Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jesus man.

My life is dull.
I did my spanish homework and then what, I sat here.
I haven't showered since Sunday.

I don't smell or anything. My hair is greasy. I'm just so tired I don't even want to stand up in the shower.
Obviously I'm going to take one before school.
I've been sitting on my ass on the couch all day.
I used to have a slightly exciting life.

Now I'm like baaaaaaah.
I'm like the old guy that yells at kids on his lawn.
Hey Lee, wanna go do something?
Baaaaaaaaaah bring me some bran muffins.

I'm watching The Davinci Code. The frickin' albino just came out of nowhere.
It was like laaaa quiet moment and then BAM CRAZY GUN TOTING ALBINO.

I finished like 3 layouts today. They all look similar. I've lost my mojo.
I figured that this layout hiatus would be good to help me get my mojo back.
That way I'd stop making cookie-cutter layouts.

I just kind of zone out on the screen. I need something to help pep me back up. Like 50 gallons of coffee.
My blog posts are always so short now. I'm doing my contest drawing tomorrow. Will probably do it when I get home from school.
I'll record it and everything so that I can't cheat.

I never win anything. I've stopped entering your blog contests because I never win.
Even when I feel like I positively know I'm going to win, I lose.
Even if it's a contest called "This is a contest for people named Lee" there's always some other Lee that swoops in and takes my thunder.
I don't remember ever winning anything in my life.
During elementary school the good kids each week got entered in a raffle.
And I never won, even though I got the most tickets.
So I stopped caring about tickets.
I hate contests since I never win. It gets to be depressing when you lose over and over again.

So hopefully someone like me wins tomorrow. And I vindicate them.

You guys should give me advice on how to pep up. I need it.


Jillene said...

Get some sleep and the upcoming blog break will help. Oh yeah--you better pick me. I never win either (o.k. I won on Monday but that was a fluke).

Cant Hardly Wait said...

uhh...umm i don't know. go to a casting call for the real world.

Kristina P. said...

I guess I just won't enter. Boo. I do win. Sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I have never won one of those giveaways either. Maybe my luck will change.

Wendyburd1 said...

I hardly ever win either. The one time I ever won a raffle, I won the movie Hoosiers...a sports movie...yeah I gave it to my dad.

Bobby G said...

HEY girl! it could be WAY WORSE! You are in a winter induced funk! happens to us ALL! Also my fam never won shit either, then the "Winning shit god" smiled upon us, my mon won a fuckin HArley, and i won heated grips for my Harley, it'll all turn around! Smile! You are young, the BNEST years of your life are comin up!

Me said...

Cheer up! (Yeah..like that is that magic word). I agree with Jillene..get some sleep.

You mojo will come back! I think the creative mind needs a break every now and then. (it can works itself into a rut)

P.S. don't feel too bad about not winning! Your win will come!

Sheri said...

Lee, you are awesome. Even if your posts are "short" I still enjoy reading them. Why? Because you are REAL and funny and honest.

I never win contests either. Only ones I ever won is when I was a kid and they were coloring contests at the local grocery store. I probably only won because I added glitter and knew how to stay in the lines. lol

Coffee or soda would pep ya up. Also maybe something fun and Twilight related. That always cheers me up lately. I actually had a dream about Edward/Robert last night. I won't get into that here though lol hehehehee good stuff though. :)

Erin said...

I've never seen the DaVinci Code. Is it worth watching?

Oh, and I love your favicon!

Anonymous said...

Haha, I hadn't showered since Sunday either, until an hour ago! Yay for showers!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, seriously, I think ppl rigg their contests.

Anonymous said...

As far as pep-up advice....seems to be the mood in the air this week...lots of ppl are blah. weather is blah, time of year is blah. Just blah.

Maybe do some yoga??

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