Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's quiet... TOO quiet...

No really, it's too quiet around here.
And I have absolutely nothing to keep me busy.
Usually I can sit here all day and work on layouts, edit the ones I've already made, make a new layout for myself.
But I have no new orders, nothing to fix because apparently I've perfected my damn template, and I JUST made a new layout for myself.

I would pack my room, but it's already completely packed. Along with my bathroom.
In other words I'm going out of my mind trying to entertain myself.
It sucks too, because the whole layout business is mostly by word of mouth. I have the little banners, but those don't get anywhere unless someone says something about my stuff.
Don't get me wrong, for a while I had a steady flow of requests. I even have one that is sitting there, but that hasn't responded yet.
This is one of the reasons I've considered NOT getting a paypal account. That flow of people could've easily just been a lucky first rush.
So I'm twiddling my thumbs looking at the screen going "OH COME ON, JUST ONE REQUEST? ONE?!"

My mom told me that if I can earn enough money with the paypal account, I can get car insurance and finally drive.
Pfft, yeah right. That will never happen. I need 1200 dollars to drive my mom's car each year.
If I could accomplish that I'd probably squeal a little.
But that'd require me charging 20 dollars per layout and doing 110 layouts.
Doing 110 layouts is fine by me. But finding 110 people willing to pay 20 dollars apiece = slim to none.
And since no matter what I'm doing my things on donation only, that'll never happen. I refuse to physically charge for my layouts. There will never be a set price.

But a girl can always dream. I dream of the freedom of finally being able to go to the store without going "Moooom can we go to the store?"
I dream of the freedom of seeing my friends more than once a month because I can actually drive there. Yeah, that's right. I see my friends about once a month. That really, really sucks.

But as I said, that's all just a dream. There's no way that I could raise that much money doing graphics. Especially considering my client base is dropping off.
I hate saying that so much.
At first it seemed like it would snowball. That I'd be facing 10 requests a day. That was the dream.
Yeah, at that point I'd knock out 110 people easily. 110 paying people would never happen.

Oh well. I'll just wait until I'm 18 and get a job. And then save up my money from that and eventually drive. That's the one thing about college. I don't have time for a job right now.
I'll prove that I'm really sitting here doing absolutely nothing. (this doesn't count as time for a job. it's winter break for christ sake)Note the canned air in the back and the sleep mask.
Yeah, I was blowing out my keyboard. That's how bored I am.
Someone needs to help me. This can't be good for my mental stability.


Erin said...

I love that last line: "Someone needs to help me. This can't be good for my mental stability." I often feel like that! Good luck dear. May the force be with you.

Jillene said...

I'm sorry. I posted all about you and I have 67 followers. I thought for sure you you be receiving a massive amount of orders. Maybe people just can't make up their minds about colors and favorites.

Kristina P. said...

I would totally use you, but I already have an amazing header that I love!

Lana said...

I posted about you, and have your button on my sidebar! Don't give up. just keep doing what you're doing and the word will be spread!

So said...

I'm sure that orders will keep coming in. Just step away from the canned air.

Me said...

I have bugged you at least twice in the last week. I will see what else I can drum up. I think in general the blog world is quiet these days. Its killin' me...I can only blog so many times before I am dependent what others have blogged and I can't get enough...

Anonymous said...

Don't give up, Lee. You'll get there!

Stesha said...

"If you design it they will come."

Okay so you are not Kevin Costner and this isn't Field of Dreams, but you get the point.

Anonymous said...

I def think that would be possible. 110 ppl at $20-you could totally do that!

Anonymous said...

I kind of feel the same way. I'm home visiting my parents and there's absolutely nothing to be done around here. I'm just sort of pacing up and down the house before invariably plopping back down in this chair infront of the computer.

At this point I can't wait for break to be over.

Kelsey said...

I have something you can do to keep you from being bored. You can come clean my room out for me! Seriously it may take you a few days, but when you're ready to come down to FL let me know.

I know how you feel about the car thing! Trust me, I was there for 3 years! All my friends were driving and stuff and I was the only one not allowed. My dad never let me use his car alone so I constantly had to do things with him. You're time will come! Plus it makes you appreciate your car SO much more when you finally get it (also I'm 18 and JUST got mine).

Let me know when you want to hop on a plane to S. Florida! Save me from having to clean out this room myself lol.

Cant Hardly Wait said...

You can always fly to new orleans and go to bourbon street with me. it's almost mardi gras time and we can hand out beads to people who show us their asses.

Wendyburd1 said...

How do you get to school?!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to send a tweet out about you and hopefully that will generate a little something for you to do. I'm sorry you're so bored!!!

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