Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Miracle... I hope

So that house we went to check out was horrible.
Dog crap everywhere, a kiddie pool full of green water, and other such disgusting finds.

So I went online yesterday and looked through the millions of pages of houses.
Okay I lied, with our criteria it was about 20 pages. But still.

We want a one story for $1300 a month or less in a good neighborhood.
Well, I found a one story 1700 sq. ft. for $1150 a month a couple miles from where we live now.
It's in a gated community and we're going to see it in about an hour and a half.
For once I actually have high hopes for this one. We've seen pictures and guess what? The kitchen has an island!
A small island, but nonetheless an island!
We need to be out by the end of the month, and this one's ready for move-in. So I've got my fingers crossed.

Oh, my mom bought me some jewelry today. I got a blue opal ring. It was 150 dollars but it was on 50% off. I've always liked opals, and I've always wanted an opal ring of my own.

Oh, oh me and Drew played fable last night and it was funny.
He took me into his world (each person has their own world. they're all set up the same, but how the characters view you in each world is different)
Anyway anything that I do in his world reflects on him, not on me.
So in essence I made his world hate him.
It was an accident the second time.
We started a quest and I hit a button and accidentally blew out someone's window with the lightning. I didn't think they cared. But then I walked into the house and they started shooting at me.
That didn't reflect well on him.
They shouldn't have shot me.
It's their own fault.
I tried dancing first to make them laugh, but they shot me while I danced and that just isn't nice.
It was just a stupid window.

I've been working more on my graphics venture. People told me that I should put a link for people to give me tips, but honestly I don't know what a tip could be. I don't have an account to wire money into or anything, haha.
You can always send me pretty things. Someone offered to send me candy, another offered some undisclosed item to be revealed at a later date.
Revealed to me because I don't even know what it is.
But I'm not doing this for tips or anything. I just enjoy making graphics. I'm going to make myself a new layout soon since mine looks plain compared to the ones I've recently made.

So I'll tell you guys how this next house goes. Hopefully not like the last one!


Erin said...

Is October your birthday month? Or do you just like opals because they are so cool?

Good luck on the house!

Stesha said...

Happy House Hunting!

blueviolet said...

Good luck with the house hunting. Why isn't there ever a house available with everything we want and need in it?

Probably because nobody's selling those goodies, just the crappers.

Kristina P. said...

I hope the house works out! That sounds very promising.

Also, just a tip, not the monetary kind, but your current backgroud makes it very hard to read the post. Maybe if you bolded your text, it would show up better. It's very pretty though!

Liz said...

I can never figure why people let their houses get bad like that. Oh well... sorry that one didn't work out.

Yaya said...

'send me pretty things' are too funny!!!

Opal is my birthstone-LOVE it! Wanna see a pic of that gem!!

Grand Pooba said...

Because I am a new reader, not because I am too lazy to look back through your posts, can you tell me who is included in this "we" you mention when referring to buying a house?

And I just saw that you have a graphics blog that I am going to go check out right now! Who knows, maybe I'll be sending you something pretty :)

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