLEASE-you can do better. I know that is a cliche thing to say...but you need to do it for you and your future. You are better than that.

Yes...weird dreams...I've been having those ever since I watched "I Am Legend" this week....freaky!

Kimmy said...

You seriously need to dump Joe. He is a jerk and they NEVER change!!! I dated some "Joes" in my life and guess what? They were the same and now I'm with Paul! YIPPEE!!! Take it from me, go meet your "Paul".

Kristina P. said...

Joe is an ass. Seriously. A guy who is high all day and ditches a hot girl? Loser written all over him.

I think you need to play games with puppies, and kittens, and rainbows.

Lana said...

Come check out my very first giveaway... nothing spectacular like an x-box or anything, but free stuff nonetheless!

Angela said...


what do I love?

The header you made for my blog.


Thank you so much girlie!

I have a stopover in Vegas on Feb. 3rd...I'd love to bring you a little something from my travels. :)

LaurieJ said...

I was out of bloggerland for a few days and missed your posts!
I am adding myself as a follower..does that cheer you up a bit? How cool to be closer to your 100. Boys are dumb. I married one and I have one. I do love them but somedays the rodent might work out better ;-)

Oh yeah I had to change my blog to instead of .com

& I would totally love a new header!!!

♥georgie♥ said...

you are very talented now dump joe!

Cant Hardly Wait said...

My friend Ryan is just like Joe. JUST like him. I blew his phone up New Years eve cause we had made plans, and he blew me off. But still, I love him to death. People suck.

Jillene said...

Joe is an ASS!! Be done with him--you are better than that!!

kel said...

Guys are stpid. Ditch his ass! You are too cute to be waiting around on a guy!

The Boob Nazi said...

Oh my gosh! My brother plays that game ALL THE TIME. We had an argument about it because I had to use his computer to make a police report, and he wouldn't stop "killing zombies." Then we started screaming at each other, and I won the argument. Apparently, he's not the only one on it, which is what I thought was happening!

Liz said...


Joe is a loser..... and he won't change so drop him. Move on... there are other sharks in the sea.

Sounds like you are having some really weird dreams. It might be wise to switch to something else for a while. :O)

Wendyburd1 said...

Joe sounds like someone to ditch...permanently. What a loser to ditch you!
Yeah I would stop the game for a bit if you have such horrid dreams!!

Hmm I may take you up on the free header once I have a pic of me currently I really like.:p

Now I really want some nachos from Target, but they haven't had cheese in forever!!Grrr!

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